VGD – 31

He pulled his body out very slowly and pushed it back in.

Another climax was added to the climax. He clenched his teeth and repeated the same thing several times. Sweat dripping from his forehead pooled on her breasts.

Elysee shook her head and screamed.

“That’s enough…”

The excruciating pleasure was even painful.

But it was no use crying and pleading. Looking down at an erotic messy Elysee, with his bright blue eyes, he carved himself into her relentlessly.

Her hand, which had been grabbing his arm, fell helplessly. Her trembling body was pathetic. It was only after the writhing Elysee was completely sprawled did he release himself into her. Squelch, squelch he lightly pushed his seeds in.

Erotic fluid and semen that tightly filled her narrow insides leaked and flowed out along her entrance. He slowly stirred inside her, enjoying the aftermath.

“That’s too much…”

Elysee closed her eyes and grumbled. Even raising her voice was too difficult for her now.

“…It’s my wife that’s too much.”

Finally, he took his member out. At the wide-open entrance white liquid flowed out.

Elysee let out a long sigh of relief.

“Well. I don’t know what happened… but I’m sorry.”

‘I probably called out Cain’s name in my sleep.’

It was highly likely that his name had leaked out of her mouth at least once, as she ground her teeth and called him desperately in her dream. If a wife had said the name of a man in her sleep, anyone would have misunderstood and would have been angry.

‘Should I ask.…..No, if you do that and he asks who it is, what do I say? I can’t say Cain is a man who killed me.’

Meaningless thoughts flickered in Elysee’s head and disappeared.


Without a single smile, Blake looked down at Elysee for a long time.

His thick pillar, which still rattled was casually pressed against her concave stomach. As soon as she was about to drift off to sleep with no power to open her eyes, Blake kissed Elysee. Their lips overlapped, brushing over like a painting, and then slightly removed. Even after the kiss, Blake’s lips were still touching hers.

“Have a good dream, Elysee.”

Feeling his low whisper, the touch of his lips, and the penetrating breath moving away like a dream, Elysee fell into a deep sleep.


“…It’s weird.”

Mary tilted her head at Elysee’s murmur.

“What are you talking about?”

After that day’s incident, Mary was officially recognized as Elysee’s private maid. It was natural for Mary to jump around with great joy. Mary took off her bandage after a day and followed Elysee around.

Mary was the only one who accompanied Elysee now since Kate was so busy preparing for her visit to the capital.

Thanks to this, Elysee was able to act comfortably. For example, practicing yoga and divulging suspicious stories about someone like right now.

“He’s so handsome and warm-hearted— How can he also be so talented and good all night long? There are too many buffs! No matter how much I analyze it, he must be the main character.”

Mary blinked her eyes.

“But you have a bad personality.”

“Personality? That’s kind of adorable.”

This morning, Elysee used her magical wedding ring to carefully check the script to confirm once again where Blake appeared. It was difficult to grasp the setting of the original work due to the small number of appearances and small lines.

However, no matter how many times she checked it, the original setting was pitiful, and the Archduke sometimes spoke jealous lines when he thought his wife was too intimate with Lucas.

“You’re not trying to spy on me.”

“Spying on your wife…That’s too frightening.”

“I’m saying this because you haven’t experienced anyone who was properly ‘obsessed’ and ‘possessive’. Those kids are no joke.”

Whatever hurt his feelings, Blake only expressed dissatisfaction with having extreme sex somewhat violently. After that, there was nothing wrong with looking after her and trying to do better.

“By the way Elysee-nim, what have you been doing all this time?”

“Can’t you see?” I’m doing yoga.”

“You’re just lying on your back.”

“You’re supposed to raise your upper body in this position. But I can’t get up because I don’t have any abs.” [t1v: ded.]

“I don’t believe it.”

“You’re surprised, right? I’m amazed, too.”

Elysee sighed and tried to do sit-ups somehow, trying to strengthen her stomach.

Then someone knocked on her door.

“Your highness, the knights Alan Rous and Bart Rous have come to see you.”

Mary, who was close to the wall, stared sharply at the door.

“Talented people!”

“I’m sure they are. Hurry up, mask your face and open the door.”

Elysee got out of bed, moved to the table, and sat down. After making her disorganized appearance neat, she straightened her back in an instant

When Mary opened the door, two strong knights were seen standing stiffly, they were so big they could not enter at the same time.



It seemed they were nervous when they saw Mary.

‘Yup, it’s that’s the scary maid who can chew a sword’s blade like gum. Be careful,’

Elysee thought sullenly.

“Aren’t you coming in? Or should I close it then?

When Mary grabbed the handle to close the door, the two quickly entered the room.

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