YMA – 1

“Isn’t it time to die even by mistake?”

Lyle turned his head and frowned irritably.

The news from the panicking servant was that the empress had attempted suicide again.

It’s already the eighth time.

As always, the queen only “attempted suicide” and was fine.

I’d rather she die already.

It was Emperor Lyle who would be in the most difficulty if Medea died, but he was exhausted to that extent.

From rolling on the stairs, falling from a horse to tumbling into a pond accident. Falling frequently seemed to be a hobby at this point. Even jumping off a running carriage…

Honestly, in Lyle’s eyes, it was a curious miracle that Medea was still alive and not dead.

Did he say you fell off the balcony on the second floor this time? It’ll break your neck if you fall.

Seeing that there was no mention of the empress’s death from the servant’s mouth, she seemed safe again, but the servants only looked around without saying a word, “Your Majesty… shouldn’t you go see her?”

Lyle picked up the bow irritably. Something was moving in the distance between the bushes. It seems to be a deer in size and form.

“I haven’t heard of it yet,” Lyle said, and his servants looked at each other.

Lyle didn’t even spare a glance at the frozen servant.

“If you don’t want to replace that deer, you’d better tame your mouth.” The attendant quickly bowed, covering his mouth.

Lyle held his arrow to the bow and aimed at the deer in the distance.

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  1. First impression was me thinking either his majesty is a jerk and the empress was depressed so she would off herself.

    After reading this chapter, sounds more like the empress just has really bad luck rather than ‘attempting to off herself’. Thanks for the first chapter!

  2. If you are looking for a comment that can motivate you to keep reading, LEMME TELL LITTLE DOLPHIN!

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