VGD – 11

“Ah… !”

The flesh that came in through the swollen and closed entrance swept through the inner wall rubbing against her core. He was slow but persistant, he went deeper little by little.

It felt completely different from a penis or fingers. It was terribly delicate, to the point, it made her shiver from delight.

His sharp nose was pressed against her sensitive part, and her ass kept getting wet. The sound of water getting louder was terribly obscene.

“N-No… !”

The stimulation was too much. Regretfully, Elysee twisted her body to escape him. But Blake didn’t let her go. Rather, he poked faster and more intensely. He opened his mouth and sucked her from underneath, nasty and ravenous.

Her waist lifted, and her head was tilted back. Elysee grabbed the sheets and crumpled them in a mess. Elysée’s body, was swept away in waves of intense pleasure, trembled.

“Ah… !”

“Haaaa haaaaaa… .”

It was Elysee that was being stimulated, but Blake’s breathing was getting rougher.

Looking down at her with burning eyes, he quickly unbuckled his pants.

‘Oh my God, I can’t!’

When I realized it was too late. Before Elysee’s hands and feet could push him away, he first touched her. The thick and hard thing was stuck in it.

“Wow… !”

The man’s penis, inserted right before her peak, led her to her orgasm at once. Elysée couldn’t move and rip off the blanket.

“Does it feel…. good?”

Blake, grasping Elysee’s waist with both hands, raised one knee over her and pushed in his pillar until it was no longer possible.

“Me too. I can’t stand it…. It’s so good.”

Far from able to As she looked down with his deep blue eyes, who couldn’t spit a word of a groan, let alone respond, he smacked her ass with a loud jiggle. His thick genitals stroked her inner wall without reason.

It was the first time in my life that I felt as good as this just by inserting. Regardless of her intention, Elysée’s flesh clung tenaciously to Blake’s penis and seeking extreme pleasure.

She was conscious of Lucas and tried to endure her moans, but it was impossible. It wasn’t acting that Elysée cried with her unimaginable expression and voice.

She couldn’t even breathe properly at the climax that came back and forth and hit like her high tide. Her newly acquired body seemed to be several times more sensitive than her original body.

‘Lord, I think I’m going to die.’

“If you tighten it like that…. It’s hard to bear.”

Elysee’s eyes opened. She was glad to hear it.

‘Okay! Come on!’

After cumming, when his excitement subsided, they would run into the bathroom right away.

‘I’m an upper world agent, and what should I live and see first?’

Elysée was determined and tightened up on him and his organ. Ungh, frowning his handsome brow and growling, he completely climbed onto the bed.


With his low, harsh voice, he called her name. Then he grabbed her thighs on both sides, spreading them apart and sticking deep into her body down like a shot. He stabbed and rubbed her deepest and most sensitive spots.

“This, this is too deep, … !”

When she was about to speak, he swallowed her lips. His tongue ravishing her mouth left her in a daze. Elysée drank down the saliva he spilled into her as she held onto the hem of his clothes in earnest.

He was filling every possible part. Her satisfaction was undeniable. It was a satisfaction that she had craved the most when she spent the night with a man.

She didn’t love them, but she passionately exchanged love, for her sex was an act of love because she never learned how to love. It was to compensate for her deficiency.

When she was dealing with a man who eagerly coveted her, she could be mistaken for a moment. The actions of the body were heartwarming.

When she pulled down her shoulder straps, he violently rubbed her bare breasts.

In a moment, Elysée’s body was engulfed in the sense of climax due to the intense stimulus from all over, his organ, which was still thick and hard, swelled even more.

With his lips removed, he buried his face on the back of her neck.

An even more intense gesture, his pillar which had pulled out, struck up and deep into and past her entrance and erupted out semen.


“Ugh… !”

The white flashed through her field of view.

It took a long time for the trembling to subside.

You won’t be breathless like this even if you sprint a hundred meters with all your might. He, who flinched several times and spit out all the remaining liquid in her, was gradually calming down.

“Haaaa haaaa … .”

Elysee deeply exhaled for a long time and slowly blinked. As her body was gradually relaxed, she felt that she could live a little now.

‘Wow, you really had some messy wild sex.’

Her expensive dress seemed non-salvageable; she was uncertain about how many times she had climaxed, and the upper world agent under the bed… .

‘Uh… . Well… .’

Elysée opted to pretend to be ignorant it was the only way she wouldn’t tear her head apart from the surging shame.

But, unfortunately, something even more alarming happened since that thought passed her mind.

From now on, as if it were a part of an unreal dream, he began to slowly turn his back leisurely.

“… Your Grace?”

“Oh my. It must have been uncomfortable. I should have taken it off first, but I was in a hurry.”

Blake, who said that, grabbed her dress and petticoat at once and ripped it off as if it was a sheet of paper.

‘This crazy… ?’

He whispered in a deep low voice,

“Your body is even more beautiful in the daylight.”

That was the last word she remembered properly.

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