VGD – 36

“Do you need to worry? I’m already your wife.”

“I know. But even if you are my wife, there’s not much I can do.”

His anxiety about losing her was not groundless.

<The Fallen Lovers> backdrop was a very sexually promiscuous society, accepting when a noble woman openly had lovers. Of course, the same was true of men too—people had affairs free of blame and scorn.

In <The Fallen Lovers> sometimes there were brief mentions to explicit displays of vuglar bets to fool innocent virgins, noble women who traded their lovers for a night and an orgy at a masquerade, centering on the crown prince at the apex of depravity

Blake’s thrusts became sharper and tougher.

“In my mind, I dreamed of locking up my wife in the castle until she falls in love with me.”

‘That’s confinement. No. Don’t do that.’

Even in the midst of feverish oscillations, Elysee gazed into his eyes, wondering if he was being sincere.

“But as expected, I’m a coward, so it would be impossible.”

She breathed a sigh of relief at his words.

‘Of course. Anyone can think.’

Clap, clap—

Everytime his member reached her deepest point, her body rejoiced, spilling milk. His low, resonant voice, which exactly suited her taste, rumbled in her ear and made her even more excited.

‘Ohh— right there…….Yes, a little faster….’

As if he had read her mind, he fucked her harder and faster.

“So please, don’t make me anxious.”

It was as if he was talking to himself rather than talking to her so there was no need to respond.

But, Elysee did not ignore his troubles, she wanted to assuage his distress.

“Don’t worry, Blake.”

She cupped his cheeks in her hands and in surprise he paused as she kissed the tip of his nose and looked up at him.

“I already like you very much.”


Elysee witnessed the power of her words wash over him as his expression changed right before her eyes.


As usual he had donned a guarded, stiff face—so when the joy spread across his sharpness and cool-face it was strikingly vivid. His cheeks, ears and neck flushed red, and his blue eyes staring into hers trembled.

His lower body couldn’t have been more transparent either. His thick pillar filling her insides dripped hot liquid.

‘How can you ejaculate from a word?’

Elysee was astonished and astounded; how much did one have to like someone for this to be possible?

He raised a hand and covered his face.

“…I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to do this.” [t1v: kyaaaaa! <3]

“Why are you hiding? Let me look at your face.”

“No, wait a minute.…”

He pulled himself out and then thrusted into her again, making her fall back. Elysee fell face down on the podium and flinched at his cock penetrating her again. Even though he had already came once, it seemed even firmer.

“Again, let’s do it all over again.”

“Uh… You don’t have to do that.”

“No, I know I have a long way to go to satisfy my wife.”

She had no time to resolve his misunderstanding. He slammed his body so hard that her ass turned red.


The sound of their bodies smashing together rang loudly in the temple.

A completely different kind of pleasure spread throughout her body as he slowly stirred inside.

“Uhh, oh, Ohhhhh…!”

She shouted to the point where it spread to the end of the wide hall. His beastly penting poured down her spine. She saw his blue tendons standing out on his hand as he gripped the platform she was on.

Regardless of the position if she had to choose which one was better, Elysee would never be able to choose.

Elysee had never met anyone comparable to Blake.


‘Huh? What’s this sound?’

At the sudden ominous sound, Elysee slightly raised her head that was stuck against the platform. Suddenly, something felt empty, and the dress surrounding her body dangled over the staging.

‘This guy ripped my dress again!’

It was cumbersome, so he grabbed it and tore it apart with both hands.

‘What are you doing? How am I going to get home?’

Inside, she was screaming, but the only thing that still popped out of her mouth were moans. When the clothes that hindered him disappeared, he was really slamming into her like crazy.

“Ah, ahhh…..Ahh! So much, Mmm…. I love it so much…!”

Her body, which betrayed her reason, was swept away by the waves of her orgasm, and had completely washed away.

‘Yeah, it’s already ripped. What can I do? There must be some workaround.’

One of her strengths—quick judgment and adaptability—were demonstrated again this time. Elysee, who quickly cleared her head, surrendered herself to this beastly sex.

Blake Frozen, who is good at power, wealth, and sex, was really the best husband ever.


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