TPCP – 8.1

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Jacob came home late at night. Reports of Lucerne’s arrival greatly displeased him. If an outstanding illegitimate child was a high-ranking general with even more power, he would still make people shudder even though he was a smear and ugly deficit.

He got interested when his men told him what happened today between Carola and Lucerne.

“If she’s a maid……Was it… … . That place where the collateral got splashed? There are only a few people there… … . It’s not a time to cheat.”

Jacob pondered, lost in thought. Carola sat next to Jacob with a somewhat nervous face.

“So was she that pretty? Who was it?”

Carola gritted her teeth.

“Carola doesn’t know. Does Carola have to know the name of a maid? At first glance, she seemed to be around adulthood. So she’s going to die soon, right?”

“That’s right.“

Jacob’s mouth became sloppy.

“I have to taste it once before selling it.”

“Oye, what —at this time—?”

Carola’s face harderned.

“It’s the woman Lucerne coveted. I’m curious what he will do if I ate her up right now and showed him the body tomorrow. That girl, what did she look like? “

She said, “She is an ordinary blonde. Her skin was very white… … . “

Jacob pondered for a moment.

“Ah, that doll-looking woman. It’s Elisha. Yes! That’s the name.”

“Y-you… … . “

Carola’s face became outraged. Jacob ran to the maids’ quarters in a gleeful hurry.

Carola made no progress in seducing Lucerne and instead created an opportunity for Jacob to cheat. She became angry and began to smash her table and stomp the floor like a child.

“Carola should crackdown on the maids! There must be witnesses among the servants. Why isn’t anyone helping Carola?”


‘Take it off?’

Anyways, it was a body that had been beaten and ridiculed by Jacob countless times. Elisha didn’t think her own body was precious. But… … she was scared of Lucerne, her whole body was trembling, and her thighs were growing rigid.

Elisha clenched her teeth and took off her pajamas. Her shabby underwear appeared.

“Raise your arms. “

Lucerne whispered. At first glance, he sounded like he was talking to his lover.


Elisha raised her arms. Lucerne grabbed Elisha’s wrists at the same time and pressed her against the bed.

“Shadow, search her.”

A shadow appeared behind Lucerne’s back. It was Lucerne’s ability to control demons, which she only heard from rumors. Elisha closed her eyes tightly.

“Huh… … ,”

Then, his beast slowly scaled Elisha’s forehead to her toes. Even her secret vulva hidden by her cloth. Eventually, the shadow stopped investigating her.

“There are no hidden weapons.”

“Sometimes, there are weapons in the body.”

“My hand… … Please release me.”

Lucerne slowly released her hand; her wrist felt like it was burning. When Lucerne glanced at her, she pulled up a sheet and covered her body,

“Say what you want to say.”  

Lucerne whispered. Elisha felt a nervous tension that Lucerne would violate her at any moment, but Lucerne didn’t touch her.

“Firstly. Tell me how you got in here.”

At Lucerne’s words, Elisha inhaled. 


“A secret passageway?”

Lucerne clearly thought Elisha’s words were ludicrous.

“Yes, I can show you……,”

Elisha showed him a map. Lucerne slapped his fingers together. There was a black shadow that appeared.

“Go see.”

He ordered with a whisper. It flew into the closet. Elisha opened her eyes wide.

“You can just check the space.”

Lucerne soon nodded his head.

“There really is space behind the wall. You accidentally found it?”

“Yes, I did…… by accident…”

“What does that have to do with knowing my mother’s will?”

Elisha swallowed her saliva. From the time she thought she had made a regression, Elisha had practiced and recalled the words she had prepared.

“I came here when I was 14. And as soon as I discovered the secret passageway, I knew I found a way to live… … . I lived as a ghost in this house for six years. I wandered around the mansion and stole secrets.”

Elisha knew how to make a lie believable by telling the truth and mixing up lies.

She has been around for six years since she was 14 years old and excluded other facts.

Indeed it was true; Elisha, in her previous life, wandered the secret passage and lived as a ghost in the mansion. Most of the days, it was in vain, but one day she could glimpse several things.

‘Jacob and Carola used me as messengers and made all sorts of tough things happen. But it kept me from accessing critical information or secrets.’

There was someone who handled such secret things separately. 

Elisha wanted to find a way to live, so she searched for secrets. She died out of the blue and absurdly, so she couldn’t use it.

“You said you came up with that thought at fourteen?”

“I grew up in a monastery. There was an Archbishop. He is… … . I mean, Archbishop Rosaria is a former military officer at the temple. I grew up learning from him like a disciple.”

Lucerne looked like he was thinking of something.

“I know Archbishop Rosaria, too.”

“Yes, ask him about me. He will probably remember me.”

It was true. Thanks to the strategies and knowledge that Elisha saw and learned from Archbishop Rosaria, she could survive in her previous life.

“So … … . . I found a way to get in and out of Jacob’s office. Jacob’s office is also accessible through a secret passageway. Jacob is careless. There’s a lot of material on his desk that I’ve seen….. Reports from his subordinates, the field data,… … . I’ve collected all the secrets I could.”

“Do you expect me to believe that?”

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