YMA – 102

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“Oh! Huek! Argh! Ahh!”

Lyle’s hot penis was pushed between her thighs. Medea sobbed and grimaced at the rough rubbing against her wet entrance.

Having already orgasmed several times, she was shuddering at the sensation of Lyle’s thick penis rubbing against her swollen petals.

“Haa… Oh! Ahhhhh…….”

Medea orgasmed with Lyle, as his penis spewed semen.

After letting go of her legs, he carefully hugged her so he would not press her body with his own weight. A sweet groan flowed out of the overlapping lips.


Licking Medea’s lips, Lyle smiled contentedly. He couldn’t put it in It was because I couldn’t insert it, but I could see Medea laughing.

On the other hand, Medea, who barely defended her butt, was crying. She was able to protect her butt this time, but next time, if it’s like this again…….

‘Is this also a buff for the male protagonist?’

‘Why do I think it might be good? I can’t do it properly because I’m already pregnant! I’m not sure if I can complain about his desire.’

‘No. I don’t know about anything else, but that’s a little……. And if it’s Lyle’s, it will definitely hurt. Well, maybe it won’t hurt a lot…….’

Realizing that the lewd devil in her head was about to take over, Medea shook her head. If she fell for this temptation, she would enjoy it twice as much…It’s not that! It was clear that Lyle would do it twice.

She had watched r-19 BL and did not want to experience the hardships of a bottom.

‘I’ll protect my ass!’


Her body trembled, getting turned on, at the touch of his erection as if it were natural. Lyle smiled, pleased and hugging such an adorable Medea.

“What are you thinking so deeply about?””

“Oh… Nothing……. Ugh, Your Majesty……. Now touch there……. Ahhh….”

As he skillfully caressed her flower bud soaked in body fluids, her entrance began to flutter obscenely again.

Medea tried to remove his hand, saying she couldn’t do it anymore, but he persistently stroked her lower lips until wine spilled. She felt like she was going to die at his fingertips lightly brushed on the edge of her flower bud.

“Oh, stop…….”

“If you tell me what you were thinking,”

Lyle whispered, chuckling. She became teary and squeezed out words to answer.

“Oh, the baby’s name…… a name for the baby.”

“Already? Hmm……. Well, it would be nice to decide in advance.”

Perhaps it was a satisfactory answer, his fingers fell off her vagina.

Lyle hugged her tightly as he laid down next to her. She breathed a sigh of relief. His hand rising from her lower entrance lovingly caressed Medea’s still-flat belly with reverence.

Inside of her was their child. Just that thought alone made him happy and his heart swelled.

Lyle heard that pregnant women suffered considerably, but Medea did not show signs of difficulty as if the child had entered gently. Lyle smiled happily because the baby was already a good child.

‘I think it’d be nice to be a daughter.’

Whether it was a son or a daughter, they would inherit this country after him. Even before his relationship with Medea got better, he thought they should only have one child. It’s not good to disperse power.

Now, after reading a book about pregnancy, he was more certain about giving birth to only one. He was riddled with worries just by reading from a book about how difficult pregnancy and childbirth were.

He should have had less sex with her for her sake.…. He was worried because it was not easy even though they both shared feelings.

‘It’s so good…….’

Lyle thought, burying his face in Medea’s neck, breathing thinly. The more he embraced her, the more his heart swelled. He felt like he couldn’t control his desires entirely.

Medea twisted her body as his hand stroking her lower abdomen came up and kneaded her breast. Lyle softly touched Medea, next to him.

“My Empress…. Is there anything you want? Or something you need?”

Lyle whispered as he kissed Medea’s shoulder. She thought that he said this a lot.

‘Is it that good to have kids?’

Asking for less sex was off the table, and he had already granted her request to make Seira her escort knight.


Medea, who was agonizing over her thoughts, looked up at Lyle.

“After having a baby.”


“Can I do it from the top? Your Majesty would stay still……. I wish I could take the initiative.”

Stunned, Lyle, blankly looked at the lovely sight of Medea with her eyes twinkling out of curiosity, and then burst into laughter.

“I was wondering what you were going to say with such a serious expression……. Was it something like that? If that’s the case, it doesn’t have to be a favor.”

Lyle took Medea’s hand and kissed the back of it and looked at it with ardor.

“You’re always welcomed.”

“Then—I’m really going to do whatever I want then! Your Majesty, cannot move!”

“Yes, yes.”

In fact, he would be grateful if Medea attacked him first. Before it would have felt unpleasant, but now he was very happy at the prospect. As a result, he waited with even more anticipation for the day Medea would give birth.

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