VGD – 10

That was a fair remark. When it came to sex, did day or night matter? She was profoundly convinced and agreed with him from the bottom of her heart.

‘No, wait. Now’s not the time!’

Elysee quickly found another excuse.

“I’m a little tired and want to rest… .”

“Don’t worry. I’ll be gentle and won’t overdo it.”

Instead of letting go of Elysee’s wrist, he gathered her ankle.

“Well, then I’ll go wash up first!”

His movement stopped. She said this because she wanted to avoid him, and it seemed to work.

‘Ah. But if I only go to the bathroom, Lucas won’t be able to escape. What should I do?’

Elysée, twisted her hair added in a hesitant voice.

“If you don’t want to wait, let’s…. Would you like to go wash up too?”

Without letting her ankle go, Blake stared down at Elysee silently. She didn’t know what the hell he was thinking.

Something suddenly came into Elysee’s vision as she was anxiously waiting for his answer.

‘Oh… !’

His pants was literally taut as if bursting with tension.

Elysee realized. She just pressed the wrong button on her.

‘Why don’t we wash together?’

It was too late to regret.

His deep blue eyes were overflowing with desires absent of reason, saying, ‘I can’t wait, let’s do it now.’

‘Uh, I’m crazy.’

She was trying to get out of this lure and instead ended up being provocative.

“Haaaa, wife.”

Clank, clank.

Elise’s shoes, which had been removed, fell to the floor one after another. He grabbed her ankles, and her pulled down to the edge of the bed.

“Oh… !”

“It’s a good idea to wash up together, but now I’m a bit…. It’s hard to bear.”

Now Elysee upper body down was on the bed. Even if she tried to raise her body, it was impossible because her both ankles were held up by him.

“Let me go, Your Grace… .”

Under her flipped dress and petticoat, her slender legs wrapped in white tights were revealed.

“Of course, I will.”

He got off the bed and knelt on the floor with one knee up and one knee down.

“Your Grace… ?”

‘You’re not looking under the bed, are you?’

If he lowered himself a little more, he would find Lucas under the bed. As soon as the surprised Elysee tried to raise her body, his lips touch the inside of her ankles.

The hot breath warmed her flesh.

“Huh… .”

He keenly awakened her senses with a seductive light caress. He watched into her pale purple eyes and rubbed his lips against her skin.

Elysée’s eyes turned red at his blatant gaze and a strange kiss.

His kiss, which started from her ankles, continued through her calves to her innermost thighs.

Her body, remembering the pleasures given by Blake last night, began to prepare to accept him on its own. The inside of her stomach became hot, and the milk was oozing out little by little.

‘When this… no….really… .’

Elysee closed her eyes tightly. Finally, his lips touched her most intimate place. He licked up a thin cloth that was already wet very slowly.

“Ah… !”

His head was bowed down between her legs, and a moan leaked out of Elysee’s mouth.

“Your Grace, stop… .”

“I want to taste everything. Would you please spread your legs more?”

His low rough breath gave her titillating goosebumps. It was a request, but she couldn’t refuse. Unlike his affectionate appearance so far, he now felt very dangerous.

Hesitantly, she spread her legs, and he laughed low.

“Good job.”

He put his hand around her pelvis and broke the tie holding up her underwear. The damp cloth was peeled off her pussy, and sticky transparent threads shined in the light.

“You look so pretty wet.”

Elysee wasn’t naive enough to blush her face at this degree of conduct and this degree of speech. She knew she was.

But now, her face and body were aflame.

‘Uh, this guy is so hot… !’

Now, in Elysee’s head, there are no more upper world agents hiding under her bed.

Every time his red tongue licked up between the thick crevices of her petals, the depths of her stomach flinched, twitched, and tightened. She spent the night with several men while working as an actor, but no one has ever sucked her down so carefully and hard at the same time.

‘You don’t know. He might have done it like this.’

That man who hadn’t expressed anything for her for a long time, but finally slammed her in the back of her head—a man who was her lifelong fellow and rival. Elysee didn’t know what it would have been like if she had shared a bed with him. His eyes that she had met at her last moments were so crazy.

“It looks a little swollen. Did it hurt last night?”

Elysee looked into his deep blue eyes. Just as when he bit her neck, he had a faint feeling of guilt.

“… It was tolerable.”

Elysee replied, barely choosing to breathe.

“I’m sorry. I don’t have experience with women…. I didn’t know.”

His usually sharp eyes droop down slightly.

“Because of me… . My wife’s place, like this… .”

‘Should I just say it hurts a lot? I think he’ll quit if I do well.’

Thinking so, as soon as Elise tried to close her knees, his hands pressed her thighs.

Thinking so, the moment Elysée tried to close her knee, his hand squeezed her thigh.

“I can’t leave you like this.”

“… Yes?”

It felt like she said the wrong thing again.

“I will soothe you.”

“Now, wait… .”

His tongue burrowed into her flesh.

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  1. i have a theory : what if that actor – her “lifelong enemy” from her past life is now in her husband’s body? that’s why he is really passionate? it doesn’t matter though,looks like will get the ‘hornies husband’ award 😁 thank you for the double update!

  2. Lol! This guy is not going to stop dear. Ooo… this is going to be fun. Wonder how our actor is doing under the bed. Things about to get steamy awkward. Ahahah!

  3. I have a feeling the lifelong enemy is the husband. And you okay there step bro? Pants still intact?

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