YMA – 10

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Lyle laughed evilly when he spotted the frozen Medea. 

“I can’t let you go in disappointment when you have waited so long. You devotedly went to look for me. Don’t worry; today, I will make sure you will have children.”

I shouldn’t have gone there. 

Medea reflexively took a couple of steps back. 

Seeing her thus, Lyle narrowed his eyes in contentment. “Hmm? What’s wrong, Empress? You don’t want to run away from me, do you?”

“Ah… … . Hahaha… … .no way. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen the Emperor’s handsome face so close to me, and I’m blinded by your dazzling radiance.”

Lyle’s eyes changed, and stared at her with a strange expression for a while. Maybe her words were too bizarre. 

“I can’t believe you’re saying that… … I’ll have to show you closer.” Lyle strode towards Medea, and she instinctually stepped back again. 

Then the Emperor’s eyes, looking at Medea, sank coldly. 


“… … .” 

“Your words and actions are different.” 

Medea hurriedly searched the ground for an answer and then quickly changed her words. 

“My body smells bad… … I’m afraid to offend your Majesty.” 

“You smell?” 

Lyle laughed icily as he looked at Medea.

Then he continued walking towards her in big strides. 

Medea retreated and held both of her hands out. 

“Oh, don’t come!” 

“I’ll see if it smells or not.” 

“No, you don’t need to! Totally bad smell -completely nasty… … . Ahhhhhh!” 

As Lyle got closer, Medea couldn’t stand it and started running away. Lyle, seeing her treat him like a creep, made him furious. 

Lyle snatched Medea’s runaway waist and pulled her into his arms. 

Let’s see what you smell like! 

From the body of Medea, only the delicate fragrance of the flowers —light and clear came out. The Duke must have sent his favorite incense to her. But something was distinctly different. Medea’s own scent was mixed, and it felt strangely weird and sweet. … something changed.

Every two weeks, Lyle had joined Medea in bed. No matter how uncomfortable and irritating it felt, Lyle did it so without strain on Medea’s body. 

But it was the first time he smelled something like this. Lyle felt his body heating up and blushed.

“Y-Your Majesty… … .” a flustered Medea was struggling in his arms. An unsettling sensation washed over me. It was so sudden it made me hold my breath and pause. Isn’t this woman Medea? But why… it hit me.

“Did you use an aphrodisiac again?”

Medea had said in the past that she didn’t like Lyle’s reaction and had used aphrodisiacs secretly more than once. 

When she was caught, he had skipped a couple of union nights, and she had never used them again. Or so he thought.

But when Lyle met Medea’s eyes, she had a look of genuine puzzlement. The woman in front of him didn’t even try to be hugged by her husband. 

“… Do you know, Empress, you are elbowing my chest right now?” 

“I have eyes to see. Get off… … . God!” 

Lyle, looking down at Medea in disapproval, still embraced her.

The eyes of the attendants widened as they watched the two with lanterns on. 

Lyle asked the attendant with an irritable face. 

“What happened to the bedroom?”

* * *

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