TPCP – 98

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Thirty minutes later, a wagon approached from the other side. It was a carriage engraved with the design of the temple. Seeing the carriage, Elisha and her party got off their coach.


It was Rosaria, with a face shining with strange excitement, joy, and tension from rebelling against the temple, who was in the chariot.

Elisha greeted her warmly and said,

“You have finally made a decision. Rosaria, what was the election result?”

“I think I should go back to the temple soon.”

“That means… … .”

Elisha prompted.

“I am the next Pope.”

“Congratulations. Your Holiness,”

Elisha greeted her softly. Rosaria stopped her.

“Mr. Lucerne, I will not commit corruption, nor will I take your side unconditionally. Do you regret it?”

“Why should I regret it?”

“When the Cartiers make someone the Pope, don’t they have the intention to wield them at will?”

“Do as you please. However, please ask for help and if there is mutual benefit we will work together. What I want is for the temple to be managed like a temple.”

“… … .”

“And, don’t forget that you got there with my help. I will decide how you will pay off that debt.”

Rosaria flinched. At that moment, Elisha, who was watching her calmly from behind, opened her mouth.

“It will not have anything to do with corrupting the temple. Lucerne has promised me.”

Strangely, those words reassured her heart. There was such power in her calm tone. Rosaria then nodded.

“I also know that I have to compromise with the world to some extent… … . A lot of people in the temple are corrupt, so I won’t be able to last long if I hold on to integrity alone.”

“You are right.”

“But I will do everything in my power to purify the temple as much as possible for the rest of my life. To make sure that the next great pope takes over the temple has more integrity than I do. I believe that one day the Cartier family and the Temple will cut ties.”

“I hope so too,”

Elisha agreed. Lucerne glanced at her but he didn’t say anything.

“So then, which one of you planned all this? Didn’t you say you would tell me later?”

Elisha avoided her gaze and her eyes searched the floor.

“The will of the couple is one, so do we need to ask whose plan it was originally? No matter who thought of it first, the design and execution that came to mind coincided.”


said Lucerne.

“Elisha taught me how to persuade Rosaria-nim.”

“… … .”

“It seems that from the beginning Rosaria-nim was included in the design Elisha drew.”

It was as if Rosaria could not believe her ears and her eyes widened in surprise. She received Lucerne’s wink and added,

“Rosaria-nim’s monastery was a way of life for me. I’m trying to repay that kindness, so I hope that Rosaria-nim will not forget my husband’s kindness.”

“I see.”

Rosaria observed Elisha and then Lucerne, in turn, and she slowly nodded. She bowed down and bowed like a chivalrous knight.

“I will never forget this grace,”

The couple nodded in acknowledgement. They left in their respective wagons.

Thus, a person not belonging to the House of Cartier became the Grand Pope. It was the first of its occurrence in a very long time.


“Heh ha… … . ha … .”

It felt like her butt was getting hot. Elisha’s pubic ridge and under her buttocks were chapped from the recent, intense sex. Her back felt like it was going to break, and a single gasp came out of her mouth.


As Lucerne pulled out, love fluid and semen from his long, thick cock dripped onto the bed sheets. He patted her round ass with his palms as if praising her for taking it from behind.

“Ah…… .”

At the strange vibration transmitted by the trembling of her buttocks, Elisha shook her waist.

“It turned red so quickly, it’s regrettable that it leaks out and I couldn’t stuff it with more of my seed.”

“… … Lucerne… … .”

After the intense lower-body stimulation was over, Elisha was now forced to suffer from his dirty talk. She groaned.

Lucerne lay next to her, crossed one of his arms and lay down beside her, looking down at her. Elisha slowly turned her back and laid her down, facing him.

“Are you pleased now?”

“… … What?”

“That we changed the Pope according to your plan.”

“Am I satisfied? It was the best for both of us.”

Lucerne gently stroked Elisha’s cheek.

“You didn’t forget that promise, did you?”

“Which one?”

“If Rosaria betrays me, you will take responsibility.”

Elisha bit her lip.

“When did I?”

“Don’t you remember?”

At those words, Elisha recalled her words.

‘People change anyway. Would Rosaria-nim be any different?’

‘Trust her and you can punish me.’

‘What do you mean?’

‘If you get stabbed in the back, you’ll be angry so release it on me, the collateral, in that case.’

‘… … .’

He wasn’t not wrong, she bit her lip. Lucerne shoved his finger into her lower lip and into her mouth while stirring it.

“Ahgh… … .”

“So, collateral is collateral, and rewards are rewards,”

Lucerne whispered and then asked,

“What do you want as a reward this time?”

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  1. “Thus, a person not belonging to the House of Cartier became the Great Pope.” I can only imagine the face of Lucerne’s grandfather when I know the result hahaha

    Lucerne doesn’t miss a single opportunity 🤣

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