YMA – 113

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In the past, the Emperor had many concubines besides the Empress and three queens. Moreover, it was customary for the Empress to have three or more lovers; in addition to the present-day Empress Palace, five palaces belonged to her.

“The 16th Empress Anastasia committed her many corruptions and was dethroned, therefore the power that had originally belonged to the Empress transferred to the Emperor.”

After the Empress was abolished, the Emperor could only have three queens. However, since it was a country where the Empress’s position had once been abolished, the succeeding Empress’s and queens’ authority was not great. This had been passed down to Lyle’s father’s generation, but when Lyle remembered his mother’s pain, he changed her from having three queens to having only one Empress.

Still, the power of the current Empress paled in comparison to Empresses of the past. Nonetheless, because Medea was the only partner to the Emperor, she had more influence than when there were also three queens. Since Medea had lost her memories and become reclusive, it hadn’t mattered much.

When Lyle finished eating, the bowls were removed, and dessert came in. He smiled as she watched Medea savoring the dessert happily.

‘Am I seriously obsessed—because you keep getting unbearably cuter everyday.’

After eating and resting for a while, he would go back to the bedroom.

It was his first time doing anal, so he had been worried about what to do if it ripped or bled, but fortunately, that didn’t happen. Medea seemed shy, but she seemed to enjoy it.

‘Would it be too unreasonable to do it again tonight?’

Not knowing what Lyle was thinking inside, Medea was concentrating on the cake. He found her naivety attractive. But looking back, he thought it was good when Medea seduced him too and took the initiative.

‘Maybe it’s just all good… … .’

He was watching Medea eating her ice cream after her cake. Lyle reached out and tucked some stray hair behind her ear. No matter how much she liked ice cream, he thought that Medea should not eat two bowls of it because she might get a stomach ache.


‘Will the Empress be alright?’

Seira was worried because the Emperor departed to dine with the Empress in a bad mood. She worried that the Empress would be in trouble for covering for her.

However, the work of the Empress’s guardian knights worked in two shifts. Seira had a day shift, not a night shift. Usually, when Lyle left the office, he when to the Empress’s Palace.

It was Medea’s order.

Medea knew that the two strongest characters in the novel were Seira and Lyle. So when Lyle was by her side, there was no reason to have Seira there too. If their time overlapped, she feared being without one or another for any given amount of time.

So, she had arranged for her to work during a day shift, but when Seira heard this, she misunderstood, thinking Medea had adjusted the shift in consideration of her.

Of course, if she hadn’t found the crumbs of the conspiracy that would be targeting her, Medea would have taken care of Seira, but now was not the time. Now Medea was prioritizing the child in her womb.

As Seira left the Empress’s Palace and walked towards the entrance, she saw a familiar carriage. Because the Duke of Card was hosting her, a carriage was supposed to take her to and from work.

Seira would have instead borrowed a horse from the duke, but Luke was adamant.

‘It is dangerous to ride a horse to and from work alone during a time where the miss’s uncle is still at large.’

‘Wouldn’t it be nice if I could capture my uncle while commuting to and from work alone?’

Her uncle had to show up in the capital while she was working as a knight in the Empress’s Palace. Seira headed to the carriage, thinking of her uncle, who had not yet been caught.


The carriage door opened, and Luke came down. Lost in her imaginings, Seira was caught unawares and shocked to see Luke’s appearance.

“W-why are you here?”

“I had business at the palace … … . So I waited. I have something to say to you,”

Luke explained, conscious of the gaze of the attendant and the coachman who stood on standby next to his carriage.

Luke seemed to want to hold Seira’s hand, but he couldn’t. She glanced at his face and climbed into the carriage first. His face was hot.

‘It’s a good thing the lights of the Imperial Palace’s lanterns don’t reach here.’

The Imperial Palace lit up magical lights at night, including where the wagons were parked.

As Seira climbed up, Luke quickly followed her into the wagon. The servant closed the door without following the master into the carriage. He seemed to be sitting next to the driver.

As the carriage departed, Luke covered and locked the small window that led to the driver’s seat. He was afraid that their conversation might leak out.

“… … How was your work?”

“I am working comfortably because the Empress is considerate of me. Others are friendly too.”

“That’s a relief,”

he replied after a long moment while carefully examining Seira’s expression because he was suspicious of her covering up if she was being bullied. With the position of the Empress, Medea could have pretended to welcome her outwardly but harassed her behind the scenes. He was worried.

Fortunately, his older sister seemed to really like Seira.

“But… … I’m afraid his Majesty seems to be jealous of me.”

“His Majesty?”

Luke was momentarily stunned. Jealous. Lyle?– He was jealous? It seemed like an incompatible word for the present Emperor.

“Even though he gave me permission and appointed me as a knighted escort… … His Majesty didn’t seem to like my presence by the Empress’s side.”

“What did his Majesty say?”

“Nothing was said out loud. Her Majesty’s took him away before the atmosphere turned ugly.”

Judging from Seira’s reaction, it seemed to be true. Luke recalled witnessing Lyle’s love for Medea firsthand and murmured about its strangeness.

“I have heard that his Majesty cares for the Empress a lot, but… … .”

“She said that if she wants something from him, he listens right away.”

She wasn’t sure if that was actually the case. She could only confirm the Emperor’s appearance that immediately reacted to what Medea said and when they touched. While they were together, his reaction was immediate, as if all his nerves were focused on one person, Medea.

‘Me too… … I want to talk a little more with the Empress!’

It was Lyle, not Medea that Seira envied. It was an odd thought, but she even thought she would rather be a man.

When she was talking to Medea, she couldn’t help but be in awe of her beauty. She was so pretty Seira felt strange; she could feel her heart pounding involuntarily.

‘… … Maybe even a woman would be nice.’

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    1. Medea thinking Seria will like Lyle
      But what it is happening…
      Seria crushing over Medea
      Lyle crushing/obsessing over Medea
      Luke crushing over Seria not knowing that his actual love rival is his sister 🤣🤣🤣

  1. okay i dislike how Medea taking a backseat to all the political and policy-oriented work that an Empress can do is treated as a good thing in this.

    1. How is this portrayed as bad? It literally said that all the previous circumstances regarding an empress’ authority did not matter much as she has lost her memories. Though of course this ml is quite one dimensional and would rather spend whole days with the fl in the bed instead of actually both of them taking care of their duties

      1. I guess it’s just that she doesn’t even try to hire someone to help with the work that kinda bugs me… cause if there’s not actually work that’s piling up then the empress is just an ornamental position.

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