TPCP – 88

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Lucerne decided to hold a ball for his beloved wife. It was the first time the general was hosting an event like this, so the capital was buzzing with anticipation.

“The other daughter-in-laws of Cartier won’t be able to show their faces out of shame.”

“Look at how much the High General loves his wife. Aren’t they having a big banquet on the land in Yurif that she won?”

“The banquet is to commemorate the building groundbreaking ceremony. I heard that all the famous architects were called in to compete to build a luxurious villa! He really fell in love with his wife.”

Lucerne even openly called the banquet “Winner’s Night.”

People were hungry to know more about the general. Everyone in the capital’s social circles hoped for an invitation to the ball.

Even more so, because the general’s wife had never been officially introduced to high society, the ball would also serve as her debut.

“Heh, uh… … . What winner’s party. Unn. Seriously… … it is?”

Elisha, the one who first proposed to spread rumors, was lying on the bed with her legs spread boldly since broad daylight. Beneath her navel, where it was wet, was Lucerne’s head.

Suck, lick

Every time Lucerne pulled his tongue out and in, her waist lifted up, and her pelvis bounced. She twisted her back and let out cries.

“I thought it would upset them.”


“The women who lost to you.”

“Ah hmm… … . So, don’t provoke unnecessarily… … . Ugh, ah!”

She shrieked as his mouth sucked up her clitoris. His intense dark hair moved feverishly on her lower half.

“You like to tease, too.”

“Ugh… … .”

Lucerne put his finger in her gap and started thrusting his fingers in and up. Each time, the sound of water splashed loudly, and Elisha’s vulva tightened around his fingers that kept entering and pulling out.

“Don’t worry, I’ll suck it all up, so be patient. At this rate, you’ll soak all the bed sheets.”

He chuckled as she curled her toes in the air. His tongue touched her perineum this time. His high nose started rubbing against her entrance as he put one hand under her right thigh and lifted her up.

“Ah, Lucerne…hmmm … .”

Massaging her slit from side to side, Elisha unknowingly moved so his nose was rubbing up and down her pussy. He gently bit the plump flesh near her entrance.


Lucerne licked along her vulva. Slowly he lifted his face, put in three fingers this time, and slammed it upwards all at once. At that moment, water spurted out of Elisha’s vagina.

“Ah, no. Ah… … .”

Elisha became speechless at the peak of her trembling, her head blank.

“Ha, ha, ha… … .”

“You’re panting like it’s over. This is just the beginning,”

Lucerne whispered.

“But you look prettier with your mouth open. Even your tongue is cute.”

“Really, stop saying that… … . ah… … !”

He clutched his erection, looking like it was about to explode. She reflexively clenched her legs together.

“Fine, fine. Let’s keep your legs shut today.”

“Uh, uh… … .”

“How modest.”

Doubt mixed with her moans. Lucerne put her legs together and lifted them up. Then, without even sensing that he had twisted her pelvis to her side, he thrusted his cock into her depths in one swift movement.


Elisha let out a breathless gasp. His genitals filled her lower body up and was as hot as a fireball.

“Ha, uh!”

A scream-like cry came out of her at the same time he pulled out his thick cock.

His genitals rapidly squeezed in and out between her tightly closed vagina puckering up between her clenched legs.

The sound of his testicles slapping against her chubby mound echoed more nakedly than usual.

“Ugh… … .”

Every time his penis came out, the mound opened and tightened its mouth like it was greedy for more.

Since her pelvis was tilted to the side, the stiff pressure on the right side was more tremendous. As she remained in that position, he brought her legs closer to her chest, promiscuously turning and swirling his genitals in her while penetrating her. Elisha felt a strange sensation of a large foreign object squeezing the insides of her stomach.

An electric current flowed from inside her vagina. Elisha’s insides desperately tightened, pulled, and released repeatedly at the tremendous pressure that pierced her body.

“Ha… … .”

Lucerne, who ran his hand over her sweaty forehead, released her feet. Her legs that fell with a thud were caught in Lucerne’s hand as soon as it touched the bed.

“Ughnn. Hnn… … . Ah… .”

He lifted one of Elisha’s ankles. Twisting his back, a lewd wet sound was heard from the pubic areas where his precum and her arousal liquids mixed.

“Ha. Oh!… … .”

At the feeling of her being stabbed to the inside of her intestines, Elisha helplessly could only make a tittering sound.

Lucerne sucked on her heel loudly. A shocking sensation hit her. The round part of her sole was wet with his saliva.

“No, but… … . Ahh … . It’s dirty.”

“Between your legs, I come and out of your crotch all the time.”



“Why can’t I touch your skin on the outside? It’s all in my hands anyways.”

“… … .”

“Isn’t that right, Elisha?”

Lucerne declared affectionately. Despite that, he never took his fierce eyes off Elisha, and his genitals wildly rubbing against her did not know how to stop.

“Tell me.”

Lucerne grabbed both of Elisha’s ankles and pulled them to prevent her from running away. When he thrusted in, the shock of the sudden clash, which started from the opening of her vaginal mouth, was transmitted throughout her body.

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