TPCP – 86

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You idiot. Shame of the family!

That morning, Merha received a letter of contempt and scorn from Gaju. As his heart pounded, Marco had opened the letter instead of his father, who was still clearly out of his wits.

‘If things weren’t bad enough, I’m my father’s son,  the second son that’s not favored by the headmaster.’

He hated his father for making ludicrous improprieties at such a critical time.

“What are you going to do—this happened because you lost that land. From that day on, everything went wrong.”

In the end, Marco vented his feelings on his mild wife. As her father-in-law’s strength and wealth grew weak and unsightly, the arrogant Arien couldn’t stand them any longer.

“Why is this all my fault? You are just lashing out at me because you can’t even utter a word in front of your father.”

“What? Arien… … .”

Arien was usually a sophisticated and calm woman. Marco had never seen her so loud.

“I don’t even want to look at you,”

Arien said as she left the mansion.

‘I need to change my mind,’

Arien sighed. Although her father-in-law had become the dishonor of the family, she still had her followers. She headed to her usual cafe, where she always went.

For the noble ladies, cafes served as a kind of salon and gathering place for them. When Arien and Carola were both in the capital, there was a fierce rivalry between them. The most famous cafes in the capital were all concentrated in one area. For example, among them, ‘Autumn Poetry’ was Arien’s regular cafe. So Carola didn’t even show up tacitly. While she knew all too well that the cafe next door, Breath of the Spring Wind, is Elisha’s regular cafe.

Arien was, in her own way, a popular figure among the ladies of the capital. Carola, a spoiled only daughter, was popular with men, but was the type that women despised. Arien was haughty about that.

“Relax. Everyone gets ill sometimes.”

“That’s right, after all, Arien-nim is the daughter-in-law of the Cartier family, right? I am sure the Lord will take care of High Priest Merha.”

Her faction, composed of high standing ladies, flattered her with all their might to appease the troubled Arien.

Then, the cafe door swung open. Two women slowly sauntered into the cafe. The lady fawning Arien, recognized the woman in the lead first.

“She’s… … .”

“I know! I saw her face in Yurif. That person. She’s… … . Lady Elisha!”

The ladies whispered. Arien’s hair stood up.

‘That crazy bitch doesn’t know how to keep the line, so she came all the way here.’

Arien’s stomach churned. To make matters worse, she recognized the face of the woman accompanying and talking to Elisha softly.

‘That person… … . Isn’t that Princess Illione?’

The eyebrows of Arien’s followers rose. Since she was married to the slow-witted grandson of the Cartiers, Arien could be a little arrogant, but not her followers.

If they ignored Princess Illione today without greeting her, there could be dire repercussions. Reluctantly Arien instructed, looking tired:

“Go and say hello.”

“Is that really alright?”

“Quickly go,”

she said with patience, holding back her anger. They flocked to Illione while Arien headed to her table where she always sat.

‘When did this bitch get here?’

Arien found Elisha, standing near her own private table, looking at the paintings on the wall.

“What are you doing here?”

Arien asked nervously. Elisha only lightly greeted her eyes.

“Are you ignoring me? Why don’t you go ahead and stand in line for the princess?”

“Standing in line? The princess and I are just friends,” Elisha said calmly.

“Really? I don’t know about that, isn’t your husband a line-up professional?”

Arien sneered. There was a hidden meaning behind her words. After the scandal at Merha’s New Year’s liturgy, rumors openly circulated that he would not be the next great pope. That Merha was insane.

‘—That my father-in-law has early on-set dementia. How can such vulgar hearsays… … .’

Naturally, people thought of Gunner, the other candidate for the Pope.

‘You mean Gunner is openly colluding with Lucerne? Ha. No wonder he is suddenly throwing money and valuables at him for the papal election.’

There was gossip that Gunner was so enthusiastic and keen these days and openly went in and out of Lucerne’s mansion. The reason why Arien dared to use the word “line-up” was to ridicule the couple who lined up for Gunner.

“It is common to interact with relatives. You shouldn’t be so blatant about your prejudice,”

Elisha replied evenly without falling for the slightest provocation. With that elegant attitude, Arien’s stomach turned in anger.

“Who are your relatives? Your husband is an illegitimate child.”

“You better watch what you say.”

She looked at Arien without a smile at those words.

“I don’t know about before, but my husband won’t let such remarks slide.”

“… … .”

Arien frowned.

“By the way, don’t you impetuously keep telling me to stand in line?”

The corners of Elisha’s lips rose negligibly.

“If, indeed, there is a line I stand in, I can’t help but be proud of that line.”

Arien’s composure was crumbling. Up until now, Elisha had always been quiet. It was the first time she approached her and provoked her like this.

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