YMA – 110

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With their clothes discarded they went up to bed. Medea stared anxiously at Lyle as he brought the rose oil.

Although she saw it in a BL comic book, it would be the first time she did anal. In the meantime, Lyle was preoccupied. His touch teased the inside of her ass.

‘Will it rip? Oh no, I think it’s going to hurt.’

As usual, Lyle poured lube on her body. Since he could not properly insert, he used her wetness to satisfy his desires by teasing Medea.

“Oh, ah… … .”

Today, there was a goal. His ointment-soaked fingers went straight into Medea’s ass. As she twisted her body as he touched her delicate skin right inside her entrance, a finger of his also came into her vaginial opening  as well.

“Haa! Oh… … . Ahhh… … .”

She had already grown wet from when Lyle had teased the inside of her ass. She felt ashamed that he found out but couldn’t hide it from him.

As the number of fingers digging in gradually increased and her wetness increased. Medea gasped.

“Your wetter faster than usual. Your pussy could accept me right away.”

“Ugh… … . ah… … . your Majesty… … . Ahhhhh… … .”

Honey was flowing down his wrist as he ran his fingers through her flower bud. Lyle swallowed dry saliva as she came to tighten around his fingers while moaning. It was painful to put up with it because he knew how good it felt to thrust his own in there.

A liquid mixed with lube and love liquid was running down on the bed sheets. Lyle wiggled his fingers inserted in her front enterance bewitchingly and began slowly move the finger that had been digging between her buttocks forword.

With a strange feeling, Medea gasped and grabbed the bedsheet.

“Ugh, huh…oh … . Ah… … . ah… oh, my… .”

“Millie… … . Does it hurt?”

“Oh, no. It doesn’t hurt, but… … .”

It was a strange feeling different from when he pushed himself in from her front entrance. As Medea barely endured the strange stimulation that twisted her whole body, the number of her fingers gradually increased.

“Ah, ahh, oh… … . stop… … .”

As Medea pleaded a strange sensation grew, Lyle halted his fingers. He instead enjoyed her back tightening as he fiddled with her soaked petals.

“Huh… … . your Majesty… … . Yes!”

As he gently kneaded her flower soaked in in perfume oil and honey, a shuddering pleasure ran throughout her body. Medea looked back at Lyle, at a loss about what to do.

“I think I’ve loosened it up enough… … . Medea, can I spread your ass?”

The discomfort seemed to subside from that side. Lying sideways, Medea while being caressed by Lyle, hesitated and looked at him.

“Your Majesty… … . I- I’m only doing this for the rest of the duration. I won’t do it this way if we can sleep properly……!”

“Yes, I know.”

Medea had tears in her eyes as Lyle soothed her in a sultry tone.

She turned from her position on the bed with her knees bent. There was no pressure on her stomach, and she could spread her ass with her hands, and this was the only way she could do it. She was still not confident enough to lie down right now… … .

“Haa… … .”

Lyle had put a lot of balm on the inside of her ass, so it was strange to feel the inside of her ass tingle. Medea spread her ass cheeks to the sides, being careful not to touch it.

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  1. An@l can actually feel super stimulating and very good if the partner takes it slow and totally focuses on stimulating your c-spot and nipples at the same time. Especially while entering so that you can focus on the pleasure rather than the pain.

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