VGD – 23


Is there a character with that name?’

“Come on, introduce me to Mrs. Blake, or should I do it myself?”

It seemed pretty close to each other to call each other by name. Blake sighed and introduced him to Elysee.

“Lex Russell, the Crown Prince.”


Elysee was stunned and stiffened.

The man in front of her smiling pleasantly did not match the prince’s name or appearance in <The Corrupted Lovers>.

Even a villain has a lot of respect. As she could see from his appearance, he was not a great villain compared to the Grand Duchess. The real thing creates an environment where the title of “The Devastated/Fallen Lovers” is deserved.

It’s Crown Prince Valeot Russell. He was described as having dark blue hair and blue eyes similar to his relative, the Grand Duke of Prussia.

But Rex Russell, now sitting on a sofa in the drawing-room, was the owner of orange and golden coloured eyes with red hair that was rarely seen in real life.

“The tea smells very good.”

Putting down the teacup, he picked up a cookie and put it in his mouth.

“This is delicious, too.”

While licking up the crumbs on his lower lip, he looked at Elysee and said,

“It looks tasty just by looking at it.”

She didn’t know if he meant it was a shame or a sexual appeal. Elysee was busy wondering which way he meant it.

The name of the Grand Duchess in “Devastated Lovers” was not originally Elysee. There is a clear reason for the name of the original role to change.

‘There’s a high chance he’s a possessed person, too.’

“I guess the palace doesn’t have a proper cook.”

Blake’s sarcasm made him smile lightly.

“No matter how good your skills are, you will get tired of eating it every day. Sometimes you crave something new, don’t you?”

It is not polite to look at a newly married bride with such a blatantly suggestive gaze. But he was the Crown Prince. Even if you are calling each other’s first names and talking comfortably, you cannot criticize royalty without clear grounds.

Blake’s mood was getting worse.

‘Oh, no, I can’t…..’

Bringing up Mary wouldn’t be a possibility.

“But how did the Prince come to visit so suddenly?”

It was a rather profane question, meaning why did he visit someone else’s house without an appointment? But Rex answered her question trivially.

“This guy sent me an application for permission to use a magic portal that leads to the capital. Originally, a wizard from the Imperial Palace was dispatched to check the truth, but I was so amazed that I came here myself. I really wondered if the applicant is “the Grand Duke of Prussia.”

“I’m just going to visit your Majesty.”

“Just before my birthday. But as I heard earlier… Did your wife ask you to go to the capital?”

Blake’s forehead wrinkled as his brow grew rigid.

“Do act in moderation, before I kick you out of my castle. Don’t forget that you are visiting as a wizard of the palace, not as a crown prince.”

At his cold words, Rex clicked his tongue and nodded,

“Well, I’ve come this far, so I’ll deal with things properly. Bring the seal, but, Blake—”

“Let’s go to the office together.”

“I’d like to talk to your wife more here.”


Elysee glanced at Blake.

Of course, no one can touch the seal of the Grand Duke. Blake had no choice but to go to the office with Rex or bring it himself.

“What are you doing? Come on, bring it.”

Blake had no choice but to get up despite Rex’s suspicious remarks.

“I’ll be right back, madam.”

Elysee smiled softly as she looked at his hard face.

“I’ll take care of your guest so don’t worry and go.”

Elysee was thinking that it would not be bad to stay with the Crown Prince. Wouldn’t it be easier to dig up information when Blake isn’t around?

“…If anything happens, shout.”

“Blake, you think I’m the worst. As if I’m going to touch the new bride.”

Staring at him with distrust, Blake walked out of the drawing-room at a rather rapid pace.

“Finally, you chased out the interrupter.”

As soon as he left, Rex quickly moved to a seat next to Elysee. Elysee looked at him dumbfounded.

‘The quick change in attitude shows high skill.’

Nervously, she widened the distance between them and he closed it without hesitation.

“Don’t do that.”

His golden eyes narrowed. He whispered, pulling her waist in one arm and hugging her.

“How are you, Elysee?”

Elysee’s eyebrows twitched.

“Oh, my. You don’t recognize me because I changed my appearance? It’s me, Cain. Cain Liberto.”

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  1. At first I was who the f is this guy?
    Then my sister mention a rival and I remember so this means our theory of Blake being her previous life rival is out of question 🤔 then who the hell is Blake this guy is becoming more sus

    1. I think Blake is just Blake but as there are people entering the universe he ended up having a personality change as anything can change a person’s attitude

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