TPCP – 82

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Elisha hid the scarlet cloak he had taken off and given to her.

Then, she tore the end of the cape. She pulled out an old locket necklace and she put the piece of cloth in it.

Sometimes on a rainy day in the rippling downpour, Elisha saw the flowers swaying in the water. At that time, she gently touched the locket that she had hung around her neck.

Later, she found out that she and Lucerne could never be married, even in her dreams, because of what Carola had ordered her to do.

Even if Elisha had been flawlessly beautiful, the difference between Lucerne’s and her status was staggering. She couldn’t even dream of becoming his mistress. It was a feeling that she should not even have conceived of love in the first place. It was an illusion. But in her struggle not to go crazy she made fantasy transparent and the emotions he gave her gave her a reason to live.

So Elisha had to end the feeling herself.

Her heart was so wild and ferocious, it was only possible once she had a shock close to the timing of her death that she was finally able to end that feeling.

“The year… … . is the imperial year of 995?”

It really happened. Elisha turned back time. She returned back in time after her death.

Now her heart and mind was as clear as snow.

There was no trace of the emotions that was like a blot of red paint on white drawing paper at that time.

‘There was a time like that. I thought I would never be able to get close to Lucerne, nevermind become his wife.’

She woke up from her thoughts.


Against the fence of the monastery, Lucerne was looking at her.

“Why is your face like that?”

he asked with a stiff, blank expression. Nora approached. As she tried to open her mouth, Elisha gave her her wink.

If he knew what had just happened, Lucerne would be more than capable of striking Merha with his fist right away. She didn’t want to make a commotion in Rosaria’s front yard. An uproar snowballing into a greater upheaval was not what she wished for.

“No, here is… … . It’s the dormitory I used to live in.”


Lucerne was unexpectedly interested.

“It looks like a ruin.”

“It looks like it’s under construction right now. It was a very old dorm.”

“How was it old?”


Lucerne was sometimes interested in odd things like this.

“Sometimes on rainy days, it was cold and old enough that rainwater leaked from the ceiling. At times like that, the children would gather together, hug and sleep in the same bed… … .”

Lucerne heard that and said he wanted to go in.

‘Anyway, his personality is weird. Why are you going in here?’

Elisha didn’t know what he was thinking. Rather, she was more worried that she would run into Merha again.

“Come on, let’s go back. I’m not going to live here again anyway, so what is the purpose of looking around? A trip down memory lane is enough.”


“Sure. Now, the place I live is in the General’s residence.”

“… … Yes, because you are my wife.”

Suddenly Lucerne felt a little better, so when Elisha said that she had a headache and wanted to go home, he immediately returned to the carriage.

“There—that— General—”

Nora was obliged to report the encounter with Merha. But now Elisha knew how to get his attention. She crossed and entangled her arms with his arms.

Then Lucerne’s body hardened once. He couldn’t take his eyes off of the top of her head.

“Let’s hurry and go quickly.”


Nora looked at Lucerne with a rather sad expression on her face. Elisha placed a finger on her lips while he was not looking.


she mouthed silently. Nora’s eyes grew round as she was helplessly swept up by the momentum and was at a loss. Being a naive person, she seemed to be contemplating which direction to follow. Elisha smiled slightly.

“Why are you like this, so pretty as if you’re up to something.”

“I’m just thankful you brought me here. I thought it was a place I could never see again in my lifetime.”

“… … right.”

Before she was even aware of it, Elisha was able to handle him quite skillfully. Lucerne didn’t take his eyes off her until he got into the carriage.


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