VGD – 37

Elysee’s eyes searched the floor. She was in Blake’s arms. Although she was covering her waist with Blake’s cloak, she was essentially lying naked on the altar of the temple.

‘Something feels a little off.’

She didn’t believe in God in her lifetime before, but now she definitely knows that God exists.

‘How amusing, thinking like this after having wild sex.’

Chuckling to herself, Elysee glanced at Blake. He had fallen asleep with the most comfortable look on his face since she had met him. Elysee had no choice but to smile as a fantastically handsome man was hugging her like a treasure as he slept.

Blake seemed to be sleeping deeply. There was faint moonlight leaking through the window. Elysee decided not to wake him up.

Feeling somewhat cold, Elysee attempted to cover her shoulder with the cape, when a glimmer caught her eye. Her wedding ring on her ring finger, which was an Investigator’s item in disguise, glowed faintly.


This was the first time such a thing happened, Elysee’s eyes widened in surprise. She tapped on her ring, covering her head with the cape just in case Blake woke up.

A panel display the size of a palm came to mind. A notification window popped up above the scenario script for <The Fallen Lovers>.

『We discovered a new area. Do you want to update it on the map?』

‘Updating the map? What does this mean?’

She didn’t recall Philip telling her that this would happen.

‘Well, an update isn’t a bad thing.’

Elysee pressed the accept button for now. A thin horizontal bar was created where the notification window disappeared to inform the progress of the update. Elysee held her breath and waited for all the gauges of the horizontal bar to fill up.

About 10 seconds later, the horizontal bar disappeared and a notification window appeared again.

『An error occurred. This is an area that cannot be marked on the map. Do you want to upgrade the operating system?』

‘An area that can’t be marked on the map?’

This world in which she is now in was not a real place, but a world created by the author. Therefore, it was highly likely that places, events, etc other than the established worldview interfered when the setting wasn’t described in detail by the author.

Perhaps this “Fantasy Lake” was one of those places.

‘Upgrade operating system….’

Elysee quickly thought.

‘What’s bad about getting an upgrade? Let’s give it a try.’

Elysee pressed the accept button again this time. The horizontal bar began to rise again. Unlike before, it was very slow.

‘Oh, gosh. Why are you so slow? If I get caught like this…….’

Not knowing when Blake would wake up, Elysee became uneasy.

‘Huh? Wait… What the hell is this…….’

As she stared at the screen, a sudden crazy thought occurred to her.

Lucas, who was originally supposed to have possessed Blake’s body, said he failed because of an unknown “error.” For such a thing to happen, someone must have possessed Blake’s body first, or there must be a fatal error in the character settings.

And now Blake was freely using loopholes and spatial anomalies in this world.

Was this all a coincidence?

‘Possessed… Possessed. Don’t tell me Blake is a demon like Rex……?’

If he was also possessed, it was certain that he was not an Heavenly agent or Midlands Investigator. If so, Lucas or Mary would have known.

The most comfortable hypothesis was to assume the character setting of Lucas Clanton, the original male character of <The Fallen Lovers> and Blake went wrong somehow. However, she had to prepare for the possibility of that not being the reason.

If Blake was a demon from the underworld or a third possessed person who has come over incorrectly from the real world, how should she respond?

‘I hope not.’

While she continued to think, the gauge of the horizontal bar was over 80 percent.

‘Cheer up! It’s just a little more!’

As she was sweating and cheering for this world’s wifi  communication network, she could feel his body moving.

Surprised, Elysee tried to calm her pounding heart and pretended to be asleep as if she was sleep talking, ‘Uh-huh.’

Whether she was awake or not, Blake moved his hands carefully. The moment Elysee felt him holding the end of the cloak, which was covering her head, Elysee hurriedly turned off the panel display.

Just in time, he pulled down the covering, tucking her in with it below Elysee’s neck, and affectionately stroked her disorganized hair.


Even in this situation, his low and heavy voice sounded sweet to her ears.

Elysee slowly lifted her eyelids as if she had just woken up. She didn’t forget to de-focus her eyes, look at him and blink a couple of times before smiling brightly and shyly.

“Good morning, Blake.”

“Did I wake you up?”

“Hmm… perhaps? But it’s nice to see you as soon as I wake up.”


A smile that seemed to melt down Blake’s usually blank face spread. Kissing her forehead, he said,

“Shall we go back now?”

“Yes, but my dress….”

“You don’t have to worry about that.”

First, Blake, who raised her upper body, plucked her and helped her get up.


“Didn’t I explain it earlier? This place is just a fantasy—an illusion.”

When Elysee stepped off the platform with him—


A breeze blew past them, making them close their eyes. When they opened them again, they returned to the lake where they first arrived to.


In surprise, Elysee burst in an exclamation. From her torn dress to the shawl over her shoulders. Everything returned to the way it was.

‘Oh my god. This is really amazing.’

After Elysee looked around awe-strunk she looked up at Blake. He was watching her and smiling happily. He had a happy face like a boy who successfully boasted his treasure.

“Thank you for bringing me to this mysterious place.”

“Always, I will give you all the best things I have.”

His clear blue eyes toward her proved his sincerity. Looking up at Blake’s handsome face with admiration, Elysee internally lamented,

‘Please don’t be a demon.’

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