VGD – 35

Elysee’s waist flinched, her back curving up as she trembled at the sensation of thick fingers entering her.

“That you were going to be this hot, soft, and wet…. I couldn’t have imagined it at that time.”

He turned his fingers around, hooking them and stretching them apart—he played and poked around, rubbed her insides as he watched her reactions closely.

“If I had known, what would have happened?”

Without waiting for Elysee’s answer, he continued,

“It would have been tortuous to endure holding back without being able to touch a single strain of your hair.”

One more finger was thrusted into her entrance, stretching her. Squech, squech— Wet sounds resounded obscenely.

After a low sigh, he kissed her again. The lingering scent of wine sweetly spread across her mouth.

Wrapping her arms around his neck, they continued to kiss passionately. She put strength on her thighs to prevent her love liquid from flowing out, but since Blake’s body moved between her legs, she could longer close her legs.

The more strength Elysee held her body with, the faster Blake’s fingers became as he played around with her inner flesh.

Elysee’s long eyelashes quivered. He held her tight as if she was trying to run away, and he kissed even deeper. As if it was not enough swallowing her breaths, he dug into her desperately.


A climax came quickly. He slowly pulled out his fingers from her bouncing body. Clear liquid dripped down his hand.

“You’re beautiful, Elysee.”

He looked down at her with eyes full of ecstasy. Stunned, Elysee paused from surprise. She knew someone who looked at her with  those same exact eyes full of emotion.

But before she could think any further, Blake stripped off Elysee’s wet underwear. When she heard the sound of Blake loosening the buckle of his pants, Elysee urgently shouted,

“Wait— Blake, now…!”

But he didn’t wait for her to calm down.

As the aftermath of her orgasm prevailed—making her twitch, Blake’s thick penis dug in and penetrated her narrow entrance. With the excessive stimulation, her body shook like a fish out of water. Holding her twitching body, he pushed in his entire length all at once; wrapping her around with one arm.


“Haaa… *sighing*…”

A short moan and a long sigh flowed out of her and his mouth at the same time.

By the end of the shallow climax, he started to move unhurriedly. He gently stirred inside her, withdrawing deliberately, and slowly filling her up.

“I imagined,”

he whispered in a low voice as he stroked her earlobe.

“the High Priest, your family, my vassals, and knights… What would it be like if I had ravished my wife in front of all the attendees?”

His unhurried thrusting wasn’t reflected elsewhere. He was biting and grinding his molars together as he couldn’t bear it. His breathing was rough, too.

However, he held back knowing a tremendous sweet taste was awaiting them and was incomparable to the relatively small pleasure of satisfying his immediate sexual desire that would not satiate his appetite.

“If I did, no one would dare take my wife away from me.”

It was an intense possessive yearning.

He was using his body in the way Elysee liked most with thoroughly calculated movements so that she could feel ultimate pleasure.

Like concubines who learned and practiced the art of sex and seduction with the hope of being chosen by the emperor again, Blake wished Elysee would be addicted to the pleasures conveyed by his body.

Every time his member pressed and rubbed against her pleasure points in her core, Elysee’s asscheeks shook.

‘Ah… This guy is really, really… so good.’

It wasn’t the worn-out proficiency of knowing women well. It seemed to be the result of his outstanding control of his body and his keen observation skills; quickly noticing what she liked.

His actions were markedly different from their earlier encounters when he was somewhat violent. As the quantity of their affairs increased, his proficiency at sex was increasing significantly. So now, including all of her experiences, he was the best.

Because she was preoccupied with intense pleasure, Elysee wasn’t bothered by Blake’s ridiculous words. If she had heard his words while sober, she would have thought, ‘Are you crazy?’ But since she heard it in a state of being pickled in pleasure, she became generous.

“But even if I go back in time, I won’t be able to do that.”

The front closure of her dress was undone revealing her plump breasts. He lowered his head to the apex of her nipple, holding it in his mouth and rolling it with his tongue.


While licking, he rubbed his teeth and tongue against it.

The greater the stimulus, the more hazy she became. As if petting a dog, he stroked her head and gently widened her legs to accept him deeper.

“I would be too afraid that my wife would hate me, so I probably wouldn’t be able to do anything on a whim.”

There was no crime in only thinking. The difference between a normal person and a crazy person is whether one put it into action or not. Elysee nodded. As expected, Blake was a man within the normal category, albeit somewhat unusual.

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