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Lucerne seemed to have wasted his time. Elisha clenched her fist. Desire makes people brave. Elisha now had to sell her fiction.

“I know your desire.”

“What desire?

“The wish of ​​an illegitimate person like you is obvious. You will want a seat. If not… … .”

“… … … ..”

“You’re thinking of destroying the family. Anything you can’t have will be ruined… …”

“You want to die.”

Lucerne blocked Elisha’s mouth. As he did, he crushed Elisha’s lower jaw.

Elisha didn’t avoid his eyes. Lucerne looked into her eyes for a long time, frowning as if holding something in, and lowered his hand. Elisha moved her lips again.

“I can help you become the Duke.”

“I will say one more time.”

Lucerne said slowly,

“There is no way in the world where an illegitimate child can become the Patriarch.”

“… … … .”

“Let’s say there’s a way. Then what do you want?”

“… … … … Please lend me money.”


Lucerne’s eyebrows drew together in a frown. This was another expression.

“The excuse used to hold me hostage here is debt. Please take that debt for me. And get me out of here.”

Although he wasn’t as crazy wealthy as a tycoon, Lucerne was also known to be rich.

“You could pay 30,000 gold coins this evening.”

The war, the wealth that the family had taken away from the Countdom, and until there was nothing but a manor.

“Why should I, for a source of uncertain information?”

Elisha moistened her dry lips.

“I’ll put myself on the line. You can think of me as your subordinate until you are convinced that my information is correct. I will do whatever you ask.”

“… … ..”

“I am good at everything.”

Elisha said, looking at Lucerne’s lips. She hoped the words of affirmation fell from those lips. Lucerne seemed to be contemplating. His eyes suddenly frowned at her as he stared at her.

She said, “Jacob will sell me for money. I am 20 years old this year, and transfer of land or property becomes effective a year after becoming an adult….. So, Jacob has already taken everything he’s going to take from me.”

“How much is the debt.”

“30,000 gold coins.”

“Why do you need that much?”

Indeed, that amount was enough for Lucerne to stick his tongue out once. On her shoulders sat down the worth of a small manor.

“… … … . Territory war compensation. My father is Lor, a nobleman from the old kingdom.

“It was the Count.”

Lucerne seemed to know.

“There is no thing as stealing for Jacob.”

“Strike the back of the Jacob. You like that.”

Lucerne looked at Elisha with her dark eyes.

“My cousins like to back-stab each other more than eating.”

“Yes. So- if you buy me with money, and I’ll show more value than that price… … . I can bother Jacob, so… … .”

The more she spoke, the more she self-praised. Elisha’s ears turned red.

“I know a lot of the secrets of this house, from miscellaneous things to important things. I’ve been gnashing my teeth for six years and collecting secrets… … . ,I thought that’s the only way to live.”

“Living like a ghost in a secret passageway?”

“That’s what it is.”

Elisha nodded her head. In fact, Elisha, in her previous life, was really a ghost or witch. Because she was a being, who was ignored and despised by everyone as if she had no value.

“And, if you think my information is useful and valuable, then please get rid of my debt.”

Elisha spoke, finally reaching her most crucial point. She showed the seal behind her neck—it was her yoke.

“As long as I have this emblem, I can’t escape from this family. I heard. This trace emblem is a magic that only the Cartier family uses.”

Lucerne checked her nape.

“You have all sorts of thoughts.”

Lucerne seemed to still be finding his tongue; he was still thinking.

“A little ghost in the secret passage, it’s pretty cute.”

“… … … .”

“That’s I’ve listened so far, unfortunately, but your words have no basis.”

“That… … ,”

“It’s very likely that I’ll get stabbed in the back in the head by Jacob. You’re attractive, but I’m not stupid enough to buy this kind of information.”


“Don’t think it’s the first time I’ve been confronted by a scammer bringing my mother’s story to me. Dozens of scammers and spies a year approach me just because I have Cartier’s blood. Oh, the will and the pattern already have precedent, and the one who fluttered that will now has no tongue.”

Lucerne said in a completely nonchalant tone. Elisha didn’t show it outwardly, but a cold chill ran through her. He didn’t even seem interested in his biological mother at all.

‘This is it?’

After she gave Lucerne some of the information that would earn his interest, she tried to persuade him. But Lucerne was tougher than she thought. I had to do something.

It was then.

Ring, ring

At that time, Elisha was struck with a throbbing shock as if her brain was ringing. She reflexively gripped her neck.

‘Uh, how?’

The girls in the same room all slept like logs. Did someone get up and report that Elisha wasn’t there?

The pattern on the back of Elisha’s neck was evidence that she was a slave to the Cartier family. That tattoo is burning.

Jacob was looking for her. And he was in a crazy hurry.


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