VGD – 20

After their midday meal, Blake introduced her to the main stewards of the castle.

A dozen wardens gathered in a line, including Butler Bernard, Head Maid Kate, Doctor Liam, Chef Kirk, Manager Dawson who was in charge of the pantry and storehouse, and Simil the sommelier.

Since the castle was enormous, everything was divided into departments to make it manageable.

Perhaps it was because of Blake’s unprecedented attitude toward Elysee? They were careful to treat her with exceptional politeness.

Because of this Elysee received their salutations with satisfaction. If they respected her, she would in turn respect them and be a good master too.

Since Elysee lived in a society before that rendered her invisible even without a status system, she knew well how to deal with others without being violent or abusing her power.

As the stewards watched him, Blake handed Elysee a box containing the keys to the castle.

“All my possessions now belong to you as well.”

Elysee’s body leaned over the weight of the box she was handed over without thinking.

‘Wh—what? Why is this so heavy?’

“Oh, my, this….”

Blake quickly assisted her and took back the box.

“I will bring it to your room myself.”

Indeed the box’s weight was hefty, but the major problem was that Elysee had a body with no muscles.

Elysee was once again acutely reminded of her need to build up her strength with physical training.

“Let’s make a formal visit to the knights tomorrow. Today let’s take a look around the castle.”

“Yes, I understand.”

After the introductions were finished and all the employees left, Elysee remained in his office.

“Your Highness, I have something to tell you.”

Blake took her hand and sat her on her sofa.

“Tell me.”

He seemed a little nervous. He seemed to think that her anger had not been resolved. But the words that came out of her mouth were totally unexpected.

“I want to attend the Prince’s birthday banquet, which will be held in a month.”

“It’s going to be in the capital…. You mean you want to visit?”

“Yes. Of course, with your Majesty.”

Blake groaned and bit his lip.

Elysee knew why he was doing this. Blake and the Crown Prince in <The Fallen Lovers> were on bad terms.

The Crown Prince was a hotbed of all kinds of corruption, unlike Blake, who was faithful to his family.

Blake was uncomfortable even talking to him but was asked to attend the Prince’s birthday banquet.

“Can’t you?”

“Really… Do you really want to go?”

“Yes. If we miss this season, we would probably only get to see His Majesty together next year. But if we have a child in the meantime, our introductions will be delayed even more.”

“Child…. you say?”

His gaze automatically turned to her stomach. Unconsciously, Elysee tightened her stomach. After intense sex, she became hungry and ate too much.

“Your Highness has, with me…… You cherish me a lot, so it won’t take long.”

It was a blatant lie. During <The Fallen Lovers>, the Grand Duchess had never become pregnant. But how would Blake know that?

His tender face turned red.

“Ye-yes, I suppose….”

Whatever he was imagining, made him stammer.

“Then do you allow it?”

Blake couldn’t turn a blind eye to her with a bright smiling face, full of anticipation.

“Well, it’s… Let’s do that.”

“Oh, I’m so happy! Thank you, my lord!”

Elysee was delighted as if all resentments had been resolved and wrapped her arms around him.

“By the way, my wife…”

Pulling her a little closer in his embrace he inquired cautiously.

“If it’s okay with you, would you mind me addressing you by name? If it’s uncomfortable, would it be okay at least in private?”

‘This man has a secret begrudging heart.’

Apparently, he was envious of Lucas calling her ‘Elysee’.

“Of course. I would be delighted if your Highness calls me by my name.”

What if he could give me a nickname? Elysee intended to please him as much as possible until she reached the capital. She had to go to the capital and see Lucas as often as possible.

“My name is yours from now on.”

‘Take the bait! It’s too sweet!’

Tingling her whole body, Elysee opened and clenched her fist repeatedly in a cold sweat. It felt like she had poured twenty macaroons into her mouth on the spot.


The next morning, Blake left the castle to visit the Magic Center within the Duchy. Naturally, their visit to see the Knights was postponed.

In order to use the large-scale transportation portals to the capital, a fairly complicated procedure had to be followed. The lord had to go and apply directly, and the exact number of people had to be reported to the Imperial Palace in advance.

While Blake was away from the castle, Elysee was accompanied by her lady-in-waiting Kate as she toured the castle.

Helping Lucas was important, but her top priority was to rescue the Midlands Inspectors. There may have been transmigrators that were being detained in the castle.

‘I have a feeling it’s not going to be easy.’

The third floor had a straightforward layout so Elysee quickly grew bored and strode to the second floor.

Elysee stopped short of the landing, still on the stairs, and stared at the rows of dozens of silver doors in a daze. She shook her head to raise herself out of her stupor.

She decided to start with something easy and fun.

“Let’s go underground.”

“Yes, Your Highness.”

In the basement of the castle, there was a huge food storage—rather, a warehouse complete with a massive alcohol cellar.

Even though she had heard the talk about it before, when she opened the door and entered, her mouth was left agape in awe. She couldn’t even count how many barrels filled her vision.

The cellar was divided according to the type of alcohol, and dozens of wine bottles, removed for tasting, were placed on a shelf above the wooden barrels.

Simil, the castle’s sommelier, followed her as he guided her.

“What is the best wine here?”

“The wine from this line.”

Elysee’s pale purple eyes sparkled with curiosity.

“I want to taste it to see if it is well maintained.”

At her words, he carefully picked one of the wine bottles on the shelf and opened it.

Elysee, who looked at the red liquid in her glass with ecstatic eyes, took a sip as if savoring it.

Her eyes widened and her pupils dilated.

‘Oh, here’s a treasure… !’

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