YMA – 115

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Luke reached out to the side and placed his hand against the wall of the carriage to prevent Seira from escaping. His arms wrapped around her waist before she even realized he was trapped between the chair and Luke’s arms.

“I like you, Seira… … .”

Please accept my heart.

His whispers were swallowed into Seira’s lips as he lightly sucked them.

Contrary to his cold, ascetic appearance, Seira tightly closed her eyes upon touching his hot lips. Her heart was thumping so loud it felt like her whole body was vibrating.

“Oh, uh… … .”

His tongue, which had been digging into her, curled up with a lewd wet sound. She blushed in embarrassment at Luke’s tongue tasting the inside of her mouth.

What is he doing? Is kissing supposed to be like this?

Pulling her body, which was half lying on the seat, into his arms, he indulged Seira’s lips and mouth to his heart’s content.

It was Luke’s first time, so she could see him floundering every time he licked her mouth. Eventually, when he saw Seira closing her eyes and completely entrusting his lips to him, Luke’s whole body shuddered.

“Ha… … .”

He shouldn’t be like this. He wanted to devour this innocent and lovely lady, down to every single strain of her hair right here and now.

“Seira… … .”

Sighing sadly, he laid her down on the seat. Slowly, she opened her eyes as he pressed his forefinger on her saliva-soaked lips.

The corners of her eyes were wet as if she teared up in embarrassment. She was so lovely that he kissed her eyes.

“You’re adorable, my dear.”

Even her shy expression was cute. Seira looked up at Luke with shining green eyes as she smiled happily as he stroked her peachy cheeks.

Ahh… … .

With a shuddering spreading thrill, Luke stared at Seira with a beast-like gaze.

Now it had been only her third kiss.

‘Not yet.’

If he touched her now, it was clear that Seira would run away in surprise. He couldn’t let her run away. Now that he knew he had this feeling.

Chu… … .

Luke lowered his head and slowly and deliberately placed his lips on hers. Seira opened her lips hesitantly. As thrill spread throughout his heart, Luke smirked and shoved his tongue into her mouth.

The coachman had been deliberately instructed to circle around the capital. There would be plenty of time for them to indulge in each other’s lips.


By the time the wagon arrived at the duke’s mansion, it was completely dark.

Seira’s face was flushed red, her eyes were wet, and her lips were swollen. She quickly went up to her room, avoiding the eyes of the employees. Luke looked at her back as if he wanted to follow her, but instead sighed and headed to the office.

‘I kissed the Duke’s successor again!’

After entering her room and closing the door, Seira slumped down on the floor. Her relationship with Luke was a series of embarrassments, as it was her first love affair.

When Luke stared at her with an intense gaze, her heart raced and her mind became hazy. Even in the carriage, knowing that Luke was approaching her, she did not avoid him and accepted his kiss.

‘Do I… … Do I like him?’

She hadn’t disliked any of those three kisses. Instead, every time her heart beated violently, her face burned… … She trembled, so nervous, that she thought she might faint.

With a blush, Seira touched her lips. When Luke had touched her lips with his index finger, her heart had been palpitating.

‘Again… … I want to kiss you, again.’

He said she liked it, and she wanted to hear it again.

His blue eyes reflecting her image, his tight arms holding her, his rock-like chest panting against her—Seira’s blush reached the top of her head.

“Ugh… … .”

It’s only been a few days since she received his confession. Yet, she was swaying like this.

‘I guess I like him… … .’

It seemed that Luke caught her. She smiled happily at herself.

She laughed as she recalled being kissed heavily by Luke in the carriage. It was a happy night.


In the morning, Seira went to work at the Imperial Palace without fail. It was a pleasant start, as Duke Card lent a carriage.

Upon entering the empress’s palace, Medea’s maids greeted her.

“Sir Hestia.”

“Sir Hestia.”

Seira smiled awkwardly at the sight of the maids who gathered with longing eyes.

As she travelled to the capital, she had passed several villages receiving the favor of women, but she had no idea it would be this much.

Nobles surrounded by knights were often hard to talk to. Since most of the maids of the royal palace here were young girls of noble families, they were all aiming for an opportunity to talk to Seira Hestia.

Strictly speaking, they were aiming for Baron Hestia, who had great prospects to become wealthy.

“… … Is the Empress awake?”

She was told that the Empress woke up late if she was not feeling well due to her pregnancy or the like.

Her maids blushed when they heard Seira’s question. They exchanged meaningful glances with each as if they knew a secret.


“The Empress is sleeping again. She couldn’t sleep all night.”

“Oh… … . She has insomnia.”

Recalling Medea’s slender arms, she lamented sadly.

At those words, the maids giggled softly thinking she was cute. She looked at them quizzly because she was puzzled. A bold maid explained with a smile.

“The Empress’s insomnia was caused by His Majesty. Last night he slept in the Empress’s Palace.”

“I see… … . —Oh!”

Seira belatedly realized what she was inferring and her face went red.

The maids giggled and exchanged glances with each other. It was fun to make fun of the newly appointed young knight.

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