VGD – 27

Perhaps because he was moved by her silence with her head bowed down, Blake gently caressed her hair and kissed her round forehead.


Elysee raised her head and looked into his blue eyes. She made her thick eyelashes tremble and touched his chest.

“Blake… comfort me. I need you.”

She could clearly feel his heart thumping hard and rapidly.

“Gladly. I’d be happy to.”

He instantly united Elysee’s robe which fell under the sofa. Blake’s hand, which lifted her lightly and laid her down on the sofa, was soft and cautious.

“As I said before, I won’t make you lonely.”

His big, hot hands slid under her slip. With a drunken expression on her face, Elysee tilted her head and slightly parted her lips, her breath heavy with the sweetness and pungentness of wine.

Blake settled between her smooth legs. Under the rolled-up slip, the mesh underwear was lustfully wet.

“Uh-huh…. Blake….”

Elysee called his name with passionate delight.

Blake groaned low. Every move she made, every act, seduced him. It was simply impossible to maintain reason.

Blake, whose face was buried between Elysee’s soft breasts, did not see her smile. As he sucked her upright pink nipple, she peeled off her wet underwear.

He couldn’t afford to focus on foreplay today and Elysee didn’t seem to want it either as she spread her legs wide open for him. Her flesh swallowed him in as if she was sucking him in. He growled low as he entered her—perhaps because of her drunkenness—she felt hotter than usual.

Once tasted he couldn’t stop, it was a pleasure much stronger than a drug, swirling through his entire body. It was so thrilling it made him shake. The stronger the thrusts, the harder the breathing, the greater the passion.

He coveted her like a beast, and she comforted him by trapping him between her legs as if she was taming him.

It was the beginning of a long night.


“I’ve been granted permission.

The next day, Elysee called Mary into the room and announced the good news. The maids who were helping her were outside the room, waiting for a while.

“From today forth, Mary, you are my maid of honor.”

“What? Really?”

“Yes, I said you were my sixth cousin’s sister-in-law’s maid.”


Mary tilted her head as if she didn’t understand.

“Anyway, I think so.”

“Yes! Thank you, Elysee!”

“It’s good to be lively.”

Elysee smiled and rose from her seat.

“Where are you going?”

“Yes, I’m going to greet the Knights with Blake. Follow me.”

Mary nodded with a grim look.

“This is the beginning of the mission.”

“No, relax your shoulders. Don’t make that face.”

“Oh, yes.”

She quickly returned to her characteristically bright face.

Unlike a few days ago when she visited him alone at night, Elysee was now neatly and elegantly groomed, and then went to the training field with Blake.

Blake glanced at Mary, who was following Elysee, once or twice before he quickly ignored her and turned his attention to his wife.

The Knights were in the midst of training. Conscious that the hostess was watching, the sound of their shouts was loud.

“The Knights of Prussia are no less prestigious than the Knights of Nephrus of the Imperial Family. The three Knights of Blue, Red, and White take turns defending the borders, nature, and major bases of the ducal principality. The Knights that are guarding the palace are now the Blue Knights.”

“I see. It’s amazing to see in person.”

Elysee looked closely at the knights who were engaged in the battle. Some knights’ swords were spewing some kind of light.

‘What’s that? Is that a lightsaber?’

Elysee, once a fan of <Star Wars>, leaned forward without realizing it. Magic was amazing, but lightsabers were a dream of hers.

Blake, who was conversing with the commander about the Knights, momentarily did not see her behavior where the accident happened instantaneously.

A knight’s sword, which was engaged in a more intense spar than usual, broke and flew toward her.


The blade of the sword whirled towards her at a rapid speed. Elysee blinked slowly and gazed at the piece of metal flying towards her.

‘Am I going to die? What happens if I die here?’



With a sudden shout, someone’s hand grabbed the blade.


Elysee witnessed the piece of iron crumpled up like a sheet of paper under her nose.


Silence fell in the training hall.

Elysee turned her head slowly.


Mary scratched the back of her head with a sheepish proud face.

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