VGD – 13

Elysee lay on the back bed with a thud. Then she beckoned wildly to him.

“Come on. I’m going to pretend to be asleep from now on.” 

Once again, it was no good to have the same situation occur as before.

The corners of his mouth twitched again, perhaps because her frightened expression was funny.

“See you soon.” 

With those words, he disappeared in an instant. Perhaps it was through the window, for a cool wind swept through the room and ceased.

She didn’t know how he knew, but as Lucas said, Blake arrived shortly. He came in without knocking, thinking Elysee was sleeping and closed the door very carefully.

There was a carpet on the floor, so she couldn’t hear him walking at all. Elysee closed her eyes and did not open them.

‘Why are you here again? Are you going to kill the new bride?’

Elysee was distracted and lost in thought because she couldn’t tell where he was.

If this guy from the Upper World had a problem and went into Lucas’ body, is it Lucas’ soul that’s in Blake’s body now?

Prince Blake Freysen was not in a large number of scenes. There was no way of knowing what kind of character he was in a timely manner.

‘How do I check?’

When Elysee was troubled, suddenly a weight was on one side of the bed. He seemed to have climbed onto the bed. He was close enough for her to feel his presence.


Again. ‘Elysee’, not your ‘wife’. If they were in the midst of sex, they would call out names out of excitement, but why was he saying it now?

Considering his low murmuring voice, he didn’t intend on waking her up. His voice and breath were so close that Elysee was on edge.

Lying on her side, something caressed the nape of her neck down its curve. Maybe it was a finger. It slid slowly down her spine.

The blanket that was over her shoulders was pulled down. The cool air that touched her naked body and the tickling touch gave Elysee goosebumps.

His hands, coming down her back, swerved from her hips. He rubbed past the thickly swollen petals and wrapped his palm around her entire vagina.

‘What, what are you doing…?’

Haaa, a low sigh fell from his mouth.

It wasn’t easy to pretend to be asleep in this situation. Because of the tension, the inside and below her stomach fluttered. Elysee became more stiff because she didn’t know his intentions.

After a few gentle caresses there, he thrusted a finger into her entrance. His fingers were easily sucked in because semen and love juices had accumulated making his movements slick. Elysee had to bite her lip quickly so as not to moan.

Blake turned his wrist around as if to gauge, soon pushed in another finger. He turned his wrist again, bent his fingers, and pulled liquid out of her entrance.


She swallowed the sound, but was forced to flinch.

The white liquid held inside was splattered on the sheet with a splash. His finger came back in, and it slipped out quickly again. It seemed like he was extracting semen from her insides.

But her body, excited by his repeated actions, shed new blood. At last, he even slightly walked away. He slowly felt the tightening flesh as if biting his finger but eventually pulled out his hand as if he had given up.

Her breath was already rough and to the limit.

‘I think I’ll get caught.’

At this point, he didn’t know she pretended to be asleep. But if she opened her eyes now, the second round would begin. Even though she thought about it over and over, Elysee was sure she would get sick.

‘There’s a scene where I have to see Lucas off tomorrow.’

Managing one’s body condition was an actor’s responsibility. Elysee closed her eyes with more determination and pretended to sleep firmly.

She didn’t know if he didn’t notice, or if he knew she was pretending to be asleep, but fortunately he simply acted with his original purpose.

He carefully wiped between her legs with a warm damp towel. Her uncomfortable bottom now became refreshed. Even if Elysee wanted to soak in the bathtub and wash herself clean, she had to remind herself of her resolution.

‘Hold it in, hold it in.’

While Elysee was comforting herself, rationalizing that today’s humiliating retreat was for tomorrow’s advance, a popping sound was heard. Blake seemed to have opened a vial as a pungent medical scent entered her nose.

‘…Are you even going to apply some medicine?

Even though she didn’t want to admit it, her heart was tickled. It felt so good to be cared for.

He applied medicine meticulously to her inside tunnels and outside lips. His fingers felt a little cold and slippery, but thanks to her diligence, Elysee was able to not get excited successfully.

It wasn’t until he applied enough medicine that he pulled out his fingers. Once again, there was a low sigh. He was sweet, trying to calm down and breathe.

‘You’re damn sweet.’

Elysee had no choice but to admit it. Whether he had a crush on the original Elysee or because it was his wife. Blake Freysen cared a great deal for Elysee.

He hugged Elysee’s back, hugging and spooning her gently, caring not to put any weight on her. His body was hard and hot. The heat passed through his touch and warmed up Elysee’s body.

‘Then I’d rather have this man….’

Let’s try to seduce him, Elysee thought.

It was quite familiar for Elysee to seduce and exploit without believing in love. Blake would have no choice but to indulge her.

There was a slight smile on Elysee’s lips.

It wasn’t bad to be in a legitimate position to seduce such a good man.

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