YMA – 112

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Now, there was nowhere in Medea’s body that he did not know intimately. He had imprinted himself everywhere.

“Hah, ha ha! Ahh, ahhh… … . Ah… … . your Majesty!”

Medea twisted and curled her waist as she felt his slippery penis poke through me. It feels like I will be hugged until night falls like this…… !

“Your Majesty… … .”

At that moment, Medea was startled by the sound from outside her door and covered my mouth with both hands. Lyle glanced at her and moved his waist.


Embarrassed, Medea struggled with her legs, but she ended up squeezing his waist. Her body had curled up to Lyle’s who had softened her buds.

“Hnghh… … . uh… … !”

As he watched Medea desperately swallowing her moan, a sadistic joy he didn’t even know existed, grew. Lyle took a deep breath and moved his back. The sound of her flesh clashing against each other echoed through the spacious bedroom.

“Haa… … . What’s the matter?”

“Your Majesty, it is time for dinner. Her Majesty, the Empress, must not skip meals.”

“Alright. One moment… … Hold on.”


Medea’s waist jumped at the intense thrusting and beating of his waist as if it was about to end quickly. Lyle slung her struggling legs over her shoulders and slapped them fiercely.

“Ah ah ah ah ah!”

The maid might still be waiting in front of her bedroom! A sweet exclamation burst out of her mouth without her realizing it. Her face flushed with her shame, but she couldn’t stand it any longer.

“Ugh! Oh, ah ah ah ah ah!”

Medea squirted out a clear liquid as she tasted her climax. Similarly, Lyle, who ejaculated inside Medea, laughed ecstatically, sweat glistening in exhilaration.

“Ha, ha… … . Millie… … . my Empress.”

Lyle pulled out his penis and cradled the weak Medea as he kissed her softly. Indignant, she was tearful but melted with the sweet kiss and fell into his arms.

“It will be difficult for you. I will wash you.”

Lyle jumped up to show he was still full of energy. She looked at him, dazed, then shook her head, realizing that Lyle meant he was going to dig out the semen from the inside of her ass.

“No, it’s fine—I’m alright—Your Majesty!”

“You’re not alright… … . Haven’t I always done aftercare these days? Don’t worry, leave it to me.”

Medea was crying at the sight of his eyes that showed his insidious intentions. It seems that the obscene time was not over yet.


Smooch… … . Chu… … .Kiss

The maids quietly turned their eyes away while Lyle kept dropping kisses while holding the Empress next to him.

Seeing that happy, satisfied face… … .

‘You did it.’

‘They really did it.’

‘Look at the Empress’s expression.’

Medea was sulking, her face red with shame. She couldn’t be angry because she allowed it, but since she couldn’t get angry, something about it felt very unfair.

‘I said you can do it! But how many times did we end up doing it!’

Of course, considering what Lyle had done to her before, he had been very generous. Her head knew it, but she still resented him.

As she shot him a tearful glare, Lyle looked like he would die from her cuteness.

“Why are you sulking? Huh? Cute Millie… … .”

Lyle had their food brought to the bedroom or parlor, not the dining room and sat on the sofa. This was because it was difficult to hug and touch each other like now when they sat apart on a chair at the dining table.

Even now, they were eating side by side on a long sofa. Of course, for him the meal was on the back burner as Lyle spent all his time cuddling and fiddling with Medea.

“… … Aren’t you going to eat, your Majesty?”

Lyle hadn’t even taken a bite yet. Instead he had cut up the steak for her to eat.

“I want to see the Empress eat.”

She was eating a little more than she had before, but not enough for a pregnant woman. So her maids were very worried.

He was particularly concerned about it, as Medea had already been losing weight little by little when she had been severely harassed by Lyle before. He ordered a high-calorie, high-nutrition diet.

‘How are those muscles maintained? What does she eat?’

Medea turned her head away thinking that regardless of shame  she was going to fill her stomach first. In order for her to live and for the baby to be healthy, she had to eat. She was embarrassed to be caught having sex, but she might have missed her meal if her maids hadn’t taken care of her.

‘Eat and gain weight!’

Fortunately, she’s been gaining a little bit of her weight these days because Lyle hasn’t been able to hold her properly. The doctor said it wasn’t enough, and told her to pay more attention to her diet.

When he saw her eating diligently, Lyle laughed heartily. It was good to have children, but to him, Medea’s health was more important than his lineage and succession.

Indeed, weren’t they still young? He figured they could have them gradually, or if they didn’t have one, he could choose someone from among the many and many royal family’s relatives and adopt them. Of course, the latter comes with many risks.

‘Still, Medea comes first.’

The doctor had ensured Medea’s health, and the Duke of Card’s family had a history of easy births. The former empress had considered a lot of things when making Medea Lyle’s fiancée.

When the food on the silverware was empty and Medea’s stomach was a bit full, he stopped serving and feeding her and started eating food.

There were many maids and attendants at Medea’s side but he wanted to do it himself. For his stamina to handle the many duties as Emperor he ate a lot.

“Your Majesty, why are you at the Empress’s Palace and not the Imperial Palace?”

“Ahh… … .”

Lyle continued to eat and watch at Medea. If it was the former Medea, he would have stayed away, citing work. But he forgot such habits when with the present Medea.

“Originally, the Emperor could have one Empress and three Queens.”

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