YMA – 111

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“Hunn… … .”


While watching Medea’s face, Lyle pulled out the fingers that had been teasing her clit and front. She quivered at his action.

‘Ah… … .’

A familiar presence was pushing between her tight buttocks.

“Oh… … .”

His penis soaked in lube slipped between her ass. Lyle frowned at the pressure concentrated on the entrance and slowly pushed his penis in.

“Hungh……. Oh no… … . ah… … .”

The inside tunnel of her ass got wider and wider, and it seemed to change shape with his cock. Lyle was groaning as she felt him inserting himself even deeper. Trembling, Medea endured the strange sensation of the widening of an unfamiliar place.

She could already tell that he had gone deep. Lyle pushed him to his roots and lifted Medea’s shivering ass to his waist level.

“Ugh… … . If you move… … no… … . ahh… … .”

Shaking her head against the bed, Medea begged. Lyle settled down with a satisfied smile. Every time he moved, she was startled by the sensation of his penis churning.

“Heh… … . no… … . your majesty… … .”

“Don’t worry, Millie. I’ll love this place, too.”

“Oh my god!”

His fingers dig into her secret front entrance part, which had heavily pressed in by the pressure from behind. Lyle’s laughter deepened as her front started to contract on his fingers as if had been waiting for him.

‘So adorable.’

“Huh! No…I can’t … . Ahhh… … . your Majesty… … . If you do it there… … .”

He smiled mischievously at Medea, shaking her head in wonder and excitement.

“You’re so wet because of this, Millie. And my fingers are like this… … . I can’t help but put it in.”

Medea’s ass jumped; he curled his inserted fingers and rubbed and pressed against her vaginal walls. Lyle couldn’t stand the tightness of his deeply inserted penis.

“Millie… … . I am going to move.”

“Hey… … . Not yet… … . I can’t, ha… … . I—no… … .”

“Millie… … .”

Medea turned her head and pleaded with tears in her eyes.

“Ah… … . Please, take your finger off the front… … .”


It was the first time so he would hold back.

Lyle grabbed her slender waist and whispered,

“Now I will move. Are you fine?”

“Ugh… … . yes… … .”

In fact, she was a little scared, but didn’t want him to stop.

When her permission was granted, Lyle immediately pulled himself back. Her eyes widened at the intense stimulation of being rubbed by his penis from the inside more than usual.


His thick pillar digs into the inside and rubs it. Medea’s cheeks lit up at the feeling of being loved in a place different from the one she usually received.

The strange air was getting hotter.


“Haaa… … . Oohhh… … ahh… … .”

Already in the sixth time, Media was clutching on to the sheet as Lyle ejaculated inside her asshole.

Her shaking position changed after the third orgasm. Now her ass had been lifted up by Lyle’s penis.

“Ahh, uhh, oh… … . Again… … .”

As if to pour out all that he had endured for the past seven weeks, Lyle was frantically and passionately coveting Medea. He liked to cum inside and had her butt covered with semen.

“Uh-huh, uh-huh! ah… … .”

Medea shook her back and forth, her cheeks stained in shame. In this pose Lyle could see everything. She wanted to deny that she enjoyed anal play but it was obvious that she was orgasming, her holes contracting and too much love liquid for that.


She had even ejaculated a clear liquid at the height of her climaxing, which doubled his shame.

“… … Did you feel better this time?”

Lyle whispered with a happy smile. Medea not knowing what to do with her shame, dyed her cheeks.

He had climaxed about seven times in total so far, but Medea had peaked only three times.

“Heh… … . You have to cum five times before I’ll let you go.”

“Ah… … .”

It was still before dinner. He would certainly want to embrace her at night, but if she was to peak five more times, she would be completely exhausted at night.

“Huh! Y- Your Majesty… … .”

As her buttocks were lifted by him, her legs naturally spread apart. Media felt Lyle’s gaze pierced into her vagina, and she wanted to cry in embarrassment.

“Haa… … . Millie, I love you,”

Lyle whispered in ecstasy as he continued to rub her back.

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