VGD – 25

“A little faster—.”

Elysee stroked him a little faster at his urgent request. A trickle of liquid dripped onto her hands.

“*Gasp* Ugh, Haaaaa *sigh*… Yeah, that’s what I was planning to do. I thought you’d appreciate him a little bit.”

“That’s ridiculous. He killed me regardless of my wishes. He’s just a murderer.”

Unable to bear the exaltation, he gasped and begged,

“Okay, let me put a finger in there. You’re wet too I bet. The smell you give me is driving me crazy.”

He was not wrong to say that she was wet below, but Elysee shook her head.

“No, Blake’s coming soon.”

“I can keep you from getting caught.”


“I told you I’m a demon. We can separate space and adjust the flow of time.”

“Well, you’re pretty talented, aren’t you?”

“Since I told you, let me put it in now.”

“That’s not the information I wanted.”

“Then what more do you want?”

Elysee pulled her hand away. His thick genitals, which had been deprived of pleasure, were surly. Elysee leaned on the sofa with her eyes fixed on his reddened glaze.

“Tell me how you got his memory and I’ll let you in”

Then, she rolled up her skirt to his waist and spread her legs wide. Her wet pink private flesh was clearly exposed.

“Do you have the ability to peek into heads or steal memories?”

He smacked his lips and shook his head.

“There’s no such thing. I just made a deal.”

“A deal? Like what?”

“I can’t tell you that. It’s taboo. Can I put it in now?”

he asked impatiently.

“All right, just one finger.”

“Okay, keep touching me, too.

Climbing above her, he groped Elysee’s core as he supported his body with his knees and one arm. His middle finger, which found her entrance where fluid leaked, penetrated deep.

“Oh, that’s awesome.”

He groaned pleasantly and put his organ back in Elysee’s hand.

Elysee gently lowered her eyes and enjoyed the pleasure given to her below. He had great handwork, skills probably gathered from his hotbed of corruption. He seemed to know where to press and rub to make a woman feel good.

Her stomach flinched and tightened at an increasing tempo. She clung to his finger, chasing after a stronger pleasure.

Elysee tilted her head and quickly stroked his penis, which was too thick to be squeezed completely. He also did not forget to stimulate her clit and labia lips, making her wetter.

“Oh, unhh, haaa….”

Pushing her underneath with his finger, her ass bounced. Looking up at him with a red face as she moaned loudly, she felt like I was really having sex.

‘We’re only doing it by hand, but I really like it.’

It seems that demons were sexually skilled.


When Blake returned, Elysee and Rex were drinking tea nonchalantly. Compared to before he was gone, the only thing that changed was the number of snacks.

‘Magic, it’s very convenient.’

Although her underwear was taken away, her wet bottom was cleaned and she was not too uncomfortable. On the contrary, she felt good because she had enjoyed it a lot.

Blake stamped Rex’s paper with a relieved face. Rex also stamped the papers and shared a copy with Blake.

Rex, who finished his work, got up from his seat.

“See you soon.”

He was also satisfied and did not cling to or provoke Elysee anymore.

“See you in the capital.”

Elysee said her farewells vaguely. Indeed, it was a pretentious act, but Rex smirked and said nothing.

Blake, who returned from seeing Rex off, carefully examined Elysee’s face and asked,

“Did he not act recklessly?”

“We just talked. He asked me how I lived before I got married. Were you worried?”

“Yes, he is a dangerous man. It’s better not to get too close.”

Blake was not wrong in any sense. Elysee smiled and nodded.

“Okay, I’ll keep that in mind.”

Elysee, who was now agonizing over bringing Mary up to him, soon changed her mind. Asking him to have her around couldn’t be a failure. She had to try to create an optimal situation not wait for one.

Elysee had a light chat with Blake over dinner and then returned to her room after saying good night to him.

It was late at night when her plan was to be put into effect.


When the time was right, Elysee pulled the rope. It wasn’t long before Kate, the maid of honor, knocked on the door. Even though it was late, she remained neat.

“Do you need anything?”

“His Highness is working late. I’d like to bring him some late-night snacks, would you prepare them for me?”

“How about the wine, ham, and cheese you got yesterday?”

“That would be perfect.”

Her mouth watered when she thought of it.

“Should I bring you something simple to wear?”

“Well… should I?”

Kate’s eyes twinkled.

“Yes, I’ll pick one for you.”

Elysee smiled pleased as she looked at her back as she entered the dressing room with enthusiasm.

‘As expected, you’re quick on the uptake.’

As Elysee expected, all the clothes Kate picked out were very racy. In short, it was just a sexy piece of thin cloth of mesh and lace. What a competent maid of honor.

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