VGD – 19

“L-lets not do this. The food will be ready soon.”

“Who would say anything about a couple having a friendly conversation?”

His hand came into her dress. Without a petticoat, the dress easily rolled up to her thighs.

His hand reached in between her legs and touched her secret place. Pulling her panties to the side, he broke through her lips.


“You’re wet. Is it because of me, or….”

His eyes gleamed bitterly. Leaning his head toward her, he licked her from her chin to her lips.

Elysee felt goosebumps. The place he licked her with his tongue was where saliva she couldn’t swallow when Lucas kissed her earlier.

‘Was there a trace of him?’

“You have to look at me.” [t1v: could also be ‘rely on’ and/or ‘taste’ me]

Whispering low, he swallowed her lips.


Elysee closed her eyes so she wouldn’t get sucked into his delirium. As he sucked on her lips and pushed his tongue into her mouth, he thrusted his fingers under her.

As transparent liquid washed his hand, he stretched his fingers apart to prod open her flesh to arouse her with more fervor. The amount of saliva that flowed down her chin could not compare to Lucas’s.

Elysee’s stomach ached with excessive provocation. The ecstatic pleasure made her vision go blank for a moment, and her waist arced and buckled with an intense climax.

And still, he didn’t pull out his fingers but rather unbuckled his trousers with one hand as his thumb rubbed her clitoris with the other.

‘Wow, he’s no joke once he loses it.’

Elysee struggled to push him away.

Of course, she was just pretending, but it seemed to have made him quite impatient. He held Elysee’s wrists that attempted to push him away and held them up and together.

“He called my wife by her first name.”

His round tip rubbed against her entrance. Her honest lower entrance groaned and tried to swallow him up.

“Tell me. What did wife call him when it was just the two of you?”

“He-he’s just my brother, uhh…!”

His pillar, swollen and stiff, penetrated through her hot flesh and stuck her to the end.

‘Ahh—It’s so deep…!’

Elysee’s head tilted back. Her lips parted, and her vision blurred.

“Have you ever called my name?”

She had, but Blake couldn’t have heard it. Elysee shook her head in denial.

His cock went all the way to the entrance and suddenly thrusted in all at once. Elysee’s inner wall was pushed apart by his thick head, and her inner flesh flinched.

“I can satisfy my wife more than he can.”

It was Elysee who agreed with him a hundred times, but she couldn’t give him an answer. He gradually increased his speed and drove himself in.

“What should I do to keep your eyes on me? I, Blake Freysen, am your husband.”

His tone bordered on pleading, not a condemnation or rebuke.

‘Aren’t you angry?’

Maybe she should suspect his words and actions from a different perspective.

He paused and turned her body over without pulling his cock out. When she was lying face down on the table, his pillar reached a different spot than before.

He grabbed her pelvis and hit her soft ass with a slap, and slammed his body against hers.

“Oh, ah, ah…!”

He twisted her pointed nipples and pinched them. The thin dress doing nothing to hide them.

After several peaks and spitting out love liquid, her bottom was soaked. The floor was damp by her wetness dripping down her thighs.

As they swallowed each other greedily, obscene sounds filled the vast space. Her slender body staggered pathetically against his firm abdomen.

There was no need for further dialogue in their beastly union. He pushed her to the point of fainting.

Desire went gone too far, forgetting even the initial reason.

After biting her neck and several rounds, he finally regained his reason.


“I’m sorry, I went too far.”



Throughout the meal, Blake looked at Elysee’s eyes. Although he could not comfort her for being in her brother’s arms by the collar, but he had inferred and committed a crime, so he felt guilty.

‘Well, as a husband, it’s natural. To be honest, it felt good.’

Elysee never had such intense sex before. It will be remembered as a very satisfying time.

But Elysee decided to take advantage of the situation instead of easily forgiving him.

Blake’s permission was needed to proceed with the plan she had set up with Lucas. She had to take the chance when his mind was weak.

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