VGD – 17



Lucas came to his senses. Before he knew it, they were in front of the castle, before the Marquis of Clanton’s carriage.

Elysee also looked back on Lucas. Seeing Lucas’s bizarre look, her eyes widened and then returned back to normal.

Lucas hurriedly emptied his mind. He quickly regained his former composure. Then he said his lines:

“Then I’ll leave you. Elysee, please be happy….”

“Big brother…”

Elysee burst into tears as she saw him hold the carriage door handle.


Blake wrapped his arms around her shoulders in bewilderment. But as she covered her face with both hands, she only sobbed harder.

‘That’s amazing. Water is really coming out of her eyes.’

Lucas, who was looking at Elysee with a blank face, asked Blake,

“May I have one last word with my sister before I leave, alone?”

Blake, who was looking at Elysee crying and Lucas alternately, and sighed with a confused countenance.

“…okay, go ahead.”

Lucas let her in the carriage as she cried with her face covered, and he followed her in. As he closed the door and sat next to her, he could only hear her sniffling in the carriage. He stiffly hugged her.

“Do not cry.”

It was a stern voice as if he was threatening to strike her if she cried more. Elysee looked up at Lucas with a teary face.

“When can I see you again? I’m going to miss my family.”

Even in Lucas’ eyes, who knew it was acting, Elysee looked terribly miserable.

It was exceedingly rare to see a beautiful crying face. When most people cry, their noses will run; they will sniff, wipe off the running tears and blow out the snot. At that point, most people are far from beautiful.

But Elysee was different. There was no sign of a runny nose. How could he shed tears with red eyes like her?

“If you ever want to come back, call me. I will come and pick you up.”


“You know I’m always on your side, right?”

Elysee nodded her head.

“I’ll miss you a lot.”

“Me too. I’ll think of you every day.”

Even with an emotionless voice, the lines were accurate. He stroked her hair in his arms. Far from being soft, his coarse hand gestures contained too much strength, pulling her scalp.

‘Should I be gentler?’

As he contemplated, Elysee pinched Lucas’s waist. It was a signal to stop and move on to the next passage.

Here comes one of the most shocking scenes at the beginning of <The Fallen Lovers>. Lucas, who could not overcome his passion, kisses his step-sister, who has become someone else’s wife.

‘Hurry up,’ Elysee tapped him with her knee. ‘I haven’t practiced this,’ Lucas murmured as if he was in trouble. It was natural as a kissing scene between the Grand Ducal couple did not appear in the show.

But at least he knew what kissing looked like.

‘It’s like he is performing CPR.’

Lucas grabbed her cheeks with both of his hands. Her lips widened like a chick as her cheeks were squashed. He overlapped his lips over her small lips. Her shocking softness hardened his body.

‘What’s this?’

Without realizing it, he sucked on her soft lips. It tasted sweet. When he licked her upper lip with his tongue, it was also lovely. Lucas sucked her lips hard. He didn’t know what else to do, so he kept doing it.

Her trembling eyelashes widened, revealing her moist, light purple eyes. She frowned in disapproval. ‘Look and learn,’ her eyes told him.


She wrapped her arms around his neck, pulling him closer as she closed her eyes and tilted her head. Unlike before, when they were awkwardly in contact, their lips were now completely interlocked.

Her tongue, slightly crawling out, tapped his teeth. Her tongue penetrated smoothly into his reflexive mouth. Elysee skillfully grabbed his tongue and pulled it towards her.

Overwhelmed by a strange sense of tongue rubbing, she coveted him, and he, too, imitated her desires.

His breath was hot. A wet sound echoed obscenely around their ears.

Now it was Lucas who led the kissing scene. Scouring her mouth, he frantically weaved in his tongue. The saliva that could not be swallowed flowed down her chin.

He lowered his hand according to the script. Elysee opened her eyes at the exact moment and then pushed him as hard as she could.

“You can’t do this, brother…!”

As soon as Elysee shouted, the door of the carriage opened. Again, it was the exact right timing.

Blake’s blue eyes turned to Elysee and Lucas.

“Now… what were you doing?”

Blake’s voice, suppressing his anger, shook mercilessly.

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