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‘How would you feel if Gunner, who became the Pope, spent more money than budgeted and started eating the money that cost the lives of your orphans again? Are you confident that you will not regret it when you think about today?’

‘… … .’

‘My wife wants me to remind you—And she’s a woman who only speaks of correct things, right?’

Rosaria’s hand trembled. It was truly cruel and sweeter than the whispers of the devil.

‘Two high priests and the post above, the Archbishop. Those are the only people who can now be candidates for the Pope… … . But my position is literally an honorary position. It’s just an empty position with a fancy name. Who will elect me as Pope?’

‘I just need to make you the only candidate. In fact, it’s an election, so spending money on something like a campaign is just too stupid.’

‘Do you think the Head will sit back and watch that happen? How are you going to overthrow the two candidates for Pope?’

‘If it really happens, you can decide then.’

Lucerne stood up from his seat.

‘Then, goodbye. My wife always gets in trouble when she’s left alone for a long time because she’s a woman who does big things, so I have to go get her.’ [t1v: LAWL]

As he tried to leave, Rosaria caught him.


Suddenly, the nominal title she addressed him disappeared, and Rosaria called out his name.

‘Is it your plan, Lucerne, to make me Pope? Or is it Elisha’s plan?’

‘I will tell you after Rosaria-nim makes a decision.’

He closed the door and left.

And indeed, two candidates were obviously disqualified. Due to the scheme devised by Lucerne and Elisha.


In the carriage Nora and Ian listened to their story and looked at them with admiration.

“Then… … .”

“After a very long time, the temple will be out of the influence of the Cartiers,”

Elisha remarked dispassionately. Nora was shocked.

‘If it’s the equitable Rosaria-nim, she will really focus on the philanthropy of the temple rather than embezzling money. These two masters of mine… … . have done a great job.’

She had been a bit resentful towards the couple these days. She couldn’t hate Elisha at all, but she still couldn’t comprehend why she would hold hands with someone like Gunner.

‘I’m so embarrassed I can’t stand it. I doubt you two with shallow thoughts.’

Her eyes were red with unfallen tears.

“I’m really sorry. I did not believe in the General and Lady.”

Elisha comforted her.

“Sorry. I wanted to tell you, but we had no choice but to keep our mouths shut because we didn’t know what was going to happen.”

Affectionately, Elisha sweetly spoke to her as if she was her real sister. Lucerne felt strangely offended by her appearance and his stomach twisted painfully.

“If she wants to cry, let her cry by herself. She’s an adult, but why are you treating her like a kid?”

As he grumbled softly, she glanced at his eyes and pulled away from Nora.

But Lucerne blinked at Nora because her eyes were full of concern. Nora furrowed her expression.

Only Ian, who excused himself from this tense powerplay, could say cheerfully:

“Wow, my hard work paid off! It was worth it! It all worked out. Now, then, hanging upside down, pretending to be a ghost, chanting terrifying lines, forging Risralpho’s handwriting to create a fake blackmail letters—-Can I stop doing that?”

Elisha declared softly:

“I was surprised by Ian’s acting skills. It was no wonder Merha went crazy. You did very well until the very end.”

“That’s because the script is great. A ghost crying out to let you in because it’s cold, I cried. Whose idea was that line? I had only received instructions in a note.”

“When I was young, I, along with the other children at the monastery, often told ghost stories. Back then, I was terrified of them. It was a combination of the childish tales I heard back then.”

“There is nothing you cannot do, my lady,”

Ian complimented brightly.

“Ian. Well done this time. You worked hard and have been through a lot.”

Lucerne rarely praised anyone.

“Why would you say such a thing… … . ugh. But now I want to stop doing this. See my hands are shaking. I have delicate nerves, so I can’t be a spy.”

Lucerne countered in disbelief as if what he had heard was absurd.

“Are we speaking of the same fellow that skillfully forges handwriting, a first-class actor, an expert in disguise, and an acrobat that hung off the roof?”

“Well, that’s right.”

Ian shrugged his shoulders.

“Ian, it’s futile to deny nature. You’ve had enough of a relaxed life,”

Lucerne said calmly. If it wasn’t for his contemptuous expression, one would have mistaken it as friendly.

“Why don’t we go home and praise Lapis and Lazuli too?”

Elisha suggested.

“They have done so much.”

Then the carriage stopped. The wagon they rode had arrived in a dark, empty ruin, quite far from the capital’s main road.

The road was heading west. However, there was a gate connected to the western lands, so few people used it.

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