VGD – 38

Elysee didn’t know how time passed when she entered the illusion, but it was already past sunrise. The early morning sun glittered on the water.

It was regrettable that Elysee could not enjoy this peaceful and beautiful scenery. What happened to the system upgrade was that the light on the ring had already disappeared. She was worried that it might have gone wrong, but there was no way to check until she was left alone.

Holding his outstretched hand, Elysee left the lake with Blake.

The knights who were waiting at the entrance of the forest stood, not looking any different from when they left. There was no sign of being tired.


Claude, the Knight General Commander, approached quickly and bowed his head.

“You worked hard all night. Let’s go back.”

At the appearance of the happy couple, Claude alternately looked at Elysee and Blake and replied vigorously,


Perhaps thanks to a deep sleep in the fantasy, Elysee was not very tired.

‘How interesting.’

If it were up to her original stamina, she would have been exhausted just by having sex with Blake. But now, Elysee walked a little after a long time, and her thighs and calves were okay except for being a tiny bit tight.

Blake affectionately wrapped his arm around her waist to help her get on the wagon.

“Thank you.”

Elysee’s smiling eyes melted his stern expression again. The difference between his previous stern and cool expression beheld by the knights was so vast that he looked like someone else.

‘He’s cute.’

Elysee sat side by side with him and waited for the carriage to depart. Absentmindedly, Elysee watched the knights climbing on their horses and suddenly met the eyes of a knight over Blake’s shoulder.


It was Bart Ruos again.

As soon as he made eye contact with Elysee, he hurriedly turned his head. However, even after that, she felt him glancing toward her whenever he had time.

‘What’s wrong with him?’

No matter what the reason was, it seemed rather childish behavior. He was at least 20 years old and it didn’t seem befitting of a skilled knight. Thinking that he should pay more attention, Elysee took her eyes off Bart.


A message heralding their arrival must have passed through the outer castle, as Bernard, the head butler, and Kate, her maid, were waiting for them.

“Is everything okay?”

At Blake’s question, Bernard spoke to him in a cautious voice.

“The Count of Ruos is waiting for you.”

Count Ruos was a vassal of Frozen and the father of Bart and Allen.

“The Count? I don’t remember him setting an appointment.”

“He visited yesterday afternoon saying he had something to discuss with you urgently, so he hasn’t left yet.”

As Blake’s gaze turned toward her, Elysee smiled and said:

“Go ahead. It must be important since he has been waiting to see you all this time.”

“…Alright. Go and rest. I’ll be right there.”

‘What do you mean you’ll be coming over again—so soon? No need to rush.’

Elysee left him on the first floor and returned to her bedroom on the third floor.

Kate, who followed Elysee in her room, helped her take off her clothes. The poor dress, which was once torn by Blake’s tremendous grip in the fantasy realm, was still intact without any damage. It amazed her as she thought about it again.

“Shall I fetch some bath water?”

“Hm, yes please.”

When Kate disappeared toward the bathroom, Elysee quickly lay in bed and covered herself with a blanket. It was time to check how the upgrade went because she was finally left alone.

‘I hope the script didn’t get deleted.’

Elysee tapped the ring with a nervous feeling. As usual, a notification window appeared on the panel display.

『System version upgrade ended abnormally. Components may be incomplete.』

‘As expected, the upgrade failed.’

Elysee pressed the confirmation button on the notification window and looked closely at the screen. Not only did the interface change, but there was also a menu bar that originally did not exist.

‘What is this?’

When she put her finger on the menu bar, the list came to mind. Elysee’s eyes widened.

『”The Fallen Lover” (ch21)

▶ Script

▷ Introduction of Work

▷ View Characters

▷ Map.』

Before the upgrade, there was only one script in it without having to choose a list. The title and channel display of the original work, introduction of the work, character list, and maps were all new items. Elysee pressed “Introduction of Work” with excitement.

『”Components are incomplete.” Please complete the system upgrade.』


Elysee then pressed “View Characters” with anxiety.

『”Components are incomplete.” Please complete the system upgrade.』

The same notification window popped up again.

“What? Nothing’s working.”

Abandoning any expectations, Elysee finally pressed the “Map” item.

『”Components are incomplete.” Only limited information is available. Please complete the system upgrade.』

The phrase in the notification window was slightly different from the previous two menus. When she turned off the notification window, black lines quickly drew on the screen and made a certain shape.


When it was completed, Elysee immediately recognized the drawing.

‘It’s a map of the Grand Duke’s estate!’


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