VGD – 6

Elysee shook her head. She could tell without having to look that her bottom half was messy. It would be very uncomfortable and not suitable to maintain her perfect image. She couldn’t sit and eat with him like this.

“I understand.”

Blake stroked her head with a gentle touch.

“Rest a little more.”

His hand that grazed her cheek was warm against her chilled cheeks.

He left the room instead of pulling the rope at the bedside. Perhaps he was going to call the attendant himself to have it prepared.

Elysee, who held her breath for a while even after the door was closed, quickly covered herself with the blanket and tapped the ring on her ring finger.

Her wedding ring with elaborate patterns was not just an accessory. It was a medium-level item with unique functions. It  contained a script for the scenario of “The Fallen Lovers.”

In response to her gesture, a palm-sized panel display emerged over the ring. Elysee manipulated the panel and quickly read down the initial script.

‘Ah, the male lead is still in the castle. The next appearance is a conversation with him.’

Lucas Clanton, the male protagonist of “The Fallen Lovers” and Grand Duchess Elysée, were non-blood-related siblings through legality. Their mother and father remarried, and so they became brother and sister.

In the scene, Lucas waits all day long to meet his younger sister. Apparently it is not enough to attend the wedding and hang out in front of her new room.

‘I’m sure he’s a great pure-hearted man.’

Of course, his heart soon moves to the female lead, who appears shortly after.

‘My role is an oppressive sister-in-law that bullies the heroine.’

Elysée frowned while thinking of the actors cast in <The Fallen Lovers> one by one. What would have happened to her, and who would actually play her husband and male lead?

‘The crazy guy.’

Elysée shook her head to shake off her thoughts and focused on memorizing her share of the lines. Her room was dark, she couldn’t tell the time, but she had a foreboding that she didn’t have much time left.

“Older brother, will you come to see me again?”

“I’ll endure it (with teary eyes). Don’t worry about me. Of course, I’m very lonely, but… .”

Elysée, who was highly focused, didn’t hear the knocking or the opening of her door.

“Your royal highness, did you cough?”

Elysée was shocked by the voice heard right by her side, abruptly closing her display.

‘Did you hear that… ?’

As she gently lowered the blanket, she saw the maids standing by the side of her bed. It seemed that they came to attend to her bath. She couldn’t tell by looking at them whether they heard her or not.

‘Well, what can I do even if they heard it?’ Elysée thought, putting herself at ease.

‘By the way, I haven’t memorized all the lines yet. What should I do?’

She had no choice but to hope she would have another chance to be alone. Elysee descended off the bed.

Even though she wore nothing, she was guided by her maid without any shame. Raising her head, she walked gracefully and confidently.

Luxurious baths, maids’ services, the finest perfumes, oil massages, expensive, gorgeous jewelry, and dresses.

‘For now, we should enjoy this luxurious noble life.’

Elysee’s eyes sparkled with anticipation.

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