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Elisha’s cheeks were glowing pink when his fingers that had been whipping around her mouth came out.

“The truth.” [t1v: Elisha is saying this]

“… … What truth?”

“I want to hear about you.”

Lucerne often had this kind of expression lately. His black pupils in his red eyes constricted, and he examined her like a beast that had seen something unfamiliar.


“You’re my lifeline, would it be strange that I want to know more about you? Those who are below want to know about those above them, and those who are above them have no interest in those below them.”

It was a law that applied to every interaction from friendship, to the relationship between lovers and soldiers. There is no relationship without rank in the world. It was what Elisha learned from her previous life experiences.

“Are you grumbling for my attention?”

“Do you really think so?”


Lucerne answered a few seconds later.

“I just wanted to let you know complaining would work.”

“… … .”

“I wonder if you know how much I care about you.”

He kissed her lips.

“What are you curious about? Tell me.”

Suddenly, Elisha had a strange sensation. Very useless questions came to mind:

Why do you keep making fun and teasing me like this? Are you really interested in me… … . Perhaps. Even the slightest emotion… … . Do you hold any for me? If so, what kind of sentiment it is?

‘I must be crazy.’

These were thoughts that were of no help to her survival. Elisha tried to dismiss those thoughts.

“On the day of Yurif’s banquet. When you led Merha to the site where Risralpho’s corpse was located…. I want to ask you about that first.”

“Go on.”

“It was our plan to lure Merha there, and then show people how he collapsed. To make things big. However… … . I didn’t know at that time that Merha would even confess. At that time, he was extremely excited in his insane state. In fact, there were punctures under his fingernails. But right after that, when the doctor arrived… … . She said that there were no traces of the use of confessional drugs or hallucinogens on Merha’s body.”

“… … .”

“What kind of drug did you use at that time?”

When she first met Lucerne, she had told him that he should interrogate her using his truth-telling serums if he doubted her.

Jacob trained his minions against those narcotics. Elisha in her previous life also received that training.

Confessional drugs were not narcotics that you could develop a tolerance for. However, if you acted as you were trained when it was injected, you could endure it to a certain extent. So Elisha thought that no matter how strong the truth-telling serum Lucerne used, she would be able to control her mind and tongue.

‘But it’s a confession agent that can’t even be detected in the body and almost made Merha go insane.’

Her hair stood up. Even she wasn’t confident she could resist anything like that.

“Well, what do you think?”

“… … I can’t figure it out.”

“Merha was hurriedly riding on the horse and lanced himself with  the reins. I never stabbed any drugs in him.”

“Then is there a confession agent that is not a drug?”

Lucerne beckoned. Shhhaaa— A shadow floated over Elisha’s head.

“This fellow can induce confessions.”

“… … .”

“The shadow is a living beast and a sorcerer. Of course he can do that much.”

“Then the rumors about you… … .”

Elisha recalled the hearsays she had heard in her previous life.

Lucerne was a master interrogator and could make anyone divulge the truth through flogging and confession drugs. Some people came out half out of their mind.

“It is a secret, Elisha. Not much is known about my magical beast, so I’m trying to hide it as my last card.”

The back of Elisha’s head felt hot.

‘Can I safely obtain a divorce from a person like this and get out of here?’

Elisha already knew many of his secrets. He clicked his tongue as he saw the fear spread in her eyes.

“Are you afraid now?”

“… … no.”

“… … Come to think of it, when you first met me, you said you were willing to go through a confession session.”

Her face remained blank.

“Now I want to decline.”

“You don’t want that to happen, do you?”

Lucerne chuckled.

“Of course.”

“I don’t want to use it either. So, in the future, don’t keep secrets from me and be a good wife. It’s not difficult, because you are excellent.”


Elisha froze and nodded.

“So, is this really all you wanted to know?”

“I want to hear more about you,”

Elisha said softly.

“What was your mother like?”

“… … you really want to hear everything.”

Lucerne’s face hardened with displeasure and Elisha’s eyes fluttered and trembled at the sight. Even though the two of them went through a lot together and got closer, it didn’t mean she wasn’t afraid of him. She knew she was someone he could make disappear at any time if she wronged him.

Elisha’s fear took over her, and as soon as Lucerne met her trembling eyes, he slowly calmed down. He continued to stroke her, trying to appease and soothe her.

“Is it information you want to use?”

“Just curious.”

“It’s the same excuse you gave before.”

“No one cares about your mother. So,”

“… … .”

“I just want to know… … .”

Lucerne paused. He pulled out a blanket and covered her with it.

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