YMA – 103

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“Is there anything else you need?”

“Well……. Luke too…… .”

Would he be too busy because he’s the Duke of Card’s heir?

“It’s impossible to have him as an escort, isn’t it?”

“I don’t know. Maybe the Captain of the Imperial Knight’s would understand. It would be unreasonable not to make him my escort but the Empress’s escorting knight. I think he would be happy with it, though,”

Lyle said, thinking of Luke, who was strangely enthusiastic about anything related to Medea. Despite Luke’s obedience to her, before she lost her memory, Medea had shunned him.

“You seem to be paying more attention to safety. Is there anything you are uneasy about?”

He had instructed that she not be reported about the fact that poisons and curses were found in gifts brought into the Imperial Palace. Partly, Medea did not know the extent of hostility directed at him.

“No. I think I’m more worried because I’m pregnant. I’m feeling out of place and uneasy…….”


“It comes and goes.”

Saying that Medea turned to him. A small smile appeared on his lips as she dug into his arms as he lay next to her. It was a beautiful smile that made any viewers ecstatic upon seeing it.

“… … Thank you for your concern, Your Majesty.”

“It is only natural that I think of you. You have nothing to be grateful for, my Empress,”

Lyle whispered as he kissed her.


After spending a lazy afternoon with the Emperor, the maids informed her that Luke had requested an audience. Since it was the same day the letter was sent to the Duke’s residence, she guessed it was about Seira becoming her knight.

‘Have you figured out Seira’s identity already?’

If so, it was a faster development than in the original novel.

In the original story, he discovered her identity later than Lyle. By the time Luke realized his feelings for her, Lyle and Seira had already become lovers.

‘Will Luke and Seira get along?’

She didn’t know how Seira felt about it, but it would be good for Luke if it worked out. As it was a romance novel, even after being rejected by Seira, Luke did not meet other women and continued to have a crush on her.

Medea was curious about his reaction after learning that the baron was a woman. Since Lyle happened to be away, she sent a reply accepting his request for an audience and choose a time when Lyle was busy, making the appointment for him.

Medea still had not yet received a reply from Seira on whether she would be refusing or accepting the position. As the Emperor directly appointed her, if she wanted to decline, she had to come to the Imperial Palace and ask for permission from him.

‘You won’t say no, will you?’

In the original, Ian died, and there was no conflict with her disguising herself as her brother, but now Ian was alive. So as much as Seira had to impersonate Ian, he would also be impersonating her.

Although her brother was now healthy, it would be difficult for her to remain in the capital for long.

‘Ah… … . She might say no.’

As Lyle had kept asking if she needed anything, Medea thought about asking him to have a woman as her escort knight. In the current atmosphere, he seemed like he would appease her.

He would probably allow it, but the aristocrats would be a problem. She was sure it would become a political issue.

‘It might have been better for Seira to have her take the knight’s examination.’

Even so, it was a matter of safety for the baby. She’s felt apologetic towards Seira, but she desperately needed the female protagonist’s help.


“Her Majesty the Empress.”

Upon entering the drawing-room, Luke stood up and greeted Medea. There were still maids around, but he still came forward and took her hand.

Medea gave a small laugh as he gently kissed the back of her hand and then carefully escorted her to her sofa.

“I’m just with child. I didn’t injure a leg.”


He really wanted to do this. Until now, he couldn’t seem to be able to get close to his sister, and she was reluctant to see him, so he couldn’t take her lightly.

“I’m pleased that your face looks brighter than last time,”

observed Medea as she sat in her seat and studied his face. His face lightly blushed, and he rubbed his cheek as if he had been pricked.

“Do I seem that way?”


The maids carefully brought refreshments to the table. Upon taking a sip of moderately hot tea, Medea examined his complexion.

She even deliberated about calling Seira to be certain, but it was clear.

Medea motioned to her maids to leave. The maids bowed and quietly left the drawing-room.

“Baron Hestia…… did they agree to be my escort?”

“I have something to ask you about that.”

Luke searched her face. Medea smiled silently at his cautious gaze. He seemed to have noticed it.

“Go on.”

“Why Baron Hestia? He has no experience yet…… He is a man whom His Majesty does not like.”

“Well…… Even now, knights are guarding me, but women are more comfortable than men. They can even accompany women in rooms.”

As expected, she knew.

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