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So, on the day of the candidacy for the election of the Pope, the temple’s event had the atmosphere of an understated gallery opening.

For the nomination day, a small event in the innermost chapel hall of the Great Temple. A golden bowl was placed on the altar, and the names of successive popes were gracefully engraved on the lower part of the stand.

Those who wished to run for the papal election could write their name and position and submit it in this vessel. [t1v: harry potter vibes~]

“If no one runs for the papal office at this rate, the Pope will serve for another five years,”

said the senior priest in charge of the ceremony solemnly. A handful of people came to observe the candidacy ceremony, and even the Pope came only as a courtesy.

The present Pope was also a distant collateral member of the Cartier family. He received an urgent call this morning from the Patriarch. Now that the situation had come to this, he was told to serve a second term as Pope for several more years.

The current Pope was over seventy years old. Due to his ill health, he wanted to step down from the papacy.

However, everyone was prone to be swayed by power. When Gaju held out his hand once more, he was again blinded by power.

‘It’s good things ended up like this. Both high priests have been disqualified, so there will be another high court battle under my reign for a few more years. The Lord will contact me directly.’

The Pope was satisfied. If he obeys Duke Cartier as usual, he can earn more money for the next 5 years. And he could sit at the pinnacle of power and respect.

“It turned out rather well. Nothing will change in this circumstance,”

murmured the senior priest in charge of today’s event. When the Pope heard these words, he substantiated them in his heart. It was at that moment—


The door to the chapel opened. Someone walked in. It was a dignified stride and the gait of a soldier.

“I am late.”

The Pope’s eyes widened at the face revealed through the door. He jumped up from his seat.

It had been a long time since he had met her in person, and it took a while for the Pope to remember who she was.

“Archbishop of Rosaria?”

someone exclaimed. Rosaria was a tall woman with a wrinkled straight mouth and a very upright body. She was dressed as a priest in a cloak with red feathers, signifying that she was from the temple’s army.

She sauntered in unhurriedly, scanned the bystander’s faces one by one, and declared:

“I am running for Pope.”

Rosaria gradually grinned.


No one who saw Rosaria uttered a word. Then, in the overwhelming stunned silence, Rosaria proudly submitted her name in the golden bowl.

People were watching the scene from afar.

On the second-floor balcony of the chapel were Lucerne and Elisha standing side by side among the audience. Elisha looked at him and remarked under her breath,

“It seems the world has been turned upside down twice after all.”

“The temple is in such a mess that it has to be turned upside down at least twice before it can approach normalcy. It has already been turned over several times.”


she willingly concurred with his observations.

“So, how do you feel?”

Elisha asked in a whisper.

“It feels so satisfying, like we’re really filling the Pope’s position with your people, not the Cartiers. So, what more can I say with words? I feel so great I want to strip and fling off your clothes and lick my dear wife’s lips.”

“… … .”

Elisha licked her lips. Even at a time like this, he was a man who did not forget to tease with provocations. But today’s victory was so sweet she didn’t even want to rebuke him with less than sweet words

The two looked at each other, blinked, and then turned their heads in the same direction. Instead of wearing a disguise behind them, Ian was dressed in his knight’s uniform, escorting them. Next to him was Nora, witnessing the commotion below.

Afterwards, when they scrolled into a quiet corner of the garden where it was absent of people, Nora couldn’t stand it any longer and asked in bewilderment:

“Since when have you been up to this? And how did you persuade Archbishop Rosaria?”

Lucerne clicked his tongue at her questions that came down like a chaotic, rapid waterfall.

“Ask slowly, slowly.”

Elisha smiled softly and glanced at her.

“Well… … .”

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