TPCP – 91

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Soon people from all over the place were capturing the shadows.

“You’ve won a bag of gold coins!”

“You’ve won an extraordinary sapphire!”

Corinne announced the prizes loudly.

The people who had first wandered without interest, now had a burning determination to win. Their steps grew faster, and desire flashed in their eyes.

“Come on, let’s decorate the end of the party!”

Corinne shouted loudly.

Then, in front of the largest tent, a large golden shadow appeared. Everyone flocked to the garden.

‘If you catch something that big, how much treasure will you win?’

Those who thought of that shouted and rushed in.

“I-I’m going to catch it!”

“No! I’ll get it!”

Soon, the treasure was almost captured.

It was that moment. Grrrrrrrr—-

A rumbling sound, as if resounding in the stomach of an animal, reverberated slowly from the ground. And the floor, previously grass, ‘opened’ with a groaning sound.

And it showed up.

A low-ranking aristocratic young man about to capture the shadow nearly collapsed into a hole in the floor. People behind him reflexively grabbed his leg and saved him as he hung from their grip.

He was hung upside down, with only his upper body in the pit. The young man’s eyes met something in the pit.


The scream of the young man cut through the dark Yurif forest.

“There—there—there’s… … .”

“What happened?”

“What is it?”

The young man dragged out of the pit with the combined effort of the crowd was gasping for breath as if he was on the verge of collapse. People couldn’t resist their curiosity and shoved their faces into the pit.

“What is this? Is it a surprise event?”

A lady raised her head with curiosity and screamed as if she was being torn apart.


The golden shadow was glistening above the pit. As if to illuminate and stress that the crowd should take a good look at what was about to be revealed.

So flawlessly, the truth was exposed in the eyes of the people.

“It-it’s a corpse!”

“The ma-man is dead!”

“Everyone, calm down!”

Corinne hurriedly ran.

“I am a Seed of the Black Lion.”

He looked at the body and cried out loudly:

“Unbelievable. This is a real corpse.”

The lady who looked closely at the body, fainted at his words. But Corinne didn’t stop there, he cried out in great surprise:

“Lords, please gather around here. This person’s face is unusual.”

“It’s a corpse, of course it’s strange, what do you mean?”

“Look here. Doesn’t this man’s face look familiar?”

At those words, the people again poked their heads into the hole in the ground, observing the corpse. Someone mumbled:

“Risralpho… … ?”

The face of the corpse was the same as a very famous person.


The first time Merha met Risralpho was when he was 14 years old.

‘Sir, please take care of me. I hope to get along with you well. I am ready to learn anything.’

When he first came to the temple, Risralpho knew that Merha was the one who was responsible for even his death, and he was very obedient.

But as time passed and people admired him, Risralpho, who realized he was a great being, grew in boldness.

“Dare you— you—humble person. Do you tell me to treat you like a precious person? I am not your nanny!”

Merha grumbled. A bright golden light appeared in front of him.

‘But why am I here now?’

He tried to recall his journey. Obviously, yes. He went to the transportation gate. When the staff in charge said it was already closed, he shouted and had them open the gate dedicated to the royal family.

‘Although I am in charge, it is an absolute secret that I opened this for you. Please help me.’

What did that employee’s face look like? Then how did he get here?

‘That horse—I’m going to borrow it!’

Then somehow he got on the horse. As he hurriedly proceeded, the horse’s owner gave him the reins and he mounted the horse. Right. That’s what happened. Then he suddenly felt a tingling prick under his nail as if something had been rubbed against it. Merha came to his senses from that point on.

And the horse ran to the place where he was now, in the dark woods of Yurif.

‘Yeah, he died here. Haha, who would believe such an idoitic thing that he is waiting for me? Risralpho can’t be alive!’

At that moment, the sound of people exclaiming reached his ears.

“It’s Risralpho! Here is Risralpho!”

Merha fell off the horse and stumbled in shock. He staggered, crawling slowly.

‘Risralpho? Really?’

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