YMA – 100

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“It’s only until the 9th week has passed. Just touching is not enough.”

“Haa, oh… Stop! Ahh!

Medea shook her head left and right at Lyle’s touch while he stimulated her clit with his thumb and teased the erogenous zone in her asshole at the same time.

When Medea was excited during sex, she had often tasted Lyle’s stimulating finger in there, but he had never inserted his member.

“Oh… no! Oooh, your Majesty, there……. Ahhhhhh!

Could that place take a penis? It was true, Lyle, who has a strong sexual desire, would not be able to feel satisfied it until the ninth week. It was clear that once he was allowed there, he would covet everything and it would become a long day.

“I touched it every day, and it became very soft. Look… I’m still inserting my third finger, but it doesn’t hurt.”

“Hmm, Lyle……. We can’t….”

It seemed that he had tried to warm up her and her ass to the idea over the past few days. Medea shook her head desperately.

“Really, Millie……. It will only be for the next 4 weeks…… I won’t touch you.….”

“Huu! Ah, ah!”

At the tip of his sweetly stirring fingertips, Medea orgasmed and twitched. It was the limit as he targeted three places at the same time, which had already become sensitive. Lyle begged again while deeply kissing Medea, whose back was bent like a bow and shaking.

“Umm? Millie….”

“Haaa… haa…….”

Medea inhaled heavily, and swallowed her saliva. It was obvious she would suffer for the remaining four weeks until she allowed it.

Pulling a finger out of the vaginal opening, Lyle targeted her now ready ass, which was now completely soft. Medea trembled when he very gently stroked and rubbed Medea’s favorite place.

“Hmm….ugh….. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…. stop….”

“You’ll feel good, Empress. I promise,”

whispering, Lyle descended between Medea’s legs and pushed his tongue through the twitching gap. After her asshole was caressed she found herself terrifyingly even accepting Lyle’s tongue entering it.

“Oh no…”

“Haaa… Until you let me…… I’ll cherish you,”

Lyle vowed as he touched her flower liquor with his remaining hand. Medea shook her head helplessly with eyes drenched in pleasure.

“Hmm… Lyle…….”

“Cute Millie…”….”

Feeling the tip of his tongue sucking up her flesh as if satisfied, Medea tilted her head back.


‘Ugh…. I’m nervous.’

Standing in front of Luke’s office, Seira checked her outfit. It would be the first time she would be alone with Luke after receiving a kiss and proposal.

‘Plus… it’s not like we’ll kiss, but I’m still anxious.”

Luke even promised he would accompany her home and send her a proposal, acting as if nothing had happened—she felt disappointed and embarrassed recalling it. Seira raised her hand to knock on the door with heavy, complicated feelings.

Now was not the time to care about Luke’s proposal. The only thing that mattered now was whether or not she would be the Empress’s escort knight.

Of course, as Seira she wanted to do it, but as Ian she could not be in the capital for a long time because she had Ian’s position. This was much bigger than taking the knight’s examination in the capital.

‘As expected… I should reject it, right?’

Knock knock…

“Come in.”

After hearing Luke’s voice. Seira took a deep breath and opened the door.


Luke, who was reading the documents on his desk in the office, looked up. He glanced up and when he realized it was Seira, he put down the documents and got up from his seat. Feeling her heart pound, Seira closed the office door.

“Let’s sit down… Shall we let them bring out the tea?”

“N-no thank you.”

She would be more on edge if there were going to be servants going back and forth. As Seira shook her head, Luke guided her to a sofa set on one side.

The treatment was different from when she was a baron to when she was a lady. Of course, Luke treated Seira as a Baron when others were present but thoroughly treated her as Lady Hestia when it was only the two of them.

When Seira sat on the sofa, Luke settled opposite of her. Seira looked at his serious face and thought he was handsome.

If she were to accept the Empress’s offer and position as an escort knight, she would be appointed as a knight by the emperor, but if she refused, there is a high possibility that she would not be able to take the knight’s test.

‘Maybe I—I’ll have to go down to my hometown like this.’

She went down to Silore like this, Luke would accompany her.

The young ducal heir of the Dukedom of Card was too much for Seira, who was only a provincial aristocrat. Plus, it would be difficult to refuse his proposal because she had been caught deceiving the emperor by dressing up as a man.

‘Of course… It’s not that I don’t like this person. But….’

This opportunity was too good. Seira wanted to be a knight by taking the knight’s test fairly, but she also wanted to have a chance to pay back even a little favor by serving the Empress who helped them.

‘As expected, I can’t, right?’

“Your ladyship.”

After a long silence, Luke gazed at Seira with a serious countenance.

“As far as I know, you haven’t given a reply to the Imperial Palace yet. Could you please delay your response for a while?”

Seira was surprised, she had thought that Luke would immediately tell her she could not take the offer.

“You want me to delay my answer?”

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