VGD – 14

Giving up life-saving treatment didn’t mean giving up life. Elysee didn’t want to die. She wanted to live– even if it was just one more day.

She was an unwanted child, adopted and given up twice, and then she was adopted overseas and then abused by her’ parents.’ By the time she was in her adolescence, she had run away from home and hit rock bottom.

It was a stroke of luck that she started acting. However, considering what she had to go through to reach the top as an Asian immigrant, her life had never gone smoothly.

It was madly unfair to say that she had only a month or half a year to live at the longest. But on the other hand, Elysee was relieved that she could rest now.

Fatigue came belatedly. She had accumulated a lifetime of exhaustion. The week after the doctor broke the news to her, Elysee was in a haze; all she did was sleep and eat.

She ate junk food like chips, pizza, hamburgers, and french fries instead of the salad she used to nibble on. Similarly, Elysee had been someone who never skipped a day from exercising and now she became one with the sofa.

Whether there was drama or a commotion outside, she knew not; Elysee had turned off her cell phone for a long time. The only sound in her room was her breath. Elysee didn’t mind it; in fact, she considered her solace an award for her hard work.

Then one day, ‘he’ came. Cain Liberto, her lifelong colleague and rival.

[Elysee, I won’t let you die alone.]

Elysee grinned with the swollen face she had earned from her recent unhealthy habits.

[Why— what— you want to die together?]

The corners of his mouth went up smoothly at her joke. He grinned like a fierce beast and suddenly looked terrifying.

[How did you know?]


While pretending to be asleep, Elysee had really fallen asleep. Upon waking up, she shook her head to shake off the remnants of her dream. There were goosebumps all over her skin.

Elysee knew better than anyone else that there were more lunatics than she could anticipate. She didn’t mean to live life arrogantly even if she hadn’t heard Lucas’ warning. The next time she got hit in the head, it should be her own doing, not her opponent’s.

‘Of course, it’s best if I don’t get hit at all.’

But was life ever that easy? Fortunately, she was in a story where she had a script; things were set in place, there was logic and no outlandish whims of fate—so she knew how to weather a crisis.

‘If it were reality, there would be no such a thing.’

Elysee sat up. She was alone on the bed, stepped on the thick, soft carpet, groaned, and stood up. Her legs were shaking, but she managed to walk.

Elysee walked across the dark room to the window.

‘What time is it? I think it’s past dinner time.’

As soon as she pulled up the curtain, the dazzling sunlight poured in. Elysee was momentarily dazed.

“What ….No way—is it morning?”

It seemed busy outside. Right—Lucas was leaving in the morning. Her eyes widened with embarrassment. No matter how exhausted she was, she had never expected she would sleep the rest of the day and the whole night until morning.

‘I slept in on the day of the shoot! I’m screwed!’

Elysee, who rushed back to bed and pulled the rope, made a beeline for the bathroom. Now was not the time to wait for the hot water to come in. Elysee didn’t have any strength in her body, but she had to move fast.

After quickly washing up with cold water, she came out of the bathroom and met a face she hadn’t seen before. Even though Elysee’s face must have reflected her surprise, the other person she greeted Elysee politely; bowing in a neat maid’s robe,

“Nice to meet you, Your Grace. I am Kate Winsle, your maid of honour.”

Although she was on a tight deadline, Elysee knew well that the first impression with a person as big as the head maid was important. Elysee smiled smoothly.

“Nice to meet you, maid of honor. I don’t think I saw you yesterday.”

“I’m sorry. I was away for a family affair and came back this morning.”

“I see. Is everything all right?”

“Yes, thank you for your concern.”

Elysee was quite pleased with her attitude of not bothering to make long excuses and being straightforward. If she were competent, it would be a dream come true.


“You can call me Kate.”

“Yes, Kate. Today my brother…I heard Lord Clanton is leaving the castle. Has he already left?”

“No, he has prepared for his departure, but he hasn’t left the castle yet.”

“That’s a relief. I wanted to see him off.”

“Then you need to hurry up and get ready.”

“Yes. Please assist me.”

“Yes, your Grace.”

Kate, who bowed her head, summoned a maid who ran out. Then Elysee went directly to the dressing room and picked out several simple dresses that I could wear without a petticoat.

By then, the maid who left came back with several other maids, each of them assisting her in getting ready.

Naturally, Elysee’s wavy light purple hair was combed through and left down instead of twisted up in a fancy hairdo, and Elysee wore a simple dress she had picked out. Her makeup was light, simply adding a light pink color to the lips after skincare. It was appropriate for her age.

About half an hour had passed when the minimum decoration was completed with the help of the maids. Elysee confirmed again.

“He hasn’t haven’t left yet, right?”

Kate, who checked out the window, bowed her head and replied to her.

“Yes, the Clantons’ carriage is still in front, so I don’t think he has left yet.”

‘Thank God.’

With a sigh of relief, Elysee left the room. While walking down the hall towards the central staircase, Elysee ran into Bernard, the chief of staff. As if he was waiting for her to come out, Bernard approached Elysee quickly and greeted her.

“Did you have a good night’s sleep, Your Grace?”

“Yes, were you waiting for me?”

“Yes, the Lord skipped breakfast, saying he would share breakfast with your Grace. The food is still….”

“At this hour? Where is his Grace?”

“He’s at the training field, watching Lord Clanton and the Knights of Nephrus battle.”

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