TPCP – 9.1

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Jacob ran to the annex with a sweaty face full of desire. When he reached the maid’s boarding house, he opened the lock and rushed into the room where the collaterals slept.

And what Jacob found was an empty bed.

“No! Damn it! Lucerne must have taken her! That’s right– Lucerne would have the same thoughts as me.”

“Keep calm, Jacob.”

His escort dissuaded him. The women who woke up were shivering against the wall.

“Call the wizard–offer any amount of money and bring it back right now! I need to find her!”

Jacob pushed a maid and walked over.

‘He’ll find me and then I’ll be caught by Jacob… … ,”

All of Elisha’s internal screams raised her goosebumps; her hands and feet trembled.

“Oh, no. I don’t want to go.”

Bang Bang. 

There was a knock on the door.

“High General! There’s a woman who escaped and is hiding in your room.”

Elisha looked at Lucerne as if asking for her salvation.

“Please open the door, it’s dangerous, I’ll search the room.”

“The people who are looking for you have come.”

Lucerne’s red eyes were very cold. Elisha thought.

‘If I go to Jacob like this… … .’

She would probably die. Then her second life would just end like this.

‘I have this opportunity, but really… … , Will it end like this? It can’t be.’


“Sir Lucerne.”

“Then, just make me your subordinate. I will do anything.”

“… … ,”

There was a sweet smell from Elisha’s mouth. His head spun. 

Elisha’s face would be broken again. She would be dragged to see her ugly face in a mirror. She would be forced to confess again and again, ask that her sins are overturned and die… … ,

It was a terrible fate. It was better for her to kill herself now.

“Why can’t I? You could make me a subordinate and a female knight! The people of the world say that you are baptized and fair to your subjects, and I… … . In the past, I did everything— so that everything was taken away and not sold to the brothel… … .”

Elisha was serious.

“How do I try more— I got so much information in my hands— and even I’m a Countess. Why is my life like this… ,”

Elisha was caught up in the Cartier family’s war of succession.

Those who weren’t qualified just because they were of the Cartier family had a lot of wealth. She lived with her neck naked and exposed to them, as they sneered at others as they sinned and paid no price. [PR: “neck naked” means no protection]

Even Elisha’s competence was a consumable to them. Rather than savoring a little bit of Cartier’s wealth, Elisha had to live every day, worrying about her life.

He asked himself quietly, “Was she the Countess?”

Lucerne stared at Elisha with dark red eyes.

“Right. You inherited the title.”

It was a scorching gaze. But Elisha didn’t notice it.

“I’m sorry. Sir Lucerne, I will open the door.”

There was a loud noise from outside, as people were crowded around the enterance.

Elisha closed her eyes. She had to be calm. What card could she use anymore? She thought and scrambled for anything desperately.

“If I get out of here, I’ll tell everyone you’re a pervert.”

Elisha said the last thing she could think of. Her face was blank.


Lucerne’s actions stopped. Elisha felt that she was strangled just by the changing energy of his body. He was too strong.

“I saw you masturbating to that corpse. When you kill people, you get excited. I’ll go around spreading that rumor.”

“… … Do you really think I masturbated to a dead body?”

Lucerne grabbed Elisha’s arm and pulled her, Elisha closed her eyes.

“I saw it clearly.”

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  1. Lmao, I doubt he’ll care about that, but thankfully that reminded him once again how much she made him feel. LIKE, idk dude, but just marry her and obtain her noble title.

    I also want to see her face when she discovers that he was masturbating because of her. 😹😹😹

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