VGD – 22

“Yes, I understand, so explain your situation first.”

“Actually, I was going to do a background check on Grand Duke because he looked so suspicious….”

“Did Blake look suspicious? In what way?”

“Blake Freysen. The Lord Prince of the Prussian Duchy. His icy eyes and expression are his trademark. ‘His coldness is relentless, even towards his vassals.’ This is the Grand Duke’s character, but it’s a little different.”


That was something she already knew.

“The contents inside have changed. The upper world agent, who was supposed to be in Blake’s body, is now in Lucas’ body.”

“Yes, yes, Lucas Clanton? Do you mean the main character of <The Corrupt Lovers>?


“Oh, my God. I can’t believe it.”

“You didn’t know?”

“Yes, I was arrested the first day the investigation started.”

“…How the hell did you manage to do that?”

“I was searching the office when the Grand Duke came in. So I hid under the desk and he called the soldiers. Oh, hahaha….”


Elysee listened to her and made a decision.

“I can’t do this.’

“Now you should go back to the Midlands.”


By all accounts, this clumsy girl, Mary, didn’t seem to have the ability to help her at all.

“I can’t do that! How can I leave Elysee-nim alone in this dangerous place…!”

“I’m trying to send you back because I think I’ll be in more danger with you around.”

“I can….”

Mary, who was pouting her mouth with a shocked face, shook her head wildly.

“I can’t go back! There’s a scene where I appear!”

“What scene?”

“It’s a scene where I laugh meanly when the Grand Prince smiles evilly. “Whoo-hoo hoo.” [evil laugh sfx]

Mary struggled to put on a nasty look. Of course, she didn’t look mean at all.

“…is that all?”

“Yes, the team manager said if there were more appearances I’d get caught immediately.”

“Then there’s nothing to worry about. We can get a maid named Mary.”


Even if she was shocked it didn’t matter to Elysee.

“Please give me one more chance. I’m sure the day will come when my special abilities will help you!”

“Special abilities? Do you have any of those?”

“Yes! There are so many! First of all, I can faint while standing up. It’s a translation to a sleep state. If I faint like that for about two hours, I don’t have to sleep!”

Elysee asked the question again with patience.

“Anything else?”

“I’m fast and strong! I’m really fast and really strong!”

“Yeah. I see. I’m asking just in case. Anything else?”


After a moment of agonizing, Mary avoided Elysee’s gaze. Those two things seemed to sum up everything.

“All right, Mary. I admit that you have special abilities. But I don’t think there’s much opportunity for you, as a maid, to show off your strengths. First of all, you’ve already doubted Blake once. What if you end up in jail again?”

Mary bowed her head when Elysee hit her with a hundred words. She felt sorry for her drooping shoulders.

“You must have had suffered a lot in prison…..Don’t you want to go back to your house and rest?”

“I… but I want to be of some help to this world. If I go back without any results, I won’t get another chance. I don’t want to be useless.”

Elysee stared at Mary blankly. She didn’t mean to leave her just because she felt sorry for her.

“If you make another mistake, it will be dangerous for me and all your remaining colleagues in the world. I still don’t know how many they are or where I have to go to find them.”

Mary blinked quickly at Elysee’s persuasiveness.

“I know about that.”

“…What? Really?”

“Yes, the 13th Handmaiden of the Imperial Palace, Marquis of Clanton, Marquis coachman 2—”

“Wait a minute. It’s hard to understand if you say it so quickly. That’s a pretty good clue, though.”

“Did I help you?”

“Yeah, why didn’t tell me something so important first?”


Mary smiled shyly.

Elysee pondered. The information Mary knew was a hundred times more important than her bizarre special abilities.

As a maid, she may be useless, but she could find some use for her somehow. If you have the wrong role, you can change it to a better one.

“Okay, then I’ll talk to Blake and let you be my maid of honor.”

“Oh, my God, really?”

A clear and bright smile spread on Mary’s face as she looked at Elysee with surprised eyes.

“Thank you, Elysee! I’ll do my best to help you!”

Elysee couldn’t bear to say to her, ‘Don’t do anything and be still to help me,’ so Elysee just nodded instead.


Blake returned to the castle around the next evening. Upon hearing the news from Kate, Elysee left the room to greet him.

Elysee was a bit concerned about how to bring Mary Brook up to him. She didn’t know how he would react to taking her out of jail never mind making her a personal maid.

‘I need to discern how Blake feels first.’

She would bring it up when he’s in a good mood as much as possible.

As she came down the stairs, Elysee could see Blake just entering the castle. He was not alone. A man with red hair and a colorful look was smiling beside Blake.

“Who is it?”

Recognizing her upcoming presence, Blake quickly stepped forward.


“How was your trip?”

He looked rather nervous.

“You didn’t have to come out to greet me..”

“How could I do that? I did it because I wanted to.”

“Ho-oh, was that what it was?”

Blake’s forehead crumpled as he saw the man with red hair step forward.

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