VGD – 12

The sun had already set when Elysee, who crashed and fallen into a deep slumber, finally opened her eyes. Her finger twitched. Good. Fortunately, she didn’t die.

‘Oh, I’m already dead.’

As her eyes took in the surroundings, a shadowed man stood beside the bed and fell into her view. Elysee squinted, gulping down harsh words that almost popped out in surprise.


Expressionless, Lucas was looking down at her with his arms folded. Elysee tried to clear her throat. Her voice cracked. She had cried so much that her throat hurt, and she sounded like a hoarse smoker.

“You’re going through a lot.” 

He didn’t seem to mind the fact that something very embarrassing had happened. As a result, Elysee also felt, “what’s wrong?” So shamelessly, she raised her head and grumbled at him.

“You know this is all because of you, right?”

“What? Why is it because of me?” 

“If you arrived into my husband’s body properly, this wouldn’t have happened.” 

He tilted his head.

“You want me to admit it’s my fault?” 

His facial expressions and tone were devoid of emotions. Elysee sprang up in a fit of anger. He frowned when her naked body was revealed.

When she felt he was looking through it as if it were a spectacle, Elysee nervously dragged up the blanket and covered herself with it. She enjoyed showing off her beautiful figure, but that emotionless gaze was unpleasant.

‘Well, he’s an agent, but he’s an angel, right? Do you even have a sex drive?’

Elysee shook her head. There was no need to be irritated against non-human.

“That’s fine. What’s the use?” 

“As long as I need your help, you have an obligation to meet my needs to some extent.”

It was clear that the man who she didn’t know whether it was an agent or an angel lacked emotion and sociability. 

Elysee sighed afterwards and then said,

“Whatever, tell me what I can do for you. I’ll listen to it and judge.” 

“Please teach me how to act.” 

Elysee looked at him in silence for a while.


“Are you acting… What’s that look on your face?” 

Elysee said shortly,

“I don’t think it’s possible.” 

“That’s not true. I’m the best agent of this time, even acknowledged by God.” 

“He’s very generous.” [t1v: ded.]

“Of course, God has infinite patience and mercy.” 

With the most lively face she had seen him don, he insisted.

“Yes, I think so.” 

After responding to him drily, she spoke to him again,

“But you have to leave here soon. I don’t have enough time.” 

“There’s a way.” 

He briefly explained his plan.

There was only one way to match the initial movements of the Grand Ducal couple, which were not specified in scenarios, to overlap with the movements of the male protagonist, Lucas Clanton. It was a way he could easily plan for because he had intended to possess Blake originally.

“Hmm, there is a possibility….” 

Elysee tilted her head.

“I don’t know if Blake will grant me the favor. He’s a Grand Duke; he’d be quite busy.” 

“If you ask, he can’t refuse.”

“How can you be sure?” 

“Don’t you see it?” 

The corner of Lucas’s mouth twitched. Now Elysee could see that it was his smiling expression.

“He’s completely fallen for you.” 

“Well, it’s common. My nickname used to be Helen of Troy.” 

It was a nickname she got for her role, but Elysee was brazen. She did not doubt that she would have destroyed a country if she had been born in ancient times.

His expression turned cold again.

“You’d better be careful. If you’re too smug, you’ll get knocked in the back of the head.” 

Elysee’s face, who had a history of being beaten to death in the back of her head, became grim.

“What? Why are you saying something so unlucky!”

“There is no such thing as luck in nature. Everything made by human choice….” 

“Oh, thanks.” 

Elysee cut him off shortly. It was beneficial not to have to listen to troublesome words. There was something more pressing that she wanted clarity on.

“If I help you, what do I get in return?” 

“What do you want?” 

“Is anything possible? For example, let me live up there. Or bring a soul to where I am.” 

“I can handle the soul request.” 

Elysee said, oh, curling her mouth in a circle. He seemed to be a pretty capable agent, even though his acting was terrible.

“Okay, then I’ll tell you my wish when this work is over. It’s okay, right? 

“I got it.” 

Lucas nodded his head. Then he glanced at the door.

“I’d better get going. He’ll be back soon.” 

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