YMA – 105

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men. They can even accompany women in rooms.”

As expected, she knew.

“Well, then……”

“Her Majesty also promised to give the baron a knighthood…… You will have to coordinate with the Head Minister of the Palace to work at the Imperial Palace.”

Medea already had knights escorting her, but she wanted a guard that could protect her close by. When she wasn’t commuting, there would be times when she would have to stay up all night next to Medea.

“Uh……. But this is my first time working as an escort knight.”

“Of course, the Imperial Knights will conduct a training for a few days before you start working.”

Seira jumped with joy at Luke’s explanation. The Empress hired her even though she knew her true identity, and even after her identity was revealed, there was a high possibility she would still be able to work for the Empress.

“After the esteemed miss returns to the estate,  we are prepared for you to stay for a while…… .”


Her face blushed when she remembered Luke’s proposal, which she had forgotten for a while as she was so busy worrying about becoming the Empress’s knighted guard. Luke grinned as if he found Seira cute.

“You may stay at the ducal estate for a long time. But, please…… I hope you will decide to stay here with me after that.”


Seeing Luke taking her hand and kissing the back of her hand, Seira almost inadvertently said yes, but she bit her lips.

As Luke said, while she worked as an escort for Medea, she would still stay as a guest of Duke Card.

“I was told to send in your measurements for your uniform. I’ve called someone you can trust, so you don’t have to worry. Let’s go.”

Luke said as he released Seira’s hand. She nodded, thinking that the spot where his lips touched was rather hot.


Training could be conducted without a uniform. Although it was the rule to don a uniform since it hadn’t been tailored yet, Seira was granted permission to wear the outfits worn by the duke’s knights.

It was a dream come true for Seira as she practiced and drilled with fellow knights. Of course, the regime was demanding, but it would not last very long.

Just three weeks.

Considering the task entrusted to her, it was an absurdly short time. Seira speculated that she was probably deemed capable because she had the ability to save her older brother Ian. The assassins who targeted Ian were talented people.

Since the uncle who initiated the assassination attempt had not yet been caught, she was grateful for the Empress’s instructions to continue disguising as her brother. She had no guarantee that Ian would not be in danger while she was away.

Since manastones were being mined from the mountains, it would improve the territory’s situation. However, since it was still under development, there was no budget to increase the number of soldiers and knights. In addition, Seira was uneasy with the knights’ level of skills in the barony.

‘You’re not going to target me while I’m working in the Imperial Palace, but…… Maybe when I am traveling to and from work?’

That would be if her uncle was still in the Empire and hadn’t abandoned his ambitions.

It was up in the air when the time would come to reveal her identity and gender, but it would be fortunate if Seira could take this opportunity to catch her uncle while she pretended to be Ian.


‘Isn’t there about two weeks left…….?’

Feeling like he was going crazy, Lyle crumpled the papers in his hand. To be precise, there were about 12 days left, but it was easier to endure when he thought of it as simply ‘two weeks.’

He couldn’t fully embrace her even though she slept in his arms every day. He couldn’t even have anal sex because Medea didn’t like it…….

‘I’m sure it would feel amazing…….’

Now they had fully gotten accustomed to it since he tactfully fooled around and teased her with enough balm to loosen her ass with pleasure. Of course, she felt it all back and forth and still seemed nervous, but it looked as if Lyle had become adept at touching, and the pleasure had increased for her.

“Haaa~ [sigh sfx]…….”

The Emperor averted his withering gaze, his fist propping up his bowed forehead. Everyone knew the only thing that could trouble the Emperor this much was her Majesty the Empress.

These days, rumors spread throughout the imperial palace that the Emperor was restless because he could not properly satisfy his desires due to his wife’s pregnancy.

‘If I say something wrong or suggest the wrong thing, he may have me stay overtime…….’

Two months ago, Sid was finally able to have a lover because the Emperor let him leave early so he could spend time with the Empress. He was just about progress in his relationship, so Sid had no intention of adding more responsibilities to his plate.

Leaving work on time was love.

“It’s been almost nine weeks, so isn’t it okay now?”

Sid didn’t bother to ask what nine weeks was referring to. Because this wasn’t the first time he’d asked that question aloud.

“…… You should ask the doctor about that.”

If he misspoke and something happened to the child in the Empress’s womb, his neck would no longer be his.

He had asked the doctor. Although he confirmed that the baby in Medea’s womb was growing well, he was reserved about doing anything in advance of the 9-week period. Even if there is one chance of danger amongst a thousand or one in ten thousand, it would be better to be careful.

Because it was true, Lyle had nothing to say.

‘Damn it.’

Sid was relieved as he glanced at Lyle’s expression as if he had been chewing on bugs. Judging by the look on his face, he seemed to have given up. He was sure the doctor said something and discouraged him.

‘You weren’t like that before. You used to avoid…….’

In the meantime, Sid was surprised that his work was done so accurately in a bloody atmosphere. It was as if Lyle was immersing himself in his tasks, finally finding a place to release his overflowing energy. He seemed to have found a balance between work and life.

If he had had any hobbies, the Empress would have been less troubled.

The problem was there was nothing he couldn’t do. Lyle got bored of everything quickly because he mastered it all with ease. And because it came to him so easily, he didn’t have any particular hobbies. Didn’t he like to read for a bit? His fencing and sword practice seemed to be for his physical fitness and strength training. Sid thought there was a time when he had enjoyed horseback riding.

But none of that was to kill time, something Lyle didn’t like or believe in.

‘Your Majesty, be strong. I will quietly cheer for you from behind.’

Sid silently cheered for Medea and returned to organizing papers. He looked forward to his promised outing with his lover after work.


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