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Elisha had an expression of perfect tenderness. There was even kindness in her eyes as she looked at Nora.

“Nora, sometimes you need a decoy to hide your true objective.”

Back to the beginning of the story, it was from the conversation between Lucerne and Elisha:

‘Please let me meet someone.’

‘Sure, meeting both is possible.’

When she asked, Lucerne replied casually.

‘Which one do you want, Gunner? Or Rosaria.’

‘… … How did you know?’

‘The card that you gave to me is the corpse of Risralpho. What are you going to do with that card? Of course, destroy Merha. If he is gone, Marco is no big deal. Archbishop Rosaria is the only person you know with extensive connections in the temple. If you want to ask for her help, you will meet Rosaria, or if you want to collude with Merha’s opponent, you will meet Gunner.’

She numbly nodded, trembling inwardly that Lucerne had already understood her intentions.

‘I want to see both. And… … . There’s a plan I want to implement when it comes to Gunner.’

She made a suggestion. The corners of his lips rose innately as she spoke. That too was the same thing as Lucerne had envisioned.

She proposed that both Gunner and Merha be overthrown. She recommended that a third figure, Rosaria, rise to the papacy.

However, Lucerne was hesitant to decide for two reasons, even with the same intention in mind.

‘But Elisha, there’s a problem with that plan. Does Rosaria really want to become the Pope? And if she does, how long can she last?

Thinking about that time, Elisha became nervous again.

‘I will have a hard time convincing her,’

he said.

‘Rosaria-nim took a step back from the power struggle. She’s worried that if she rises to the top she will fail to protect her orphan girls. But then we just have to make her realize eventually that the starving season where she lost those girls will happen again if someone like Gunner takes power.’

‘… … .’

‘Besides, even if you make Gunner the Pope, he’s a wolf. He’ll come up with a scheme to stab you in the back as soon as he has power. Maybe if Gaju reaches out his hand, he’ll grovel to help. But you already know that, don’t you, Elisha?’

Lucerne whispered.

‘You are trying to make the temple independent from the Cartiers. I told you, that even if I commit treason, I will not be safe.’

‘How can someone who has never lost say such a thing?’

Elisha said directly looking into his eyes without averting her gaze.

‘If you can’t have the Cartier family you’re thinking of destroying it anyways.’

Lucerne raised the corners of his mouth.


He tenderly stroked her hair.

‘You can’t fool me. Is that really all there is to it?’

‘… … .’

‘Why do you want Rosaria to be the Pope, umm?’

‘Because it’s not right for someone like Gunner or Merha to become the Pope.’

‘I didn’t know you had such a sense of justice. One Nora is enough naivety under my roof.’

‘It’s not like that. I… … . I grew up in a monastery. It is the last bastion for abandoned children like myself to avoid falling into hell. And I think the role of the temple is to make numerous havens.’

‘… … .’

‘Of course, that’s not the only reason. Lucerne, because it’s also in your best interest. Even if you make Gunner the Pope, you will be suspicious of him and the Head and be vigilant. Rosaria is a person of integrity, and if she becomes the Pope, you will be less suspicious of her. At least she can avoid being reprimanded for doing so because of her lust for power.’

When Lucerne heard that, he promptly asserted,

‘Great, alright. I agree.’


‘My wife wants it, so I have to listen. I have to win your favor, so I can get between your legs again tomorrow night.’

‘… … .’

She blushed at those words. It was also at that moment that Lucerne realized that from the very beginning she had intended to make Rosaria the Pope.

‘Stop teasing me.’

‘Am I harassing you?’

‘… … you can.’

Elisha answered with a rare obedience. It was not easy to maintain a composure even when talking about work these days. Suddenly, Lucerne stared at her, wondering what was going on.

Their eyes met, and at that moment he kissed her fiercely. It would be right to say that she was devoured.

‘And so….’

The moment their lips parted, their lips were wet with saliva. He gently caressed Elisha’s ass and waist.

‘Shall we get into bed and plan something bad, as usual?’

The plan was thus born. She slowly introduced him to the scenery she had conceived.

She actually didn’t even need to convince him. Even if she gave a simple hint, Lucerne realized the plan, and the ploy flowed like a stream as if it had been one person’s idea from the beginning.

The ghost commotion that drove Merha crazy was just the beginning of all these paintings.

The couple overwhelmed Gunner.

The next step was to convince Rosaria. In a private conversation with Rosaria, Lucerne divulged:

‘I have something to tell you about Merha.’

‘What do you mean?’

‘Merha will soon be overthrown. I’ve found out about the serious crime that he committed, he will never be able to escape because he will strangle himself.’

Rosaria’s face turned white.

‘Lucerne! Are you saying this knowing that I will never interfere in the temple’s power struggles?’

‘Of course I know.’

Lucerne said calmly.

‘I’ll pretend I didn’t hear that. I don’t want to get involved.’

‘You will.’

‘… … .’

‘Because if Rosaria doesn’t become the Pope, then Gunner, whom she hates so much, will become the Pope.’

He continued speaking leisurely.

‘I ask you one thing. Archbishop Rosaria, who endures no matter what happens and stays away from the power struggle. Have you endured it all this time because you are truly not greedy?’

‘… … .’

‘Or did you just resign because it’s a losing fight?’

He stared at Rosaria with his red eyes. His eyes from when they first met had become clearer as the years went by.

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