VGD – 15

Bernard explained that Lucas, at the request of the knights, was in a match with them. There was a precedent; in the original setting, the vice commander of the knighthood of Nephrus admired Lucas and sometimes asked Lucas to fight with him. It seemed the other knights were the same.

“Right. I see.”

Elysee, who nodded, took another step forward, and the maid Kate, the maid, chased after her and asked in a cautious voice,

“Your Grace, may I ask where you are headed?”

“His Grace is at the training field. I intend to go there.”

“Oh, then…”

Kate ordered the maid next to her to bring Elysee’s coat.

“It’s a little chilly outside.”

The thin white dress she wore seemed inappropriate for external use. Elysee nodded once without changing her expression and put on the navy coat brought by the maid.

Only after leaving the castle did Elysee realize that the place was in the story.

High and solid walls with traces of time, alien smells mixed in the air, facial expressions and eyes of people who stop their work and turned their heads.

She once appeared in a 50-episode drama set in medieval Europe, but even the elaborate set could not be compared to this place.

Freysens’ knights’ quarters and training grounds were behind the castle. Even though it was far away, the sound of striking weapons was loud.

Soldiers were guarding the area around the knights’ training ground so that no one could enter. When Elysees’ maid approached the soldiers to stand aside, a surprised soldier rushed inside.

“Please wait here. It’s a dangerous place.”


Elysee nodded at Kate’s words of concern.

Inside the gym, Elysee spotted Lucas’s bright blonde hair.

She was glad she wasn’t late. He must have had a hard time fighting matches that should have ended with one or two rounds at most.

‘Well, he did say he was a capable agent.’

Thinking vaguely that he must be good at fighting, Elysee stood still and waited for Lucas and Blake to come out.


It was Blake who greeted her first.

Even today, he was dressed in a perfect suit. His shirt, pulled tight by his chest muscle, pleased her. Elysee greeted her husband, who suited her taste from head to toe, with a gentle smile.

“Your Grace.”

He approached her quickly, stopped short a step away from her as if he was studying her face.

“You look tired. Why don’t you rest more?”

“No, I forgot last night…I must have fallen asleep.”

Elysee’s cheeks turned red as she recalled yesterday’s events. Blake reached out and tenderly tightened her coat around her.

“I promised not to overdo it. I’m sorry.”

Elysee looked up at his face. As expected, he looked guilty. When he made eye contact with her, he quietly avoided her eyes—looking away and glanced at Elysee’s face and neck.

‘Wow, look at his eyes.’

How much fun it would be to be in his arms and make him more anxious. The side of himself that Blake showed yesterday made Elysee want to tease him.

Elysee spoke to him, forcing the corners of her mouth down.

“I heard you skipped breakfast because of me.”

“I didn’t eat because I didn’t know when my wife would wake up.”

“Eat first next time. What if you don’t eat at an appropriate hour?”

“It’s all right. It’s a pleasure to wait for my wife. It’s not arduous at all, so I don’t mind.”

He paused for a moment and then added,

“Aren’t you family?”


“You, wife, are the only family I have.”

After he said that, Elysee was determined to get up early and eat breakfast with him starting from tomorrow.

It was amazing that she, who had never had a proper family, would have someone to eat with.

Of course, everything was fictional, and yet it didn’t feel bad to her.

“I must tell the maid to wake me up then.”

“If you don’t mind, I’ll wake you up every day.”

“What? Your Grace?”

“You don’t like the idea?”

“Oh, no. It’s not that I don’t like it….”

“Well, then let’s do that.”

Blake, who got a positive answer, grinned brightly. It was a smile that contained so much joy that Elysee could have sworn that her surroundings were illuminated too.


It was apparent that Kate, who was good at managing her facial expression, looked surprised too.

‘Why is this guy so cute?’

Elysee was curious; she wanted to keep talking to Blake and observe him more. But, unfortunately, this was not the time.

The sound of footsteps came from behind Blake.

Elysee’s ring vibrated. It was the beginning of a new scene.

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