VGD – 18

Lucas looked at Blake with a face void of expression as he was caught red-handed, grabbing the front of Elysee’s coat. He let go of her collar without saying a word and then straightened her crumpled collar.

“Sir Clanton!”

“Oh, nothing happened. I just got a little emotional….”

Blake caught Elysee, who rushed past Lucas and out of the carriage. Her trembling body settled in Blake’s arms.

“Really—Are you sure…?”

“Yes. Really.”

Elysee leaned against him and looked back at Lucas. His emerald-like green eyes still showed no emotion.

“Go, brother.”

Lucas, staring at her, bowed to the couple and closed the carriage door. The coachman, who had been waiting from afar, rushed to the driver’s seat, and soon the carriage departed.

Elysee watched the Marquis’s black carriage grow smaller for a long time. Away from Blake’s eyes, there was a smile on her lips. It was ‘a rather mean-looking smile of a villainess who grasped the male lead’s weakness.’

It was not until the carriage passed through the gate that the vibration of the ring stopped. Elysee smiled and breathed a sigh of relief.

“Wife, are you all right?”

Blake asked her with a worried voice. Elysee buried her face in his chest and nodded.

“I’m okay.”

Of course, her mind was troubled.

‘What the hell were you trying to do by grabbing me by the collar?’

The script described him unknotting her cape. Maybe he couldn’t find the knot, so he grabbed her whole cloak and pulled it up, so it looked like Lucas was threatening her by the collar.

In “The Fallen Lovers” the Grand Duke doesn’t care much about the Grand Duchess doing anything suspicious, but he was vicious towards those who tried to harm her. The Grand Duchess used her husband’s disposition to frame the people around her several times.

‘The story almost went off the rails.’

If she hadn’t stopped him, the murderous intent Blake showed earlier would have been directed at Lucas.

‘I’d rather be caught kissing—no violence.’

Next time she saw Lucas, she thought she’d warn him about it.

As he gently stroked her back, he checked the time and said to Elysee,

“It’s late—lunchtime is about to pass.”

“Oh… is it time already?”

He smiled lightly and extended his arm to her.

“Let’s go.”

Relieved by his unchanged attitude, Elysee wrapped her arms around him.

As they returned to the castle and walked down the hall, Elysee recalled the scene. Scrutinizing ones acting was a prerequisite for enhancing her ability as an actor. As expected, there were a few things that could have been better.

‘I didn’t make a big mistake, but I didn’t cope well with Lucas’ abnormal behavior. I should practice my facial expressions so I can pass on his acting more naturally.’

It happened because Elysee had never experienced an actor performing that level of poor acting. Especially the moment she saw the strange expression he was making in front of the wagon, Elysee almost burst into laughter.

‘Still, Lucas… You’re a quick learner when it comes to kissing.’

Elysee carelessly caressed her swollen lips. At first, he was plainly clumsy, but he quickly adapted to the kiss scene and completed it well. If it weren’t for the collar incident, she would have given him a pretty high score.

As he was the male protagonist of a story that was not rated for teenagers, kissing is not the only thing Lucas had to do in the future. Befitting the title <Fallen Lovers> [t1v: “fallen” could also translated as “corrupted”, “violated”, “degraded” etc] there were many diverse and lewd scenes.

‘I think I may be a capable teacher.’

Elysee had wondered what she would do if he acted like a stiff piece of wood, but perhaps she didn’t have to worry. He seemed to learn quickly with his body.

While absorbed in her thoughts, the two reached the front of the dining room. Unlike yesterday, Elysee entered the dining room with a light heart.

Elysee washed her hands with water from a silver tray prepared in front of the door and wiped with a towel. Standing quietly waiting for her, Blake, who had already washed his hands, put down the towel and ordered the chief of staff.

“Everyone out until the food is ready.”

All the servants, including the maids and the chief, exited out of the banquet room at his command.


Looking at Blake, blinking with puzzlement, his blue eyes met hers. His eyes, which had been soft just a moment ago, now looked furious.

‘No way…’

Elysee’s heart skipped nervously.

“Even if he treats you, wife, so harshly, do you still like him?”

He was clearly irate. Had he been conscious of other people’s eyes and held back his wrath this whole time? Elysee panicked, alarmed and embarrassed because she thought it went well.

“Your Grace…”

He strode up to her.

“Answer me. Is he so precious to you to laugh and cry over him? Does he sway your heart? Do you have feelings for him?”

His voice was getting lower. Elysee fretted. What should she say in this situation? Of course, this conflict between the Grand Duke and his wife did not appear <The Fallen Lovers>.

“Because he’s family…”

“Now, I’m your family.”

‘Err, who is speaking to me right now? —What? Why are you speaking with such a scary expression?’

Blake came close enough for her to touch his chest. He pulled the knot on Elysee’s coat and unfastened it. *Slip* a thin white dress came to light under the navy coat that fell to the floor.

“So this is how you dressed to the Knights training ground. To see him.”

It wasn’t a sexy outfit, but in his eyes, it was.

“I’d rather you not wear anything.”

Although their bodies were already touching, he moved forward suggestively. As she stepped back, something cold and hard touched Elysee’s butt. It was the long marble table in the center of the hall.

He pushed his thigh between her legs as she leaned against the table, teetering.

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