VGD – 9

“Can’t you switch bodies?”

“If that were possible, I would have done it right away.”

“… Stop tearing your hair out. It’s not yours.”

Elysée slapped the back of his hand and cleaned up his messy hair. He said, staring into the air with eyes that seemed to want to kill someone.

“A blemish on my 500-year career!”

“Yes. Well, I guess you’re right.”

Five hundred years. It was a very unrealistic amount of time to never have a blemish on one’s career, but yes, he’d have a difficult time if he suddenly had to play the male protagonist.

‘If this person disrupts the mission, it will definitely impact me.’

Elysée chewed her lower lip, distressed.

“I desperately need your help. That’s why I took a risk and came to you.”

“Of course, I also want to. But what can I do to help you? If there is any way to go back… .”

Then, Lucas placed his index finger in front of his lips and looked over her shoulder.


His green eyes shone sharply. Elysée didn’t know how to respond, but he moved quickly and crawled under her bed.

“…… ?”

What was this absurdity? As she attempted to look underneath the bed, she suddenly heard a knocking sound from her back.

“… Huh?”

Elysée jumped up and turned her body to the sound.

“Wife. May I come in?”

It was Blake. Hic— before a sound of surprise could escape her lips, Elysee quickly sealed her mouth.

‘What do I do? If I get caught, it will be a big deal.’

“… Wife? Aren’t you inside?”

Elysée missed the time to answer verbally and was forced to hurriedly go to the door and turn the handle.

The castle hallway was dark, unlike the room she was in where the afternoon sun was shining. Standing tall at the door, the man also seemed buried in the shadows of the corridor.

Her heart was thumping for no reason. A cold sweat came stuck to her back as if she was a child caught doing something naughty.

But she was skilled enough and not one to show her feelings.

“Come in.”

Elysee smiled and stepped aside.

Entering the room, he put his hand on her waist and kissed her on the cheek. He always seemed to kiss instead of saying hello.

“Were you resting?”

“Yes, I’m a little tired. Your Grace, why….”

“I don’t have work, so I came to see you.”

“Ah… .”

Elysee’s heart sank as he squeezed her body in a tight hug.


“I have a problem, so I stopped by.”

He smiled softly, looking down at her, who seemed rather nervous.

“Last night, I broke your bed.”

He let Elysee go and strode toward the bed.

In case he might look under the bed, Elysee quickly followed him.

Stopping in front of the bedside, he patted on the cracked wooden board.

“I’m afraid we’ll have to change the bed. Something more solid and comfortable.”

Had it not been for this tense situation, Elysee would have cheerfully burst out laughing.

An enthusiastic groom who broke a solid wood bed while spending the first night with his bride. She thought it was a good setup.

But now Elysee was very nervous about Lucas, lying only a few millimeters from Blake’s foot. So, with only a slight smile, she nodded.

“Yes. Sure.”

“Is there any material or design you want?”

Elysee sat on the bed as naturally as she could and pondered,


And she pretended to be worried while thinking, ‘If you do this, he won’t at least bend your waist to look under the bed since he isn’t interested in looking up your skirt.’

“I do not know.”

She heard that <The Fallen Lovers> had a similar background to medieval Europe. However, the world would not be the same as it had fantasy elements like magic. She didn’t know what kind of material was popular to make her furniture.

“I’ll leave the bed to your Grace. I think it should be as strong as possible.”

Elysee patted gently on the back of his hand, holding the bedhead.

“Since you’re full of strength.”

At that moment, she could feel the force in his hand.


It was just playful words and actions. Elysee had no intention of provoking him.

She belatedly stole her hand away. But Blake grabbed her wrist in haste, and her heart drummed in her chest.


Elysee’s eyes shook finely because of his firm grip on her.

She slowly raised her gaze.

His blue eyes filled Elysee’s sight, full of dark passion swaying hotly. From the corner of her vision, she saw his wide, hard chest and tense muscular neck with protruding, pulsing veins.

Blake, who had looked at her several times today with longing eyes, now seemed unwilling to let her go.

“Anyway, the bed has to change; it doesn’t matter if it breaks a little more.”

‘Oh my God.’

With the heat coming off his hands and the harsh sound of his breathing, Elysee realized:

‘I am in deep shit. What do I do?’

She couldn’t even think of how to push him away as he approached her. When she stepped back, she suddenly found herself sitting on the bed.

Elysée cried urgently as he saw him raising his knee on the bed, already bending over her.

“Your Grace, it’s not dark yet… !”

“Why does that matter? …When a couple makes love.”

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