VGD – 16

‘There you are.’

Lucas, who found Elysee, fiercely swung the Bastard Sword with one hand. The knight, Zheng Sori, who was competing against him, was pushed out. Amongst the knights, he was one of the strongest protecting the Grand Duke’s castle, but he was not comparable to Lucas Clanton, the original male lead.

Pretending to be surprised, Lucas picked up the scabbard that he had dropped on the floor. Now that Elysee had arrived, it was time to wrap up.

Blake, who was watching their battle, also seemed to have recognized Elysee. His steps toward the entrance seemed rather rushed.

“Thank you for your teachings.”

Lucas nodded at the knight’s polite salutation and clenched his sword.

Several knights glanced toward the entrance wanting to see Elysee Freysen, the new wife of the Lord, and their Grand Duchess. Everyone was curious about her.

“I heard she’s very beautiful,”

someone whispered. That was correct. She was a bit far from being a typical beauty, but few women were as beautiful as her.

According to <Fallen Lovers>, Elysee was described as having the charm of an ultimate femme fatale who could manipulate men at will. She had the opposite sort of charm of the original female lead, who was submissive, pitiful, and beautiful.

Lucas strode towards Elysee. Her eyes turned on Blake as she exchanged words with him.

“Big brother…!”

A bright smile spread across her face. It was suggested that he should put on a smile that looked just like hers. Lucas tried his best to imitate her laugh. The corners of his mouth twitched awkwardly as if they were fidgeting.

“I’m happy to see you before I go.”


Her tears turned pitifully red, sad.

“You’re really leaving.”

“I was supposed to leave yesterday, but it got too late. I have troubled the Grand Duke for too long.”

Lucas knew well, too, that his voice sounded too cold. But what could he do? It wasn’t something that could be fixed in a day or two.

“It’s all right, Lord Clanton, you’re my wife’s family. It wouldn’t be any trouble if you stayed longer.”

Even so, Blake’s gaze toward Lucas was full of vigilance. Of course, no matter what Blake’s eyes communicated, Elysee simply acted according to the script.

“How sweet of you to say that. Your Grace is very kind.”

How could Blake’s heart not melt as she looked up at him with a moved gaze?

“…I just care about my wife.”

The Grand Duke’s attitude toward his wife was typical of a man who fell in a fever of love. He was trying to impress her, even smiling in a way that didn’t suit him.

It’s only been two days since they got married, and he couldn’t believe Elysee had already captured her husband’s heart to this degree. What a great woman, Lucas thought once again.

“Let’s go. If we delay him any longer, Lord Clanton will not be able to find a place to stay tonight.”

“Yes, you are right.”

As if he had no intention of introducing Elysee to the Knights yet, Blake led her out of the training field and gymnasium. The Grand Duke even walked in such a way that completely concealed her so that the knights couldn’t see her. It was an act that completely exceeded the expectations of knights who were snooping outside the fence.

Taking a step back, Lucas looked silently at Blake and Elysee.

In the original story, he should be closer to her than the luncheon and would burn with jealousy by looking at the Grand Ducal couple having a friendly conversation. He should be despondent about his situation in which he has to bless them even after losing the seat next to Elysee, whom he has longed for.

Thinking about what expression to make, he frowned slightly. It was an expression he often made when practicing for his role as Blake.

Before he was dispatched, his teacher advised him to imagine something else that would evoke similar emotions when he could not get into a particular situation properly. Lucas, who had been thinking hard, nodded. He thought he could do it now.

Be jealous.

‘I’ve never been desperate, but a convenient helper has indeed been taken away.’

Based on Elysee’s acting skills, it would have been effortless to complete the mission if she had been his assistant.

And despondency.

‘There are too many lines and scenes. When will I be able to memorize everything? How on earth am I going to write and post the report?’

The more he recalled his situation, the more severely distorted Lucas’ face became.

‘He’s the reason there’s a blemish on my 500-year career.’

His bitter gaze at Blake became acrimonious.

‘That role was supposed to be mine.’

Though not to a tremendous extent, anger-like emotions started to well up.

‘I can’t believe I have been deprived of the best role with such few lines…!’

At that time, Blake looked back at Lucas while he was deep within his thoughts.

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