VGD – 29

However, as Elysee explained, it had already broken once, and once more in the hand of the maid.

‘No, but it didn’t look like it was simply broken….’

Claude thought blankly. Of course, he was not foolish enough to say what he thought. At least everyone knew that the Great Duchess was trying to defend the knights now.

“Fortunately, no one was injured this time, but it would be heartbreaking if any of our precious knights were injured for the same reason.”

Blake nodded with a dark look.

“…My wife is right. An accident in which the blade breaks during the combat can cause serious injuries.”

Blake’s emotions, which had become dangerously violent, were now calming down at her few words.

“I’ll tell the person who supplies the knights to raise the grade of blunt steel to a higher grade.”

Upon hearing his answer, Elysee leaned into Blake and wrapped her arms around his waist. It was a very cute act.

“I’m ignorant of these things. But I can see how much you care about the Knights because your Grace listens to me. I’m also at fault for moving recklessly. So please let’s not make a fuss and move on quietly this time.”

“But, wife…”

“More than anything else, it’s my first time greeting the Knights. If someone is punished for me, everyone will feel uncomfortable with me.”

“How dare someone do that? My wife, along with me, are the masters of the Prussian territory.”

Anyway, Blake seemed to have decided to be considerate of her. He sighed quietly and ordered the knights on their knees to get up.

“Lord Alan and Lord Bart, get back in place.”

Alan and Bart, the two knights who fought against each other, hesitated for a moment, bowed their heads once again, apologized, and returned to their places.

“Prepare for the inspection, Sir Claude.”

“Yes, my lord.”

When Blake’s order was issued, Claude bowed and turned to inspect the Knights. It was only natural for him to breathe a sigh of relief.


After returning to her room after greeting the Knights, Elysee glanced at Mary, who was squatting on one side of the room.

“Mary, you must be so happy.”


“You don’t have any thoughts. You’re just having fun, right?”

“Oh, how did you know? Elysee-nim, you’re so sharp!”


Elysee massaged her throbbing forehead and wondered what to do with this child.

“Anyway, thank you for saving me. I can’t deny that much. I’ve never seen someone as strong as you.”

“Oh my, Elysee-nim…”.”

Mary twisted her body bashfully.

‘She’s a child who I talk sarcastically to or be too blunt. I’ll have to give examples and give exact instructions.’

Of course, before that, she would have to test Mary’s abilities.

“Give me your hand first.”

“Yes? Why?”

Although she was puzzled, Mary tentatively held out her hand. As Elysee expected, her hand that grabbed the blade of the sword had no wounds. Whereas, the iron, which was once a blade of a sword, was completed bent and looked like it had shriveled up.

‘Whoa… This is a person is a beast.’

Elysee wrapped her hands around with a bandage that had been prepared in advance.

“Stay like this for a few days. In order to avoid unnecessary suspicion, you have to pretend to be hurt. And don’t come out of the room until I call you.”

She had wondered what use Mary would be but then Elysee had witnessed such an incredible scene, that she doubted her memory first rather than admitting it.

Since Mary had also taken the crushed blade with her, with no evidence, the rumors would go away.

“Yes… Elysee….”

Mary became visibly sullen. She had just started her mission today, but she seemed upset because she was stuck in the room again.

“I’ll call you soon. Don’t worry.”


“Of course.”

After receiving a definite answer, Mary’s bright face returned and she promptly left the room. She swung her bandaged arms happily. She should say something, but Elysee was already exhausted enough.

Elysee fell into her bed and laying flat on her back.

A long sigh came out.

‘I almost died earlier.’

Her heart chilled thinking of the blade that rushed towards her. She didn’t hear about what would happen if something went wrong without completing the mission.

Her mind became complicated. Obviously, the Grand Duchess had a lot of appearances in the second half of “The Fallen Lovers.” There should have been no major injuries or deaths. But what if she hadn’t found Mary in prison? Could there have been anyone else who could save her in that situation?

The conclusion was ‘no.’

‘It means that the story can go wrong in any place without a scripted scene.’

With that in mind, who knows what the consequences of going to the capital would be for <The Fallen Lovers>. [t1v: also could be translated into “Corrupted Lovers”]

‘I should preserve my body as much as possible and save the Midlands investigators first.’

If they have special abilities like Mary, it would certainly be of help to her in the future.

Thinking this and other thoughts, Elysee quickly fell asleep.


The feeling of the needle penetrating the flesh was particularly eerie.


[You’ll be comfortable soon, Elysee]

A pleasant scent wafted by the tip of her nose. Elysee stared at him, trying to calm herself down. Physiological tears formed around her eyes and flowed down her cheeks.


[I’ll follow you soon.]

Whispering in her ear, he kissed her eyes. Even at this moment, he had a soft, melting smile that he used when reassuring her.


[Sleep well, my Elysee.]

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