YMA – 104

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Luke sighed and looked at Medea.

“Did you show kindness to Lady Hestia for that purpose from the beginning?”

“I’m also fond of Miss Hestia.”

It was Medea who hated having women near Lyle. Plus, Seira was an extraordinarily beautiful woman, so Luke found such a change in her unusual. Did that self-confidence appear because she now had his Majesty’s favor?

But in the first place, Luke didn’t really know Medea. In his childhood, he had only seen his beautiful sister by spying on her during her lessons since she had stayed away from the Duke’s estate after entering the Imperial Palace.

It was the same even after Luke grew older and became the young master of the dukedom.

‘No, this is a good change. His Majesty has finally given your sister affection…… Maybe that’s why my sister has changed.’

“She introduced herself as Baron Hestia before His Majesty, so it could be a problem later.”

Medea was thinking about that too.

There was only one conclusion she came to. Convince Lyle and let him know and agree from the beginning. He might get angry because there are issues with the Emperor’s prestige, but he would do what Medea asked of him in the end.

Seira was a swordswoman with specific skills, so she would be able to earn Lyle’s trust with that honed talent.

‘I don’t think he will forgive me for free, but…….’

It’s going to be embarrassing for quite a few days, but it will be good in its own way. [t1v: oooooooohhhhhh she’s kinky]

Ignoring her face threatening to heat up, Medea smiled broadly.

“Leave it up to me to convince his Majesty. I’m apologetic to Baron Hestia. Unfortunately, he’ll have to dress up as a woman until his sister’s identity is revealed.”

“His younger sister even pretended to be the lord to save him, so he’ll do that much.”

He didn’t like the difficulties she was going through. Medea looked at Luke, hiding a laugh about to burst out.

Fans of the original had argued that if Luke had noticed that Seira was a woman a little sooner, she would have been with Luke rather than Lyle.

“It seems that you and Lady Hestia have become sweethearts.”

“Not yet,”

Luke said with a confused look clouding his face. Judging by his attitude, he seemed to think that if Medea knew, she would interfere with his relationship with Seira.

‘It’s not really a bad idea.’

It was not the standard form of marriage, considering this was a class-based society. Of course, love marriages existed in aristocratic society, but it was limited to only a few.

It was common for high-ranking nobles to marry each other. Even among the high-ranking nobles, they were divided into those who could be associated with the Imperial family and those who could not. Medea could only guess how severe Duke Card’s opposition would be.

‘It’s fortunate that Seira is no longer a poor aristocrat.’

As Ian cared for Seira, he would prepare a large dowry for her. If Lyle and Medea claimed to be Seira’s guardians, it was likely that the duke would have to reluctantly consent to their marriage.

“You don’t have to hide it from me. I have no objection.”

As for Lyle, he would favor Luke’s choice in marrying Seira. He was wary of the duke’s growing power.

And no matter how much Ian would give for Seira’s dowry, the Baron of Hestia would not give her a mine in the territory. So from Duke Card’s standpoint, it would not be a very profitable marriage. So Lyle would be more than pleased.

Luke searched Medea’s face; then, his cheeks flushed in embarrassment.

“As I said, nothing has progressed. It’s just that I’ve come to have the lady in my heart……..”

“Does the lady know your heart?”

With a smile, Medea brought the teacup to her mouth. Luke stated with a solemn expression,,

“I’ve asked for her hand in marriage.”


Instantly, hot tea spilled out from her laugh. [t1v: we had the same reaction Medea] She managed to turn her head at the last moment to prevent the catastrophe of soaking Luke’s face. She coughed, snorted, and looked at Luke. Luke took out his handkerchief and held it out to her.

“W-what did you do?”

“I proposed…… I said I would accompany her to her estate and send a marriage proposal right away.”


She knew that he was a hero in this novel, and as the sub male protagonist, he was an innocent, righteous man, but…… You’re too fast!

“Uh. Lady Hestia must have been shy and flustered.”

“I haven’t been rejected yet.”

I guess so. Seira is the sister of a young baron, and Luke is the heir to the Dukedom of Card. He was also an opponent who knew her weaknesses.

‘You have to meet Seira before deciding whether to help or not.’

If Seira genuinely liked Luke, she would help him, but if she didn’t care for him, she wouldn’t bother. Seira must have felt immense pressure to accept Luke’s proposal due to the vast difference in status between the two of them.

“First of all, I…… I won’t object. But if Miss Hestia refuses, I will oppose it.”

“Even if I get rejected, I won’t give up.”

He couldn’t seem to be able to give up exactly. It wasn’t that he had never met a woman as beautiful as her before, but this was the first time he had ever felt like this.

“It’s your feelings, I can’t do anything about it, can I?….. . Anyway, the lady’s heart hasn’t decided yet, so let’s talk about it later. When do you think Miss Hestia will enter the Imperial Palace?”


“As for your identity, the Empress said that she would persuade His Majesty.”

Luke, who left his audience with Medea, immediately returned to the ducal residence and informed Seira. She was delighted when she was told that the Empress would persuade the Emperor.

“Are you sure?”

“Yes. but…… It’s still premature, so for the time being, she asked you to guard her as Baron Hestia.”

If caught, she would persuade the Emperor to say, “I already knew and allowed it.” From Seira’s point of view, it was a reassuring offer.

“Now that the Empress has said so, I have no desire to object anymore.”

From Medea’s attitude, she seemed confident in receiving Lyle’s cooperation. If the Emperor already knew and gave permission, there would be no basis for punishing Seira, even if nobility later protested.

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