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Within a few days Merha’s face halved and grew haggard. Blankly, he stared out the window.

[Why, why don’t you open it? I spent a long time in Yurif. I’m tired of wandering for too long. Please give me some warm apple ginger tea. I’d like my favorite navy blue gown. Please call Miha, the priest in charge… … .]

“Go away, go away!”

Risralpho appeared from time to time, continuing to mumble, banging on the windowpane and then disappearing.

“Why can’t anyone see you? That guy is clearly over there staring straight at me!”

Merha’s was trembling. The ghost spit out facts that only Risralpho knew during his lifetime so he could not consider that the ghost was fake.

‘My death anniversary is approaching. Come find me in Yurif. Where I disappeared… … . Please find me there… … .

Don’t you remember? That day, that day… … .’

He repeated the same thing. At that moment, Merha realized. Today was the day Risralpho died. How could he forget? He knew it down to his bones. Clearly. It was today.

“Hmph! Do you think I’m afraid of ghosts?”

He suddenly came to his senses, put on his coat quickly and left the mansion limping without trimming his beard or dressing according to etiquette. He left so hastily that no servants or priests attended him.

Two boys, dressed as child priests, stared Merha. Then they slowly took off their hoods. The same face appeared. It was Lazri and Lapis. They looked at each other and nodded. “Our delusion magic hasn’t rusted yet, has it?”

“Of course, it’s improving day by day.”

The boys laughed out loud.


“Huh, huh.”

Merha didn’t even have a pass to go to the magic transportation gate. Regardless, he frantically headed for the place where Risralpho had disappeared.


“This is my wife, Elisha, Countess Lor. I’ve married into the family and have taken on her name.”

Lucerne walked around the banquet hall, greeting distinguished guests. Everyone greeted Elisha with respect.

“Nice to meet you, Lady Elisha.”

“Rumors are spreading in the capital that the High General is deeply in love with his newlywed bride.” A banquet hall was erected in the forest of Yurif.

There were several tents with beautiful decorations standing in the empty forest. Precious statues and flowers were adorned everywhere.

On the top of the tents were decorative magic lamps shining in five colors. Plenty of expensive furniture was placed inside tents, which made a space for the ladies to rest. Even though it was still in the middle of the coldest season, Lucerne installed many hearthstone stoves in the garden in addition to expensive magic warming lanterns, etc., so the night was as bright as day and warm as spring.

The out-of-season soiree banquet was opulent and splendid. People smiled at the skillful hospitality of the young and beautiful couple.

“I heard that the general was never a host before, but the banquet is so well organized. How is such an assumption plausible?”

“The food is also very sophisticated.”

It was the common opinion and reviews of the ladies who attended. Of course, it was Elisha who took the lead in preparing this banquet.

‘It’s easy enough to prepare for a banquet.’

She had prepared countless banquets and tea parties on Carola’s behalf in her previous life. So this wasn’t difficult for her.

Besides, her budget was overflowing this time, so she just had to select a first-class company and entrust the arrangements to them.

When the banquet was ripe, Lucerne took her hand  and walked out to the center of the banquet hall.

“Attention please!”

The butler made a sound by hitting a glass with a spoon. People looked at the couple standing behind the butler.

“Thank you for coming today. My husband and I have prepared special entertainment for today’s party,”

Elisha announced calmly as everyone’s attention focused on her.

“The game we prepared for today is a treasure hunt. We prepared a memorable prize for the end.”

Soon Lucerne beckoned. His shadow appeared in the air, the magical beast that belonged to Lucerne. Those who recognized it were terrified. The creature was a feared entity that could take hundreds of lives in an instant.

“Do not be alarmed. The shadows are your assistants,”

Elisha reassured them.

Soon the shadow swirled as if swimming in the air and multiple shadows grew from its tail.

And a few of the shadows soon began to glow with  gold in the air.

“Those glowing golden are the living ‘prize’ of today’s treasure hunt. The shadows will hide all over the mansion and garden, so whoever finds them will receive gold and silver coins.”

At that, the audience cheered. The bag of gold and silver coins prepared behind Elisha looked so heavy that one holding it could get a back injury. Such lavish banquets were very rare even in the capital.

“You are very generous.”

“How fun!”

The reaction was exceedingly positive as it was the time everyone was intoxicated. As Lucerne motioned, a golden light spread widely.

People gathered in groups or set out individually wandering between the tents and the woods. The gorgeously dressed tailcoats and dresses fluttered with their motions. They looked like butterflies flying around at night. Elisha and Lucerne looked at each other and smiled.

“I can’t catch it!”

“I got one over here!”

The golden shadows evaded people’s hands. Finally, one man captured a shadow.

“You caught a little shadow. Here’s your prize of silver coins here.”

Corinne of the Seed of the Black Lion Knights, guarded the table where the bounties were. He grinned and held out a bag of silver coins. Seeing the middle-aged nobleman struggling with the weight of the bag, he was greeted with cheers.

“Congratulations! Congratulations!”

People applauded and ignited their drive to win.

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