TPCP – 85

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‘Clearly… … . The collected telegrams are gone. Is what I saw true?’

So when Merha came forward to preside over the service, his eyes were bloodshot and his mouth was twitching. Keen people with sharp eyes noticed that the High Priest’s condition was a bit strange and murmured:

“What happened? Blessed one’s complexion doesn’t look good.”

At that moment, Merha spotted a man sitting in the front row on the second floor. He was wearing a blue coat with a blue hair tie holding his braid. His hat pressed down so that his face was not visible.

“I, I… … .”

Merha’s eyes shook. Then the man raised his hat. He met the man’s eyes.


Merha cried out. People’s murmurs grew into a roar. Risralpho grinned.

He slowly opened his mouth wide and spoke only two words.

It’s me.


Merha, who was standing on the podium, fell to the floor. A buzz among the people grew louder.


“What is this?”

“Oh my! The election of the Pope is just around the corner, is it a fatal disease?”

The aristocrats constantly wagged their tongues and left the temple like a low tide. The service was hastily canceled due to Merha’s poor condition.

“Oh, how important is the New Year’s worship? Even if he is the next pope, he is a priest. The whole worship service was canceled because of him?”

“That’s what I was saying. Being a member of the Cartier family is of more importance apparently.”

The public was criticizing Merha like this.

Elisha and Lucerne sat in the best seats on the third floor, and quietly and slowly left the temple with the crowd.

Said Lucerne, while getting into the carriage,

“What a shame. His mind is already wandering at his age. He’s still too young to have dementia, right?”

Today, Merha’s humiliation was spectacular. He fell on the floor, and urinated in front of the people.

“… … I know. Maybe he was punished.”

Elisha replied, thinking that Lucerne’s delighted face was indeed cruel and bewitchingly charming.

“Maybe it’s because he was being mean to you, I don’t know. What a great sin. How dare scold his niece-in-law and nephew.”

“Isn’t murder a bigger sin than that?”

“Your husband did a lot of similar things.”

“It’s not like slaying people in war. He murdered a prophet who would have enjoyed a natural life for his own self-interest.”

Lucerne nodded as if he liked her words.

“If he becomes an idiot, he will be abandoned by the Lord. I feel sorry for him. Isn’t Gaju blessed with children?”

“That’s right. But he doesn’t like the grandchildren either.”

Lucerne raised an eyebrow. He readily agreed.

“You are not loved by the brightest grandchildren.”

“There is nothing like that in our family. No you loving me or me loving you. If you have that kind of bond with such strong feelings, your family will be like this. Better to stick together if it’s worth using each other.”

“Yes, I have to work hard to be useful.”

Lucerne looked at Elisha and suddenly smiled. He had a bright smile different from before. She was shocked that he could laugh like that.

“Elisha. I won’t throw you away even if you become ugly or useless. There will be no tricks, betrayals or deceptions so don’t worry about useless things. It’s a futile hope you’re harbouring that I will abandon you and you’ll be free.”

Those were the words that made her lips twitch. She was someone who would only be able to look up at him in admiration and envy as flowers fluttered on the floor, and her, curled up below. It was because she memorized his figure that she had no choice but to sate her appetite by looking upon the sunlight that resembled him.

‘Lie. What man would like a woman with her face ruined?’

Lucerne keeping her even when she’s obsolete? Even a passing dog wouldn’t believe it.

She pushed his hand away without a word. Lucerne smiled at how she accepted his actions.

Then, the carriage thumped.

Whoa! The coachman slowly stopped the carriage in a deserted place. The door opened, and a man wearing a robe tightly wrapped around him got into the carriage.

“Welcome, Risralpho,”

Lucerne quietly said. The man called Risralpho walked in his robe. A man with the unmistakable face of the prophet.

“Ah, I’m retired, but you keep me on active duty… … .”

“There is no talent like you. If you are dissatisfied, you can educate your junior spies better.”

This time, Ian bit his lip. He put a hand on his face and slowly removed his skin. The elaborate, human-shaped mask slowly disappeared from the face.

“After all, Lazri is the best in this field.”

What Ian wore on his face was a kind of magic tool. It elaborated the shape of a person’s face. Then, after disguising himself, magic was cast over him.

The mask with illusion magic added was able to impersonate other people to the extent that it was extraordinary.

Moreover, he continued to send the belongings of Risralpho found in the safe to Merha. As Ian appeared and disappeared from all directions, it was natural for him to go crazy. Ian smiled and looked at Elisha.

“How was my acting?”

“Do I need to even tell you? It was incredible.”

“Wow, I’m so happy.”

Lucerne said at the sight of Ian smiling.

“Cheeky sod. Don’t smile.”

“… … yes.”

Ian stopped his smile, smirked and settled into a blank face. This time, Elisha laughed a little. It was because Ian’s expression was quite funny.

The carriage moved slowly towards the estate.

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