VGD – 30

‘You bastard!’

Elysee opened her eyes wide.

Someone was kissing her eyelids, and now they were kissing her cheek. Dark blue hair tickled her face.

For a moment she thought she was still in her dream and the scene was continuing, but fortunately, she was alive and realized she was able to move.


How long had she been asleep? A tight voice entered her ear.

“Are you awake?”

Elysee tossed and turned uncomfortable under him. He wasn’t leaning his weight on her, but she was frustrated because she was trapped under a large body.

But he didn’t move away. Rather, he kissed her earlobes and push himself against her more. Elysee belatedly realized that she was naked.

“My clothes…”

“I took them off,”

Blake answered calmly.

“To check if there were any injuries.”

“…..I said I was okay.”

“I couldn’t be relieved until I saw it for myself.”

It was a little weird to take off the clothes of the sleeping person, but Elysee decided to ignore it.

“You’re relieved now, right?

At Elysee’s words, he laughed low. When his low-pitched voice deliciously resonated in her ears, her body throbbed. Sweeping her hair gently, he whispered softly:


Elysee blinked at his unexpected reply and then felt something heavy pressing and burrowing into her.

“No, Elysee.”


Surprised, Elysee grabbed his arm and gasped.


He didn’t care if she was surprised or not. He didn’t hesitate until the moment he squeezed in his round tip and penetrated her to his roots.

Oddly there was no discomfort even though it was a sudden act. His penis inserted smoothly without her feeling stiff or painful.

Her wet lower flesh flinched pleasantly as if sucking in his organ. Elysee was out of breath with the instantaneous pleasure that filled her suddenly. Her legs that spread out on both sides of his body tightened.

What provoked him? Elysee looked up at Blake in confusion.

But he looked down, back at her with deep blue eyes, bit her waist, and just repeatedly shoveling it in over and over again.

“Uh, Blake….”

When she called out his name, he kissed her lips and ever so gently whispered a command:

“Open your mouth.”

Without a moment’s hesitation, her lips opened. He grabbed her breasts and twisted her nipples. His tongue, which had invaded her open mouth, mercilessly violated her insides from below at the same time. Caressing her from the tip of her tongue to her core, as if punishing her, he stabbed her deepest parts.

Something sweet and cool went down her throat with saliva. Elysee tilted her head and gasped. She couldn’t stand her thirst.

Elysee flinched, became impatient, and clung on to him. She wrapped her arms around his neck with her arms, strangling him with a feverish kiss.

“More… Please do more.”

Looking at Elysee with his eyes slightly open, he skillfully stirred Elysee’s mouth as she yearned for.

His indulgence did not stop there. Without pulling out that was deeply inserted, he turned her around, pressed and stroked the deepest part of her.

‘Ah, it feels so damn good……’

It was thrilling. Elysee accepted him, shaking her ass. What would come after this sensuous war had left her mind. Her body was solely chasing after greater pleasure. As if she were drunk, her mind was hazy, and her entire body was tingling with heat.

Their love-making liquid sprayed out over and over again, soaking her asscheeks and sheets, but no one cared.

“Blake, uh….”

Elysee’s smooth legs were tangled around his waist. His hard body, covered with dense muscles, weighed down her white and soft body and turning it into an erotic red.


His voice, restrained and rough, made Elysee even more anxious.

“You—oh— I like— so much.”

Elysee brushed her lips on him and licked the sweat off the tip of his chin. The more she did, the fiercer Blake’s eyes became.

Their motions became intense. Blake’s cock penetrating her speed up as the depth deepened. Whenever his thick pillar widened her inner folds and dug through the flesh of her inner tunnels, pleasure rushed in like a wave. The sound of beastly panting, loud moans, and obscene licking, and lewd sucking filled the bedroom.

Blake strived to fill her up more completely, and Elysee strived to use him to fill her holes up.

Before ejaculation, his member swelled up firmly. Elysee’s abdomen tightened as if biting him. She felt the urgency and clenched it hotly.

But instead of moving a little faster or more intensely, he chose to get a little closer to her.

With Elysee’s legs over his shoulders, he pushed himself to his limit.

“Unghhh… Ah…That’s too….”

She tilted her head back and moaned as she felt a place that had never been achieved by anyone forcibly opened. Thrusting into Elysee’s deepest and most secret place, Blake let out a jagged breath. He endured his ejaculation and he pushed Elysee relentlessly. When the tip of his glans was caught somewhere inside, he struck it shallowly and fiercely.


Her passages trembled and tightened. Blake wrapped one arm around her twitching body and held her in place.

His harsh breathing wetted her body.

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